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Registering On-line with Job Service Use to move to next slide Use for more information Use to move to last viewed slide.

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1 Registering On-line with Job Service Use to move to next slide Use for more information Use to move to last viewed slide

2 http://wsd.dli/local/livingston/

3 Click here to sign up

4 Using the Livingston Job Service Home Page Click on Job Seeker Services From drop down menu click on REGISTER


6 Create user name and password Always good to use a combination of letters and numbers in both user name and password

7 Contact Information Complete all areas – this is how we will get hold of you for job referrals. If you have an email address, please indicate it – this is the preferred way of contacting you. We can help you get free email set up through

8 The objective statement would be the same as you would put on a resume. An example is listed at the right The information in these fields is important for when we match an applicant to a job order. You will get more referrals to jobs when you have the least amount of restrictions (such as willing to work all shifts, weekends, full-time, part-time, lower wage, etc.) You can then decide if you want to apply for a particular position if you receive a referral letter. A position as a Support Specialist allowing me to use my skills in the fields of computer science and management information systems Availability Information

9 Work History Enter the work histories of occupations you have done; although you may not want to do that type of occupation again, it may have skills that could be transferable to another occupation In the job description section, put in very detailed job tasks; don’t assume the prospective employer will know what each job title entailed

10 Desired Employment Let us know what type of jobs you are interested in. Choose from a drop down list of titles and subtitles. Enter the number of months of experience or training that you have in this area. If you do not have any, just enter 0. Note : The maximum number of months that can be entered is 99. If you have over 8 years and 3 months of experience and/or training, just enter 99 months.

11 Education Enter degree you received: Associates Bachelors GED High School Diploma Masters Doctorate Juris Doctorate PHD If you currently attend school and have not yet received a degree, enter what degree you are working on and leave the completion date blank.

12 Alternate/Additional Education History Enter the name of the school attended. (This could include the name of a company where you received training, etc.) Description You can enter the name of a degree, certification, license, training course, etc. or describe courses you have taken. Completion Date Input date in mm/yyyy format. This cannot be a future date.

13 Licenses & Certifications If you have received any type of certificate or license (such as CPR, CNA, Real Estate License, etc) enter it here

14 Accomplishments Enter accomplish- ments that may not have been mentioned elsewhere in your registration that would help you qualify for positions Examples may be: –volunteer work –Special awards not previously listed

15 Skills Pick up to 30 skills that you are experienced in Choose which skills you have training or experience in and would like to utilize in your employment. Check to box beside them. Do not choose a skill if you do not want to do that type of job (i.e. child care. You know how, but don’t want childcare related employment).

16 Veteran’s Information This information is necessary to receive Veteran’s preference on referrals to jobs. You will be notified of jobs before non- veterans.

17 You’re Done!!

18 Objective Statement Your Objective Statement will be the first thing employers see below your name and contact information, if you allow them to view your resume. Make sure it represents your skills and qualification and tells employers the type of work you are seeking. NOTE : This section is optional, you are not required to have an Objective Statement.

19 Minimum Desired Wage Enter the absolute lowest wage on which you would want to be notified. NOTE : If you enter, for example, $10.00 an hour and a job you qualify for comes in at a starting wage of $9.50, your file will not come up in our search.

20 Shifts Days (i.e. 7am-3pm, 8am-5pm, 9am-6pm) Swing (Afternoons and/or Evenings between 3 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.) Graveyard (i.e. 10pm –6am, 11pm-7am, 12am- 8am) Rotating (Working different shifts on different days). NOTE : If you enter only Rotating shift, your file will not come up in a search for daytime, afternoon, or evening positions, etc. Some employers may have you work a combination of different shifts; so if you are willing to work any shifts, please include rotating

21 Work History NOTE : If you are still currently working, leave end date blank. It is extremely important to enter dates of employments in order to show how much experience you have in this type of work.

22 Display on Resume If you allow employers to view your file, do you want this particular work history to show on your resume? If you currently work and you allow employers to view your file, all employers, including your current one, can view it

23 *ONET Job Title Click on ‘select job category’ to choose the category that best fits your type of job. Once you find the correct category, click on it to find the sub-category that describes your job title. NOTE : If you are having trouble finding the correct ONET Code, just choose one you feel is close, then call our office and we will be able to correct it for you.

24 Job Description Write a summary of your job duties and equipment or tools used to do the job. Be specific about your duties. (i.e. do not just write ‘waitressed’. You provided customer service, waited on customers, served food and drinks, operated a cash register, etc.) Be sure you check for spelling and grammar errors.

25 Education NOTE : If you haven’t completed your degree, it will not show on your resume when viewed by employers. To show this information on resume, list it under additional education. You cannot enter a future date. Select a major from the drop down list of titles Select a minor, if applicable, from the drop down list of titles. If you cannot find a match to your degree, you may either call our office or list it under Additional Education History below. If your major is unknown or undecided, you can choose General Studies. ADDITIONAL EDUCATION HISTORY If you want current education to show on your resume, list your information here.

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