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Greetings Neighbors, My name is Doug Meyer and I will be serving as President of the Homeowners Association. A few things about me: I grew up in Whispering.

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1 Greetings Neighbors, My name is Doug Meyer and I will be serving as President of the Homeowners Association. A few things about me: I grew up in Whispering Hills, having moved here in 1969. I moved away for a time but eventually found my way back in 2004. I have lived here since with my wife, Jennifer, and my two boys, Thomas (18) and George (15). Professionally, I worked as an attorney for a few years but have more recently run my own business supplying equipment and furnishings to the healthcare industry. First, I would like to thank John Schembri and all the members of the previous board. John has done a remarkable job overseeing and organizing the duties of the president. He truly cares for this neighborhood and we were in good hands when he was in charge. I plan to rely on him heavily as we move forward. Also, it is with sadness that I report that the newly elected Vice President, Lloyd Kelley, passed away unexpectedly last week. He will be missed. Our prayers go out to his family. This neighborhood will be facing a unique challenge in the year 2017. In that year our current Indentures will expire. This will entail various legal and possibly financial issues for us as homeowners. We have begun the process of meeting with the other Trustees under the Indenture to begin planning that transition. Because it is such a significant event, I want to start the process sooner, hopefully giving us time to come to a solution favorable for all parties involved. As we gather information and come up with some proposals, I will communicate by email/mail and have some community meetings. I will keep you posted on the process. Thanks, In the meantime, it looks like we can put the snow blowers away and maybe start to get out the lawnmowers shortly. Thanks, W HISPERING H ILLS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Spring 2015 NEWSLETTER Inside… WHHOA News WHHOA News Board Members & Volunteers Board Members & Volunteers New Homeowners New Homeowners 2014 Accomplishments 2014 Accomplishments 2015 Scheduled Improvements 2015 Scheduled Improvements Neighborhood Watch Report Neighborhood Watch Report Senior Humor Senior Humor “Life is a Journey” “Life is a Journey” Thornhill Library Happenings Thornhill Library Happenings Things to do This Spring Things to do This Spring Child Safety Child Safety Calling 9-1-1 Calling 9-1-1 Book Reviews & Movie Alert Book Reviews & Movie Alert Techno Age Humor Techno Age Humor 30 Second Mysteries 30 Second Mysteries Preventing Burglary Preventing Burglary Invitation Invitation Newsletter Tip: Don’t click unless nothing is happening!

2 W HISPERING H ILLS H OMEOWNERS A SSOCIATION Helping the Neighborhood Be a Great Place to Live ”Purple folks” are newly elected to the position. *Mr. Kelley was elected, but sadly, passed away unexpectedly last week. WHHOA Board Members Doug Meyer, President and Trustee Lloyd Kelley, Vice President* Gene King, Treasurer Cindy Lerick, Secretary Diane Derrington, Section I Representative Bob Sudholt, Section I Alternate Celia Mullikin, Section II Representative Scott Mix, Section II Alternate Gloria DeZamacona, Section III Representative Peggy Stevens, Section III Alternate Thomas Claus, Section IV Representative Kevin Brown, Section IV Alternate Jan Williams, Section V Representative Elizabeth O’Brien, Section V Alternate Additional Volunteers Susie Brown, Common Grounds Committee Chair Vagif Ziyadov, Website Tech Support Bob Sudholt, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator John Schembri & Anita Del Re, Editors of Newsletter The WHHOA annual general membership meeting was held on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at the clubhouse. The meeting began with the welcoming of new homeowners: Jeremy & Lisa Flagg 12635 Tallow Hill Ln. Joshua Bowman & Melissa Denton 12735 Whispering Hills Ln. James Casagrande & Maria Fritz 12773 Honeygrove Ct. Neal & Dorisan Wilbert 12739 Honeygrove Ct. Raymond Sparrowe & Josephine Hyde 1558 Cotton Tree Dr. Douglas Wand & Zheng Zhenyan 1508 Sugar Grove Ct. The meeting continued with: 1.The Treasurer’s report 2.A review of 2014 accomplishments 3.A review of scheduled repairs and upgrades for 2015 4.An update on the neighborhood watch program 5.A review of the WHHOA website, the homeowner’s directory and the quarterly newsletter 6.Election of Officers

3 Highlights from the Annual Meeting W HISPERING H ILLS H OMEOWNERS A SSOCIATION

4 In this newsletter: More on burglary prevention, ensuring your child’s safety, and reporting crime… Highlights from the Annual Meeting W HISPERING H ILLS H OMEOWNERS A SSOCIATION

5 S ENIOR H UMOR FOR E VERYONE S ENIOR H UMOR FOR E VERYONE Just before the funeral services, the funeral director kindly asked the very elderly widow, “And how old was your husband?‘” “Why, Lee was almost 98 years old!” She smiled proudly. “And, you know, he was just two years older than me.” “So you're 96!” the undertaker spoke enthusiastically. A reporter was interviewing a 104-year-old woman: “And what’s the best thing about being 104, ma’am?” he asked. She responded, “No peer pressure.” She looked at him. “Hardly worth going home, is it?” “By golly, I’M OLD!” “I've had two bypass surgeries, new knees, and a hip replacement - I even beat prostate cancer and diabetes. “I'm half blind - and I can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine. “I take 19 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and very tired. “Then there’s the dementia, and poor circulation – I can hardly feel my feet anymore! “And all my old friends have moved or they’re long gone. “Ah, but it’s not all bad news… “Thank God, I still have my driver's license!”

6 (click just once) A ND A JOURNEY WELL - TRAVELLED, WITH … Humor Kindness Acceptance Faith Dignity Generosity Curiosity Humor Kindness Acceptance Faith Dignity Generosity Curiosity Humility Compassion Humility Compassion (and a bit of luck!) I N 100 YEARS C AN LOOK C AN LOOK LIKE THIS … A ND THIS …

7 (W HILE Y OU ’ RE W AITING F OR S PRING !) CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS Lap time: Wednesdays at 10:30 AM. Listen to stories, sing songs and enjoy other fun activities to stimulate the mental and physical development of children. (9 months to 2 years) Story time: Thursdays at 10:30AM. Listen to stories, sing songs and enjoy other fun activities to stimulate the mental and physical development of children. Children are separated into two groups by age: 4 - 6 years, and, 2 - 3 years. Teen Arcade: 2 nd Thursday each month. Play all games rated Teen and under on the PS3, Xbox 360, Kinect and Wii. Ages 12-18. There is safety and fun in numbers, so come with your friends - and make new ones! SPECIAL EVENTS IN MARCH Make Your Own Screencast - Ages 12-18. Registration required. Tuesday, March 24, 3:00 p.m. Learn how to use screencasts to give commentary on a video game as you play, create a video tutorial of your favorite software shortcuts, give a tour and review of your favorite websites and more! Find out more as we explore some free online screencasting programs. How to make 3D Photos – Ages 10 and up. Registration required. Saturday, March 28, 2:00 p.m. Learn how to make 3D images using phone cameras or digital cameras. Participants will be turned into 3D photographers. ADULT PROGRAMS Bridge Club: Tuesdays at 2:00 PM Join other adults and play in a social setting. Knitting and Crocheting Club: 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays each month at 6:30 PM. Bring your own projects and chat while you work on your creations. Share your knowledge with others and pick up tips from them. Meditation: Fridays at 11:00AM. Learn techniques to quiet your mind, become aware of the present moment and bring awareness and bliss into your life. DID YOU KNOW DID YOU KNOW that the St. Louis County Library District will deliver books and other items to homebound folks? This service is available to residents of the St. Louis County Library District who are not able to visit the library due to illness, disability or advanced age. Call 314-994-3300 ext. 2333 Visit Library Homebound Services InfoLibrary Homebound Services Info T HINGS TO D O A T T HORNHILL L IBRARY T HINGS TO D O A T T HORNHILL L IBRARY (W HILE Y OU ’ RE W AITING F OR S PRING !)

8 T HINGS TO D O A T T HORNHILL L IBRARY T HINGS TO D O A T T HORNHILL L IBRARY (W HILE Y OU ’ RE W AITING F OR S PRING !) March 9 – 31, 2015 Click the button below to access easy-to-read, hyperlinked Calendars of all Libraries in the District.

9 Flower buds are starting to peek out. Birds are returning to the neighborhood. The sun feels warmer and brighter than it has in months, and the arrival of daylight saving time means it stays light later, too. Leave those thoughts of snowstorms behind. Spring is here and we have some fun ideas to get you in the mood for the loveliest season. Grow something you can eat. We aren't just talking a little pot with grocery store basil. Pick out a fruit or vegetable that you and your child can plant from seed and nurture together. Try tomatoes, beets, or any kind of beans. Go to any baseball game. The start of the MLB season is one of the annual markers that warm weather is just around the corner. If you don't want to shell out for the pricey pro tickets, look into local minor league, college, or even high school game. Sleep outside. This is one of the great thrills of childhood. And don't be a stick in the mud — join in! Pitch a tent together in the backyard, get out the sleeping bags and flashlights, and have a ball. Wash the car together. Talk about good clean fun! Too few kids these days get to enjoy this wet and wild chore. Spray each other with the hose (a must) and scrub along to your favorite songs. Don’t forget to towel dry the car — it keeps the water spots to a minimum. Teach your kids how to play golf. If you love the game, give your children the patient instruction it takes to impart its wisdom. They learn a game they can play their whole life - and you gain a playing partner. Pick flowers. We aren't suggesting you violate any laws or annoy any neighbors. A picked flower here and there won't destroy any prized landscaping. Walk through your neighborhood or a local park and see how many shapes and colors of flowers and plants you can collect. Don't forget to stop and smell them, of course. Visit the baby animals at the petting zoo. What “child” doesn’t light up at the sight and touch of an ordinary bunny, duck, goat? Get in there with them (no matter the smell) and take just a couple of pics – enjoy the animals with your children. T HINGS TO D O W ITH Y OUR K IDS T HIS S PRING ! T HINGS TO D O W ITH Y OUR K IDS T HIS S PRING ! G ET EXCITED F OR S PRING !

10 Go to a farmer's market. Do a little research ahead of time – Most markets have a website or a Facebook page. Do a little investigating and find out if the market offers special programming for children - a lot of markets do. Check and see if there is a bathroom on site and how easy it will be to get around with a stroller. A little pre-planning will help things run more smoothly. Give Your Child a Basket – Children love pushing around the grocery cart in the grocery store and the same holds true for the farmers’ market. Let your child carry a basket and be responsible for carrying some of the produce you purchase. A Little Change Goes a Long Way – Depending on how old your child is, let them do a little shopping. Fill a change purse with change and let your child make a few selections. Children are more likely to eat the food they choose. Play Farmers’ Market Games – Add to the fun your kids have at the farmers’ market. Try hunting for food that matches every color of the rainbow. Or, search the market for things that start with every letter of the alphabet. Make birdfeeders. Kids love to spot blue jays, cardinals, and other feathered friends. Bring the birds to your backyard with this fun craft you can do together. T HINGS TO D O W ITH Y OUR K IDS T HIS S PRING ! T HINGS TO D O W ITH Y OUR K IDS T HIS S PRING ! G ET EXCITED F OR S PRING !

11 ChildSafety Parents, don’t be afraid to talk to your children about dangers. Practice frequent role play. Don’t be afraid to ask neighbors if your children should avoid any people who live in the area. Children “A car” is a sports car, old car, station wagon, van, SUV, truck, motorcycle, scooter, go-cart, even a bicycle. “A place” is a house, garage, shed, treehouse, underpass, culvert, etc. 1.Never talk to a stranger. It’s OKAY to be rude and run away. 2.Never approach or hang around “a car” – even if it seems empty. 3.Never talk to a person in “a car” – even someone you know or have seen before. It’s OKAY to be rude and run away. 4.Never get into “a car” or enter “a place” – even if it seems empty – and especially if someone asks you to do this. It’s OKAY to be rude and run away. If someone tries to FORCE you into “a car” or “a place” - DON’T!  SCREAM as loud as you can: “ This is NOT my Dad (Mom)!” “Help Me! I’m being kidnapped! Call 9-1-1!”  SCRATCH, KICK and BITE as hard as you can!  Then RUN! 6.If you think you are being followed, you MUST go to the NEAREST adult, house, or business and let them know you think you are being followed. 7.EVERY TIME you go home, tell your parents if someone HAS or HASN’T tried to talk to you, asked you to go for a ride or to look for a lost pet, invited you into their place, or offered you something to eat or drink. Parents 1. DO NOT assume our neighborhood is safe from predators. There are 310 mappable sex offenders within a 5-mile radius of Whispering Hills. MO Sex Offender Registry & Map Search 2. DO NOT assume that only men are bad guys. 3. DO NOT assume your child will volunteer everything you should know. Each time your child returns home, make it a habit to ask him if anyone has tried to talk with him, asked him to go for a ride, or to look for a lost pet, invited him into a place, or offered him something to eat or drink. 4. Call 9-1-1 if your child reports any incident that sounds suspicious – especially if he was invited into a vehicle or place by someone unknown to you. Trust your instincts. 5. DO NOT assume that someone else has called the police. 6. Call your Neighborhood Watch chairman, and all parents in your neighborhood. Keep engaged.

12 Call9-1-1 Parents, don’t be afraid to appear overly protective of your child. Call 9-1-1 to report any suspicious incident that your child has related or that you have witnessed. Call 911 IMMEDIATELY and report the following: 1.Describe the incident (e.g. attempted child abduction). 2.Location of the incident. 3.Direction the suspect is headed. 4.Description of suspect, from top to bottom: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age Size: Height, Weight Hair and facial hair Clothing: shirt, pants, shoes, coat, hat, as much description as possible (colors, brands, etc.) Special: glasses, jewelry, tattoos, marks, scars, stutter, accent, squint, limp, cuts or bruises or bite marks, teeth, etc. 5.Description of vehicle: LICENSE PLATE NUMBER AND STATE Make, model, color, age, condition Special: bumper stickers, damage to vehicle, damaged or tinted windows, noises, missing parts, etc. 6.Offer photos and/or videos you have taken. Photos & Videos: Not for Facebook Only If you have a cell phone or camera, and if it's safe to do so, take photos and/or videos of the suspect and/or vehicle. Don’t forget the license plate! For more information click to these sites: Parents Guide to Preventing Child Abduction

13 questions of reality and truth secrets serial killer ancient conspiracy fear and trembling codes Book Reviews The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown  If you enjoy masterful story telling full of a labyrinth of codes, secrets and unseen truths, and that moves at a deadly speed, you will love this book. The story opens as Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, is unexpectedly summoned to deliver an evening lecture in the U.S. Capital Building. Within minutes of his arrival, however, the night takes a bizarre turn. A disturbing object, artfully encoded with five symbols, is discovered in the Capitol building, and he recognizes it as an ancient invitation that is meant to usher its recipient into a long-lost world of esoteric wisdom. And when his beloved mentor, Peter Solomon, a prominent Mason and philanthropist is brutally kidnapped, he realizes that the only way to get him back is to accept the mystical invitation and to follow it wherever it may lead. As a result Langdon is plunged into a clandestine world of Masonic secret hidden history, with a spell binding re-examination of 2,000 years of religious history that leads to an inconceivable truth. If you want to know what it is, read the book. You’ll find it hard to put down. Recommended by John Schembri Child 44  by Tom Rob Smith ( first book in trilogy ). Do you believe that government can create utopia for its citizens? Deftly capturing the claustrophobic intensity of the Cold War-era Soviet Union, Child 44 is at once a heart-pounding thriller and a richly atmospheric novel of extraordinary depth. In a country ruled by fear, no one is innocent. The writer probes the tenuous border between love and obsession as Leo Demidov struggles to untangle the threads of a devastating conspiracy that shatters everything he holds dear. Stalin's Soviet Union is an “official paradise, where citizens live free from crime” and fear only one thing: the all-powerful state. Defending this system is idealistic security officer Leo Demidov, a war hero who believes in the iron fist of the law. But when a murderer starts to kill at will and Leo dares to investigate, the State's obedient servant finds himself demoted and exiled. Now, with only his wife at his side, Leo must fight to uncover shocking truths about a killer – and a country where "crime doesn't exist.” Mr. Smith wrote Child 44 in his late 20s, receiving many accolades. It was named one of the top 100 thrillers of all time by NPR, on bestseller lists, and, won prestigious writing awards. The Secret Speech and Agent 66 complete the trilogy. Recommended by Anita Del Re Movie Alert! Child 44 is scheduled for release this April! Have you read a great book lately? We’d love to pass along your favorite reads in future newsletters. Send your book review(s) anytime to anitadelre@


15 Case # 1 A man builds a castle but never lives in it, despite its popularity. Even after his death, millions pay homage every year, encountering dangerous creatures and surviving terrible explosions. Though exhausted and drained of resources, many feel compelled to make a pilgrimage to the site every year. The mystery: Who built this castle and where in the world is it? 4 Clues (click once for each clue) 1.Urban legend has it the man was cryonically frozen when he died. 2.His father prospected for gold in California. 3.Many people believe the castle is inhabited by talking animals that live forever. 4.The castle’s creator has such great powers that he also brought to life a wooden marionette. Next Click Shows the Answer! Case # 2Case # 2 A man with a desk job habitually responds to emergencies. He provides his own uniform and performs these civic deeds entirely on a volunteer basis. The mystery: Who is this man and what is on the front of his uniform? 5 Clues (click once for each clue) 1.The man was adopted and given a new name by his parents. 2.The man changes clothes in many different places. 3.The man is a journalist. 4.The man’s uniform is primarily blue—and very well fitted. 5.The man has great strength and can perform extraordinary feats but always does them to help people. Next Click Shows the Answer! The man is Clark Kent, also known as Superman. The builder is Walt Disney and the castle is in Disneyland

16 Case # 3 One fateful day in a courthouse in the American South, a young litigator overhears a 12- year-old girl tell a jury about being brutally assaulted. The mystery Who is this man and what does he become? 5 Clues (click once for each clue) 1. The man served in the Mississippi House of Representatives for 7 years. 2. He now makes his living at a computer. 3. He is one of modern publishing’s greatest success stories. 4. Nearly all of his books have made it to the silver screen. 5. He knows Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, and Susan Sarandon. Next Click Shows the Answer! The man is John Grisham, the best selling author of courtroom dramas. Total of 36+ books written; 275 million copies sold! The man is so moved by her story and the jury’s reaction, that he changes the direction of his life. From that point on, he pursues a passion that soon earns him fame and fortune.

17 Let’s Invite “The Burglars!” Ten Ways to Invite “The Burglars” No, you’re not throwing a party, but you just may be inviting “The Burglars” anyway! Chris McGoey, the “crime doctor,” and Richard T. Wright, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, interviewed 105 burglars for the book, “Burglars on the Job.” From the mouths of burglars: 1. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier. 1. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier. 2. Yes, I really do look for newspapers piled up on the driveway. And I might leave a pizza flyer in your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it. 3. I always knock first. If you answer, I'll ask for directions somewhere or offer to clean your gutters. (Don't take me up on it.) 4. Here's a helpful hint: I almost never go into kids' rooms. 5. You're right: I won't have enough time to break into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if it's not bolted down, I'll take it with me. 5. You're right: I won't have enough time to break into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if it's not bolted down, I'll take it with me. 6. I'll break a window to get in, even if it makes a little noise. If your neighbor hears one loud sound, he'll stop what he's doing and wait to hear it again. If he doesn't hear it again, he'll just go back to what he was doing. It's human nature. 7.I'm not complaining, but why do you pay all that money for an alarm system and leave your house without setting it? 8.I love looking in your windows. I'm looking for signs that you're home, and for flat screen TVs or gaming systems I'd like. I'll drive or walk through your neighborhood at night, before you close the blinds, just to pick my targets. 9.Avoid announcing your vacation on your Facebook page. It's easier than you think to look up your address. 10.To you, that slightly open window is a way to let in a little fresh air while you’re gone. To me, it's an invitation.

18 Here are a few tips to avoid being a victim of a burglary or theft. Of course, the more expensive prevention includes outdoor security lighting (that turns on and off based on level of daylight) and alarm and security camera. 1.Advertise DOG / Advertise ALARM Even if you don’t have a dog, place a dog bowl and leash in the backyard/patio, and place a Beware Of Dog sign in a front door/window. (Apparently the motion-sensitive electronic dog barking devices don’t fool anyone.) No alarm system? Place a metal alarm sign on your lawn, and alarm decals on your windows anyway. Also, stick window break sensors on your windows. 2.Advertise “ WE’RE HOME.” Even when you’re not. A burglar does not want you or anyone else in the house when he burgles – at least, not awake. But leaving doors open isn’t a good idea – he may be watching and waiting. Let’s not… and say we did 3.2 ways a burglar will enter your house: a door or window. Be sure that locks, screws, plates, latches, and hinges on your doors and windows are secure. Before leaving for the day ensure all doors and windows are locked and secured – including your garage door (make sure it goes all the way down). Before going to bed at night make sure your car is in the garage, the garage door is down, all main access doors are locked – and all windows are closed and locked. Don’t leave an emergency house key outside your home. Make it a habit to make it look like you are at home (and awake) – even if you go out for a few minutes. (All he needs is 8!) Music, TV, lights, all on, in the home, give that impression. Make sure your lawn is mowed; have someone maintain the outside of your home while you’re away for a spell (newspapers, fallen branches, mail, flyers on doors, etc.)  Most burglaries are done by the semi-pro and amateur-opportunist.  A high % of burglaries are by male teenagers who live nearby, i.e. the amateur- opportunist.  Most burglaries occur during the day, but semi-pros prefer to operate at night.  Any burglar will be in and out of your house in just 8 mins.

19 Really Smart Anti-Burglar Advice DIY - Make Your Home Unattractive to Thieves Let’s not… and say we did 4.Lock Your Car. If you must leave your car outside, close all windows, lock all doors and don’t leave anything valuable in the car. Never leave a garage door opener in a car outside! 5.Hide/Lock up Your Valuables. Burglars are after valuables they can easily and unobtrusively carry out –and- sell: cash, drugs (pharmaceutical and otherwise), laptops, guns, and jewelry. Lock up your stash of cash; lock up your drugs (keep them out of everyone’s hands); ditto on guns and jewelry. Keep them in a locked and fastened-down container, such as a safe or cabinet. Use cable locks to secure your laptop and other small but expensive electronics.  DUMB places to hide stuff:  Nightstands, dressers, lingerie drawers  Under mattress  Medicine cabinets  Master bedroom  Livingroom  Diningroom  SMART places to hide stuff:  Attic  Basement  Kids’ bedrooms  Broom closet  Kitchen 6.DON’T advertise big expensive purchases: burglars may not be tempted by them, per se, but you will get them wondering what other goodies you own. Unload large items in a closed garage if you can. Cut up large boxes before placing for trash pick-up. 7.Trim vegetation surrounding the house, so windows and doors can be easily seen from the street and by first responders – and so no 8. one can hide behind them.

20 See you when the snow’s melted and the winter chill is gone. I NVITATION ! I NVITATION ! Enjoy Your “15 Minutes” in the Next Newsletter! Each quarter, a few of us have fun creating this newsletter for you all. Yet we have a hunch that you would enjoy this publication much more if it contained news, information and general fun stuff from its readers – you and your neighbors. You are invited to submit anything you would like to share with your neighbors. No deadlines, no guidelines - your favorite recipes, family announcements, vacation and sightseeing photos, books and movies (write your own or plagiarize, we won’t tell), discoveries about our wonderful city – these are just a few ideas. And we’re sure you can come up with more! Also, don’t be shy with your, ahem, constructive criticism and recommendations …we aim to please. How to Contribute Email your contributions to Please, please, please type “newsletter” anywhere in the Subject!

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