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The Karden Journey Presentation to EDSN Conference Karen Robinson 20/11/14.

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1 The Karden Journey Presentation to EDSN Conference Karen Robinson 20/11/14

2 KDSF – History Founded 1 st July 2006 Not For Profit Organisation Person Centred Approach Over 1020% growth in eight years Recent merger with a small, disability arts organisation to expand our service offering

3 KDSF - Today Around 140 people supported Approximately 100 staff employed Majority are part time & casual Disability Support Workers based in the community

4 Our Services Individual Support In Home Support Respite Individual Day Programs TAC, DHS, other community agencies, fee for service Social Group Arts Programs Social Enterprise

5 Setting the Scene 80% of jobs in Australia are in service industries Service economy represents 80% of our GDP Disability support is and always has been, a customer service industry – we just haven’t always seen it that way… Humans are hard wired to ‘deliver’ service, yet we don’t always do it well… The new model means more empowered ‘customers’

6 Our Experience Aim to develop person centred approach, not just a plan Attitude is more important than qualifications Balance the conflict between systematising your model while offering a person centred product… Be prepared for flux & change!

7 Challenge Question What needs are being met for the people we support? Are they perceived needs or are they what the person wants and desires? 7

8 Service…

9 Service vs Value No organisation can be great at everything – excellence requires sacrifice…To deliver great service on things your customers value most, you must underperform on the aspects they value less…

10 Service vs Value “Uncommon service is not born from attitude and effort but from design choices made in the very blueprints of a business model” - Frances Frei and Anne Morriss – Uncommon Service (2012, p.2)

11 Service vs Value

12 Know What You Offer

13 Culture

14 Cornerstones of a Market Driven System 1. You can’t be good at everything… 2. Someone has to pay… 3. Employees matter…but not as much as your model… 4. Customers must be involved in creating the service experience…

15 The Question Remains… Have we got it right???????

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