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Welcome to Induction for Research Postgrads Professor John Breen Dean, Graduate School

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1 Welcome to Induction for Research Postgrads Professor John Breen Dean, Graduate School

2 Today: morning Introduction (me!) Research Design & Methods (Dr Jill Pearson) Quantitative methods & The role of the Statistical Consultancy Unit (Dr Jean Saunders) Student Wellbeing (Dr Declan Aherne) Health & Safety (Philip Thornton) Careers (Elaine Kiely) Use of Library and Information Services (Aoife Geraghty)

3 Today: afternoon UL Writing Centre Guide to UL regulations for PGRs (Michael Frain) Planning for Best Practice in Research (JB) Open Forum Discussion (chaired by JB)

4 Enjoy the campus! Use the facilities Sports - Arena Concert hall – UCH Irish world music centre Arts  Irish Chamber Orchestra  National self portrait gallery  Hunt museum (UL- Shannon)  Other art galleries

5 Today … Intro to UL Graduate School Nature of research degree Why more PhDs??? Managing expectations … yours and the university’s Role and responsibilities of researchers Good research practice: working with your supervisor(s) Research Training and Supports

6 UL Graduate School Is your one stop shop for everything to do with your Postgraduate Research Experience at UL From applications, admissions, monitoring your progress, training courses, thesis submission, examination … examination board

7 Graduate School is responsible for … Research & taught postgraduate strategy, procedures, regulations Postgraduate recruitment & advertizing Postgraduate admissions Advice on Postgraduate funding / scholarships Postgraduate infrastructure / desk space Faculty & student induction & training Management of the thesis submission process

8 Who does what? John BreenDean Graduate Studies Michael FrainGraduate Administrator Anne O’DwyerResearch Training Coordinator Marie Beaumont Administration (Thesis submission) Sinéad Cooney Research Postgraduate Admissions

9 Why more PhD graduates? Your country needs you! Building Ireland’s Smart Economy (2008) Number of researchers per 1000 population: Ireland 14 th of 30 OECD countries Targets:  SET: 543 (2005)  997 (2013)  HSS: 187 (2005)  315 (2013)  UL: 67 (2005)  134 (2013) – all PhDs

10 Kinds of PhDs Minimum 3 year programme  Average in UL is 4.2 years “Traditional model”: single supervisor per postgrad Increasing trend towards more joint and team supervision Added value: Personal Development Planning, generic transferable skills, planning a research-based career So: moving towards …

11 Fourth level Ireland Structured PhD programmes (4 years)  Taught modules early in the programme, beginning of the project, then  3 years research programme leading to PhD thesis You will hear of “Greps”  Graduate Research Education Programmes  Name used by IRCSET / IRCHSS for structured PhD programmes

12 Four years, not for years! Experience in a number of countries is that >5 years there is a sharp decline in finishing rates UL recent average completion time is 4.2 years 4 years is a realistic goal – but remember your funding situation may be for 3 years!

13 Funding? Hope you are funded If not: check possibilities for the research councils  (Science, Engineering, Tech)  (Humanities, Social Sciences) Some get funded after Year 1: Grad School organizes advisory sessions A few UL scholarships may help: call in May

14 IRCHSS: check it out now! Call is open at present. Closes 11 th January Does offer funding to PGRs who are currently registered Briefing session yesterday: presentation on GS website

15 The Nature of a Research Degree Observation: a masters or PhD dissertation is probably the largest piece of work you have ever faced and it can be daunting Implications: have to think about to approach a large piece of work  Planning and preparation are critical to success  Establishing a good working relationship with your supervisor(s)

16 What is a Masters/PhD? Masters “…must show evidence of independent enquiry and/or originality in either conclusions or method” PhD should “…show evidence of independent enquiry, originality in the methods used and/or in the conclusions drawn and must make an appreciable new contribution to knowledge or thinking in the candidate’s field.” Academic Regulations.

17 Afternoon Managing expectations: yours and ours Ethics and Governance Planning your research strategy Acquiring the necessary skills

18 So, for now Thank you!

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