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Why use a Human Resource consultant? BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES.

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1 Why use a Human Resource consultant? BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES

2 Let’s start with the most obvious reason… BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES

3 Legal obligations… which affect almost every situation you deal with… Equality Act 2010 Working Time Regulations 1998 Agency Workers Regulations 2010 Employment Rights Act 1996 Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 Employment Act 2002Data Protection Act 1998 and more… codes of practice, regulations and case law precedents… BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES

4 So if it’s a legal matter why not use a lawyer or solicitor? BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES Solicitor fees = £100 per hour (minimum) Our fees = £50 per hour

5 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES and if you use our retained service it usually works out even less Why? Because you get unlimited access at a fixed price Simple

6 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES So now that’s out of the way, here’s where we can make a real difference to your business every day even when you haven’t spoken to us or seen us

7 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES Your employees are the face of your business even when your customers can’t see them they shape your reputation influence your business costs and power your business

8 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES Are you familiar with any of the following…

9 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES Employee engagement High performance working Leadership versus Management Succession planning Reward management Talent retention Training and development strategy benefits Psychological contracts Motivation benefits

10 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES If not don’t worry… because we take care of it for you

11 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES If you can see how any of these changes could increase profitability… Good customer serviceto excellent customer service Satisfactory performance to exceptional performance Losing your good staff to competitorsversus retaining them in your business Employees who only do “their job”to those who go the extra mile A reward scheme that doesn’t work to one which people strive to benefit from Managers who lack confidence/skills to those who deal with issues effectively and quickly or

12 BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES Then you probably already know more than your competitors Contact BOWEN VALE HR SERVICES for a competitive advantage through your employees

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