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Increasing the popularity of gymnastics in Australia.

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1 Increasing the popularity of gymnastics in Australia

2 1 st Strategy Introduce gymnastics to core curriculum in Australia

3 Core curriculum (Your Dictionary, 2009) (Core Curriculum, 2010) Set of school or college courses Subjects considered essential to education Provides necessary skills Common cultural knowledge

4 Primary Schools Participation encouraged through the curriculum Amezdroz et al, 2010 Page 495 Ensures that children are introduced to the sport at a very young age Amezdroz, et al, 2004 Becomes a core element of an individual’s education Helps shape who we are and what we are interested in Popularity increases As more children are exposed, it becomes more familiar Becomes socially acceptable within the school community

5 Secondary schools Sport and physical activity is highly valued (Amezdroz et al, 2010). Page 495 has formed an important part of some young people’s cultures (Amezdroz et al, 2010) Page 495 is more likely to achieve valuable educational outcomes if these activities are taken seriously as learning experiences (Amezdroz et al, 2010) Page 496 Continue with the curriculum further shape and influence participation

6 Specific examples of strategies Compulsory sessions within school hours Block Training programs After or before hours for keen students Male and female coaches Teachers and parents to participate (role models) Outsides sources / professional gymnasts used at school Teams to compete against other schools Theory

7 Schools can play a powerful role in the socialisation of individuals into sport and physical activity (Amezdroz et al, 2010) Page 495 Socialisation defined as is a process by which we learn and are taught to conform to existing norms and values (Amezdroz et al, 2010). Page 478 “the process by which individuals learn to modify their behaviour to conform to what is considered ‘acceptable’ in their society. It includes learning the cultural attitudes, values and roles of society” (Amezdroz et al, 2004).

8 This means that Through the process of socialisation, gymnastics becomes a pivotal part of a child’s physical education and development (Amezdroz et al, 2004). It is about how individuals learn to conform to social norms and how to behave in accordance with our culture (Amezdroz et al, 2010). Page 478 By introducing gymnastics into the curriculum for boys and girls, it will become acceptable in Australia for all genders and body shapes. It helps to develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours in relation to gymnastics. Gymnastics in schools can also provide opportunities to allow young people to meet adults who may become mentors in their lives (Amezdroz et al, 2010). Page 496 Helps to change the mind set and gives students role models to look up to.

9 TASK 1)Statement for first strategy 2)Define Core Curriculum / Curriculum 3)Discuss (with examples) 4)Link to Socialisation (with example) ***NOTE*** Remember to personalise where possible steer your argument towards gymnastics

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