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Welcome and Thank You for Coming! Rachel Snyder 3 rd grade teacher Curington Elementary.

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1 Welcome and Thank You for Coming! Rachel Snyder 3 rd grade teacher Curington Elementary

2 Beliefs and Promises Eight Keys of Excellence

3 Team work is the key! Communication Attendance Behavior Expectation Grading STAAR Other important info

4 How to contact me Rachel Snyder School phone # My room # I am available for conferences between 2:00-2:30 and after 3:00 some days. Please send a note with your child, me, or call to schedule a conference. We can work with you if the above times do not fit with your schedule. The BEST way to reach me is through .

5 Attendance Students are counted tardy after 7:40 7:00-7:15 student go to cafeteria 7:15-7:30 students will wait outside their homeroom 90% rule is in effect Absences If a student comes to school after 10:00 a.m. he/she is counted absent that day. A note is required telling why a student is absent in order for the absence to be excused. Please send in notes/Doctors notes when your child is absent. Please include full name, date and teacher’s name on the note.

6 Attendance & The 90% Rule All BISD elementary schools will begin following the State of Texas 90% Rule this year. This means that your child MUST be at school at least 90% of the school year… 17 or fewer absences. Your child will be at risk for retention if they do not meet attendance requirements. If you have questions, or need additional information regarding The 90% Rule… please contact our Assistant Principal.

7 Nightly Parent Duties TAKE HOME FOLDERS: Red folders go home nightly. They are used for daily communication between home and school. Please check the folder nightly for homework and important notes. HANDBOOKS/PLANNERS: Handbooks will come home every night and are another great tool for communication, they should be initialed by a parent every evening. Homework assignments will be written in the handbook at the beginning of every week. Please write any important notes to us in the handbook, but notes regarding absences should be written on a separate piece of paper.

8 The Importance of Homework Nagy, W. E., R. C. Anderson, and P. A. Herman Learning word meanings from context during normal reading. American Educational Research Journal 24: 237–70.

9 Behavior Expectations Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Safe

10 We expect our 3 rd graders to… Line up and walk in the hall quietly. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given. Come prepared to class- pencils, folders, etc… Be neat- We will not accept messy and sloppy work- All work is to be completed in pencil.

11 Grading Scale Homework will include weekly reading and math. Homework is due on Fridays. OFS – in the library on Fridays for missing assignments For more info go to – 100A (Superior) 80 – 89B (Above Average) 75 – 79C (Average) 70 – 74D (Below Average) 69 and belowF (Failing)

12 STAAR April 21 st – Math (New TEKS!) April 22 nd – Reading Don’t panic! Be encouraging at home. We will be asking you to write an encouraging letter to your child.

13 Miscellaneous Cougar Cash Class Coupons Snack Lunch AR (accelerated reader) I-station (reading)

14 Cougar Cash 3 rd grade system to help encourage personal responsibility Students can earn “cash” for things like great work or having the neatest desk Students are fined for messy/sloppy desk or work, or not doing their best Class Coupons Students redeem cash or dojo awards for different classroom privileges such as: Show and tell Stuffed animal Extra computer time Sit with a friend at lunch And More!!!

15 Snack Please send a healthy snack with your child to eat around 9:00. No nuts please! Lunch Lunch is at 11:40. Feel free to come and join your child for lunch after you have checked in with the front office. You may put money in your child’s lunch account by cash or check. Visitors: Anytime you come to the school, you need to check in with the office and get a visitor tag. This is for the safety of all children. A driver’s license is required at check in.

16 Reading Extras We will set goals for AR reading. Students must meet certain goals in order to attend the “Store” Students can only take test at school, but can check in order to see in that book has an AR test. I-station is a great online reading resource. I encourage you to use at home. I-station provides individualized reading lessons and monthly progress monitoring.

17 Scholastic Books SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS: Book Orders will be sent home periodically. This is an EXCELLENT (and cheap!) way for your child to continue reading at home. In addition, we will gain Bonus Points to increase our classroom library. When placing a book order, please make checks payable to Scholastic.

18 3 rd Grade Math This year your 3 rd grader will be assessed on their multiplication facts 0-12 in the spring. Please continue to practice your facts Mobymax is another great tool for Math help! web/games/mathmagician/mathsa dd.html web/games/mathmagician/mathsa dd.html ames.html ames.html

19 Why is Fact Fluency Important? Students who have not memorized basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts will have significant difficulty in middle and high school math courses. State assessments, which begin in 3 rd grade, are now timed. If students are not able to complete algorithms efficiently, the students will be at a disadvantage. When asked to summarize the characteristics of successful students, BISD instructors of AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Dual Credit courses include the following descriptors: Successful students have memorized ALL basic facts. Successful students show their work on ALL problems.

20 Curington P.E. Shoe policy Wearing the wrong shoes can really impact a student’s safety or success during PE activities. Shoes like boots, sandals, slip-ons, even dress shoes can get in the way with simple activities like running, jumping, and stopping. It is important for students to wear proper footwear (i.e. tennis shoes, running shoes, or sneakers) in order to participate safely in class activities, and to be successful with those activities. Your cooperation for their safety and active participation is very much appreciated.

21 Thank you for coming! I look forward to a wonderful year with your student!

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