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Exploration In North America. EXPLORING NATIONS Spain England France Portugal.

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1 Exploration In North America

2 EXPLORING NATIONS Spain England France Portugal


4 Reasons for Exploration Land –Riches and Wealth –gold, silk & spices God –Desire to spread religion Glory –Fame from discovering a new land –Power OPPORTUNITY

5 Problems with Exploration Expensive Commodities Silk & spices Overland transportation Multiple countries High taxes Dangerous Travel Pirates Dangerous coastlines Expensive ports SOLUTION Find a direct sea route Atlantic Ocean Northwest Passage

6 Why did sailors not explore before this time? No knowledge of North America “Dark Ages” (prior to 1400s) Church suppressed science and theories that challenged their power & authority Earth was flat Sea monsters/mermaids Boiling water

7 What Changed? 1.Renaissance – re-birth of science & exploration Gaining of knowledge & invention (compass) 2.Desire for wealth – Merchantilism (trade)

8 Obstacles Lack of supplies Different climates Lack of Food Many men died of starvation Diseases The fear of the unknown

9 Great Accomplishments Discovery of New Lands!! Goods and ideas were exchanged by different peoples Navigational tools were improved. New areas were mapped. Transportation was improved.

10 Famous Explorers Christopher Columbus: 1492 John Cabot: 1497 Juan Pone de Leon:1513 Vasco Nunez Balboa: 1513 Jacques Cartier: 1534 Samuel de Champlain:1601-1608

11 Christopher Columbus 1492 Country Spain Obstacles No maps, frightened crew Purpose Sail west to reach Asia Achievements First European to reach the New World in 1492 Interesting Fact Sailors on Christopher Columbus’ ships slept on the open deck at night. They tied themselves down to keep from being thrown into the sea as the ship rolled in the waves!

12 John Cabot 1497 Country England Obstacles No maps Purpose Wanted to reach Asia Achievements Landing on the eastern coast of Canada, where fish were plentiful. Other Europeans went to set up fishing companies Interesting Fact One of the his three sons, Sebastian also went on the trip

13 Juan Ponce de Leon 1513 Achievements Discovered Florida and claimed it for Spain in 1553. Interesting Facts Named Florida after the Spanish word flower. Country Spain Obstacles Fought with Native Americans Purpose Find gold and a legendary “fountain of youth”

14 Vasco Nunez Balboa 1513 Country Spain Obstacles Fought with Native Americans Purpose Looking for wealth and fame. Believed the earth was round Achievements The first European to discover the Pacific Ocean in 1513 (around Panama) Interesting Facts Once settled in South America, Balboa married the daughter of the local Native American Chief

15 Ferdinand Magellan 1519 A Portuguese sailing for Spain made one of the most significant voyages in America’s history. Magellan left Spain in 1519 with five (5) ships and 250 men. He sailed down the coast of SA and a year later he discovered a narrow water way. Today it bears his name. The Strait of Magellan. After sailing through the strait, He called the ocean Pacific because it was so calm. This ocean was the “Great South Sea others had speculated on. Many of the sailors died of disease and starvation. In the Philippines, a slave aboard the expedition became the first to sail around the world. Magellan was killed in the Philippines. The remaining sailors boarded the Victoria and continued.

16 Jacques Cartier 1534 Country France Obstacles Sailors caught diseases Purpose Find a water (Northwest Passage) route to Asia Looking for Gold Achievements Discovered the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the St. Lawrence River in Canada in 1534. Interesting Facts He named the area “Kanata,” the Iroquois word for “village.” He tried to create a settlement, but it didn’t last the winter.

17 Samuel de champlain 1603 Country France Obstacles He fought many battles with the Iroqouis Indians Purpose He was a French navigator and explorer. Achievements 1603 explored the St. Lawrence river for the king Established the first settlement Quebec 1608 Interesting Facts Nicknamed the father of New France Visited the West Indies (1599 to 1601)

18 Cooperation and Conflict When the European explores reached North America, they found people already living there. These were tribes of Native Americans. Contact between the Europeans and Native Americans sometimes led to cooperation and other times led to conflict.

19 Cooperation and Conflict Here are examples of contact between Europeans and Native Americans: –French Established trading post Spread the Christian religion –English Established settlements Claimed ownership of land Learned farming techniques from the Native Americans Traded good with the Native Americans –Spanish Conquered and enslaved many Native Americans Brought Christianity to the New World

20 Examples of Cooperation and Conflict Cooperation: Technologies (weapons and farm tools) Trade Crops Conflict Claims to land Competition for trade Differences in culture Differences in language

21 French, English, or Spanish? The people living here are amazed by us. They ask about our weapons and our clothes. We have set up trading post where they bring hides from game they have killed. In return for the hides, which we send home to be made into coats and hats, we give them small trinkets such as beads. Our trading posts are quite profitable.

22 French, English, or Spanish? They are just a bunch of savages living her in the wilderness. We can easily overpower them and make them into our slaves. They might even have hidden stores of gold we can take from them. There are so many of these Indians living her that we have a constant supply of slaves to do the hard work for us.

23 French, English, or Spanish? The land here is beautiful. We have plenty of water nearby and there are also many forests of large trees we can use to build houses and churches. This is a wonderful place for us to build settlements.

24 Explorers Quad Cluster List the four explores at the top of your paper: –Christopher Columbus –Vasco Nunez Balboa –Jacques Cartier –Jaun Ponce de Leon Circle the explorer that is different from the other three. Write two to three sentences explaining how the other three explores are different. Write two to three more sentences explaining how the other three are alike.

25 Quad Cluster Christopher Columbus Vasco Nunez Balboa Jacques Cartier Samuel de Champlain

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