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2 Context School Sports Program launched in 2011, with the primary goal of redressing the imbalance of every school going child to have access to sport Sport is an essential component of the learning process – making learning holistic Initially only 5 codes of sport included Gymnastics was included as a priority code of sport in 2012 – when the number of codes of sport was increased to 11 codes In 2014, 16 codes of sport are included and gymnastics has shown a significant growth in the number of schools selecting this code of sport Under the stewardship of Minister Fikile Mbalula, the National Schools Tournament was born. This National Event takes place annually. 2014 marks the 3 rd National Schools Tournament. A proper structure is in place for athletes to participate at District, Provincial and finally National platforms. Provincial and National Federations together with Provincial and National sport code committees provide the Schools Program for each of the approved sporting codes The National Schools Tournament serves also as a platform to identify talented participants, where these selected athletes are channelled with the support of Federations into Clubs, to develop their skills further. Educators, the broader Parent bodies (SGB’s) & Sports Federations play a vital role in ensuring that the selected codes of sport at the school become entrenched in the ethos of the school Sport has the power to transform lives and provide hope to a better future filled with dreams and aspirations.

3 Gymnastics Schools Program Gymnastics is one of the 16 approved codes of sport in 2014 Gymnastics has the closest resemblance to Physical Education ( PE ) that was part of the school curriculum in the past The Gymnastics Schools Program focuses on Health & Fitness, with an element of Fun as well The Program is an elementary one which covers all the core foundational physical literacy skills which are required in all other sports Gymnastics prepares children for successful participation in most sports As a foundational sport gymnastics helps develop motor and cognitive skills which help a child to function holistically Gymnastics is a competitive sport and encourages children to perform at their best at all times – precision and discipline are some of the skills that are synonymous with Gymnastics Gymnastics is an early developing sport – hence it is best introduced in the Foundation and Intermediate phases of schooling to achieve best results

4 How to get involved Select Gymnastics on the Provincial DBE “Code of Sports” document that Schools need to complete at the beginning of the school year School to allocate suitable educators to coach gymnastics at school. Elementary coaching programs are provided by the Federation Contact Provincial school’s rep or the Provincial gymnastics office for support on the coaching & mentoring program. Learners will be coached by Educators on the elementary program for gymnastics. Learners participate in a series of competitions at District, Provincial & National level ( National Schools Tournament held in December)

5 Coach Development Gymnastics is a complementary sport and will allow pupils to learn techniques & physical literacy through a fun filled program The Schools Gymnastics Program can be easily implemented at school - selected teachers would need to attend the Elementary Coaching Workshops (elementary skills workshop followed by a discipline specific workshop – 11 hours in total) by SAGF accredited Facilitators. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to each participant. The Program includes both team and individual participation The Program covers: - Dominant Movement Patterns ( DMP ) - basic gymnastics skills - competition and recreational prescribed routines On completion of the training educators will be able to : - prepare the school team for competitions - use the same skills as part of the PE lesson requirements, as numerous skills conform to the CAPS requirements for Physical Education Further accredited training is available through the gymnastics federation for coaches interested in developing their knowledge set further All coaches who have been through the workshops are placed on the SAGF coaches database

6 The Schools Program Schools Program consists of the following gymnastics disciplines : Artistic ( Men & Women ) Aerobics Rope Skipping The Program is a modified version of these disciplines, which introduces beginners to the sport and helps establish the interest Minimal equipment is required to implement the program Gymnastics is a year round program, with competitions taking place in Terms 2 and 3 Talented learners will have the opportunity to be selected through the Talent Identification initiative that is conducted at district, provincial and national competitions Learners that are identified will be assisted to develop their careers in Gymnastics through clubs in the vicinity of the school who are members of the Federation Schools who are on the Federation database will receive information about events and competitions taking place in their District and Province. By being exposed to other gymnastics events, coaches and learners further develop their learning, awareness, motivation & inspiration Registration with the Federation involves filling in a form and submitting to the relevant person – there is no cost to registering

7 Why choose Gymnastics  Gymnastics develops health and fitness, eliminating obesity which is fast becoming a problem with our youth.  Gymnastics is a fun sport which can be pursued as a competitive or recreational sport  Gymnastics develops our youngsters holistically - creating a healthy mind and healthy body, the building blocks for a successful school career  Discipline and respect are developed through the sport  Gymnastics keeps the youth active, off the streets and builds health lifestyles.  Gymnastics can be a team sport or individual sport, creating many opportunities for participation Place a tick next to Gymnastics on the Schools Code of Sports Form for 2015

8 Contact Us ProvinceProvincial FederationProvincial Schools Rep Gauteng012 643 9873Meisie Ndala 0824280091 North West072 1266 302Thea Steyn 0763033933 Limpopo015 295 2139Margaret Malatji 0828336742 Mpumalanga017 819 7898Patricia Ntlatleng 0761657637 Free State051 5220739Ketlareng Rapulana 0784268720 KwaZulu - Natal031 702 1768Bongiwe Ngcungama 0723275649 Eastern Cape083 5747628Lulama Genge 0726922981 Western Cape021 554 3252Salaamah Davids 0826076493 Northern Cape053 8410167Sandra Mapatsi 0828582452 National contacts: Federation: Caron Henry – 082 327 3823 National Schools Chair: Melvin Edwards – 0826556944


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