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Early European Explorers

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1 Early European Explorers
Their purpose, obstacles, and achievements.

2 John Cabot Sailed in 1497 to Canada. Sailed to the Americas in 1498
England Sponsored his trip to Canada and the Americas. He claimed this land for England. The purpose of his journey was to sail to Asia. One obstacle of his journey was that there were no maps for him to follow. An achievement of his journey was that he landed on the eastern coast of Canada where fish were plentiful. Other European’s eventually went there to set up fishing companies.

3 John Cabot Interesting fact- John Cabot’s son, Sebastian also went on the trip. His route-

4 Vasco Nunez de Balboa His first expedition was in On this expedition he became the first European to stand in the waters of the Eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean. Spain sponsored his trip, so he claimed all of these waters for Spain. The purpose of his expedition was to find new land for Spanish settlers to exploit. They were also searching for a quick overland route to the Pacific Ocean.

5 Vasco Nunez de Balboa Obstacles- He fought with Native Americans.
Achievements- He sailed to present-day Panama in Central America. He crossed the mountains and jungles of Panama an became the first European to reach the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. Interesting Fact- Once he settled in South America, he married the daughter of the local Native American Chief.

6 Vasco Nunez de Balboa

7 Juan Ponce de Leon His first voyage to the Americas was on Columbus’ second voyage in 1493. His most famous voyage was on April 2, 1513, when he landed on what is currently known as St. Augustine, Florida. He claimed to have found the legendary “Fountain of Youth”. He claimed this land for Spain. Spain sponsored his expeditions.

8 Juan Ponce de Leon Obstacles that he encountered was that he fought with Native Americans. The purpose of his expeditions was to fond gold and the “fountain of youth”. Achievements- First European to reach Florida Interesting Fact- He named Florida after the Spanish word for flower.

9 Juan Ponce de Leon

10 Christopher Columbus He grew up in Italy, but was funded by Spain.
His most famous expedition occurred in 1492 when he discovered the Americas. Obstacles that he encountered was that he had no maps and he had a frightened crew. Achievements- He made 3 voyages with several ships. He settled in Central and South America. Interesting Facts- Columbus had to ask the King and Queen of Spain several times over several years to fund his trip before they finally agreed.

11 Christopher Columbus

12 Henry Hudson Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company in 1609, to try to find the Northwest Passage to Asia. He found what is now called the Hudson River. Hudson is credited with discovering the location which is now New York City. Hudson sailed into New York's harbor on September 3, 1609 and noted what an excellent harbor it was. Hudson sailed up the river about 150 miles and noted the abundance of rich land, but realized that this was not a waterway to India. His reports resulted in many Dutch settlements in the area. Obstacles- Hudson’s crew mutinied in the cold climate leaving Hudson, his son, and several crew members to die on the Hudson Bay.

13 Henry Hudson Achievements- He sailed up the Hudson River in present day New York. Interesting Facts- Henry Hudson’s crew kicked him off the boat, and he was never heard from again.

14 Henry Hudson

15 Jacques Cartier His most famous voyage occurred in
1535 when he sailed what is now known as the St. Lawrence River in Canada. France sponsored his voyages. The purpose of his voyages was to find a water route to Asia. Achievements- He sailed over 1000 miles along the St. Lawrence River in Canada.

16 Jacques Cartier Interesting Facts- He named the area “Kanata,” the Iroquois word for “village.” He tried to create a settlement, but it didn’t last the winter.

17 Which is your favorite explorer
Which is your favorite explorer? You now will choose an explorer to create a report on. You will have a choice on how to deliver your information. More information to come.

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