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Chapter 2-Exploration Far East

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2 Chapter 2-Exploration Far East
For many years Europeans knew of a distant land called the Asia, or the Far East They wanted to explore routes to the Far East These explorations would change History

3 Ideas of Exploration Begin
Land route from the Far East to Europe was dangerous, rough, and took a long time 1400 events that helped Exploration Compass-helped with direction Makmaking- maps were more accurate, and showed the earth was round Globe-model of the earth-but the early globes only showed one ocean between Europe and Asia


5 Marco Polo Book Published in 1477
His book explained the experiences of Marco Polo who had explored the Far East during the 1200’s China being a land of great wealth Excited Europeans Dreaming of finding safer and shorter water route to Asia and its riches Given the name Indies: because it included India, China, and the Spice Islands

6 Marco Polo

7 Christopher Columbus and His Voyage
Wanted to find an all water route to the Indies Also was one of the many who believed the earth was round, and that he could reach the indies by sailing west Funded by the Queen of Spain 1492 set sail with his 3 ships: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria October 12, 1492 he thought he had reached the Indies Called the there indians


9 Exploration Continues
John Cabot (1497) Sailed and landed on New Foundland and claimed land for England Disappointed he didn’t find the rich cities of China Amerigo Vespucci (1497) Made voyages to South America and claimed he found new land. Europe was impressed and named the new land “America” or the New World

10 Explorers Juan Ponce de Leon (1513) Vasco Nunez de Balboa (1513)
Led a search to find gold and the “Fountain of Youth” Reached the southeastern tip of the mainland and named it Florida Vasco Nunez de Balboa (1513) Also in search of gold and silver First person to see the Pacific Ocean Francisco Pizzaro was with Balboa and learned of the Incas and their riches Defeated the Incas and shipped large amounts of gold to Spain

11 Explorers Ferdinand Magellan(1519) Trip around the World
Sailing to the Far East, rounded the tip of South America and made it to the Far East Magellan was killed in the Philippines Proved the earth was indeed round

12 Explorers Hernando Cortes (1519) Giovanni da Verrazano (1524)
Reached the coast of Mexico searching for gold and silver Defeated the Aztec King and Empire Giovanni da Verrazano (1524) Searching for the Northwest Passage (northern water route to the Far East) reached North Carolina and sailed up to New Foundland

13 Explorers Jacques Cartier (1534) Sir Francis Drake (1577)
Searching for the Northwest passage Sailed the St Lawrence River but realized he failed in finding the Northwest Passage but claimed many lands for France Sir Francis Drake (1577) Second trip around the world Sailed around South America up to Washington and back to England

14 English and French colonies
Spanish Armada (1588) Defeat of the Spanish fleet by the English Weakening Spanish power and increasing England's power Roanoke Island (Lost Colony) First colony in the New World, led by Sir Walter Raleigh 3 different expeditions to create the colony On the 3rd time coming back to Roanoke Island, there was no one, the group disappeared Words CRO and CROATOAN, found on two trees

15 First Colonies Quebec (French Colony) Jamestown (English Colony)
First French colony started by Samuel de Champlain France’s territories in the New World were called New France Jamestown (English Colony) Named after King James I First permanent English settlement in the New World


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