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What makes this different from High School?. Laundry Moms not here to do it and its not free! Some Basic Laundry Tips: Wash all colors in cold water Anything.

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1 What makes this different from High School?

2 Laundry Moms not here to do it and its not free! Some Basic Laundry Tips: Wash all colors in cold water Anything 100% cotton will shrink in the dryer Dont mix whites and bright colors For the soft fresh scent, use a laundry sheet in the dryer Dont stuff too much in the dryer because it wont get dry and it will cost you more in the end. Treat Stains immediately with a spot treatment and cold water, hot water sets stains

3 Credit Card Offers Youve never been so popular! Credit cards companies will send offers fast and furious to start you on the road to debt Talk credit cards over with your parents Every time you apply (for all those free things they offer) it decreases your credit rating If you decide to have one, get only one to build your credit Pay it off every month Shop around for a low interest rate and watch the small writing (intro APRs of 0% often skyrocket to 20% after a few months)

4 Your college ID Your life on a piece of plastic Your ID Card is your life – dont loose it If you do loose it, report it immediately and get it replaced Always carry it with you!

5 The Neighborhood Yes there is life beyond your residence hall People who live in the neighborhood are not anti college student –They are anti disruptive noise which impacts their ability to get a good nights sleep for them or their children –They are anti trash on their yard and street since it decreases property value and just looks bad You are a transitional part of this neighborhood, people who live here were here before you were and will be here after you leave, respect them. Think of the neighbors and their property as if it were your parents or grandparents property and treat them and their property accordingly.

6 Cafeteria and Take Out The good news is, its all you can eat, the bad news is, its all you can eat Watch for the Freshman 15 – just because you can have more, doesnt mean you should Ordering take out adds up, (both cost wise and calorie wise) use it as a treat or reward, not as a standard Only take what you can eat, you can go back for more and waste costs you in the long run (higher food costs) Choose healthy options and if there are not enough, talk to food service.

7 The 24-7 Factor Mad at someone? See them everywhere! In High School you went home at the end of the day In College youll the same people everywhere, all day and night Resolve conflicts, forgive others and take time for yourself

8 Your Voice, your Choice If you see a problem, work toward a solution Students make a difference! Find out how decisions are made and get involved. Run for an office, go to a meeting, student input really counts. You are an adult now, your parents arent here to fix things. If something needs to be changed, you have the power to work toward those changes.

9 Stay around and you wont drown Dont go home on the weekends The more involved you are in college, the more successful you will be You will enjoy college much more if you stay around on the weekends – youll make friends faster and feel at home sooner

10 Academics Papers, papers and more papers Your syllabus is your Bible, sit down right away and write in all assignments, tests and papers on a semester calendar. Your professors expect you to follow it and will not remind you of due dates Plan ahead, many things are due at once and waiting until the last minute wont cut it Get help as soon as you are having a hard time, there are many support services to help you (in all subject areas) Do the reading, professors will test you on things they do not cover

11 Visit professors during office hours, they are there to help Meet with your advisor and plan your college career early, that way you will be able to graduate on time Balance your fun with your studies, it is hard to recover from one poor semester – your GPA is cumulative Ask upperclassmen for help and advice Make studies a priority

12 Roommates Do a roommate agreement, even if you dont think you need to! Review it often Talk to your roommate as soon as problems arise, dont let them build up Get help in solving problems if you cant do it on your own Communicate! Your roommate(s) cant read your mind and you cant read theirs.

13 Freedom Im as free as a bird now Every choice has a consequence No one will be there to make sure you get up Balance fun and work and youll have more fun There is always more time to have fun, but when a paper is due, its due All things in moderation

14 Security Most thefts at college are done by other college students Make sure you always lock your door Dont give out your combination or make a copy of your key for anyone Communicate with your roommate about who can have access Dont leave money laying around Take home valuables over long breaks

15 Community Country Top 40 Rap Music is just one example of some of the differences that exist on your floor and in your hall.

16 Get to know others who are different Respect others by talking to them when you have a problem Be considerate of others, before you act ask yourself Would I like it if someone did this to me? Get involved in planning activities on the floor

17 Leaving Others Behind From friends to family, there will be people you miss. Work on maintaining those relationships, but make sure you take time to get to know new friends too. If you have a favorite pet you will miss consider volunteering at a pet shelter or seeing if a professor has a pet who needs some extra love.

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