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Research Induction June 2013. UL Strategic Plan: Goal 2 Convergent Translational Research ► Convergence: Synergistic combination of different disciplines.

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1 Research Induction June 2013

2 UL Strategic Plan: Goal 2 Convergent Translational Research ► Convergence: Synergistic combination of different disciplines ► Translational: Accelerating the application of basic research outputs to the benefit of the economy and society Emphasis on ► Quality outputs: e.g. cited publications ► Impact: economic, societal, environmental ► Interdisciplinarity, collaboration & partnership Monitoring & Metrics – the 5 P’s ► Publications ► Postgraduates ► Practice Impact ► Projects ► Prestige

3 Research Lifecycle Research Idea Funding Research Project Research Staff Postgraduate Students Prestige Dissemination & Outreach Collaboration & Partnership Publications & Impact Publications & Impact

4 Research Supports Available Research Community Departments Institutes Research Office HR Finance Library EU Project Management Faculties / ADRs Research Support Services Technology Transfer Office Graduate School

5 Research Office Structure Vice President Research Dr Mary Shire Graduate School Dr Huw Lewis Research Support Services Dr Puneet Saidha Technology Transfer Office Paul Dillon Transferable Skills Training for Post Grad Students Post Grad Admissions Training & Support to Supervisors Monitoring Post Grad Metrics Identification of Funding Opportunities Funding Proposal Support Liaison with Sponsor Bodies Monitoring & Reporting Research Metrics Seminars & Training IP Management Liaison with Industry Engagement with Development Agencies Research Contract Review

6 Research Funding Finding Funding ► Research Office weekly bulletin – subscribe to “Research Information” ► Research Office website – Funding Opportunities section ► Search tool – Research Professional Proposals ► Proposal support and review from Research Support Services ► Budget support from Finance Office ► IP/Commercialisation support from Technology Transfer Office ► Complete Research Proposal Authorisation Form for all proposals Awards ► On receipt of notification, inform Research Support Services ► Vice President Research is the legal institutional signatory for all research contracts ► Finance Office Cost Centre needs to be set up to allow expenditure on a project

7 Research Information System Web-based system for research profiles ► Single point of entry for research information ► Create Researcher CVs ► Generate Researcher Profiles for webpages ► Upload full-text publications to UL Institutional Repository ► Automatically imports ISI/Web of Knowledge & PubMed publications ► Increases visibility of researchers’ expertise ► Institutional Research Reporting Tool

8 Postgraduate Journey Finding Students ► Advertise positions on Graduate School website ► Market yourself – profile, website, PR, etc ► Graduate School also markets UL as postgraduate location – will match applicants where possible – but direct approaches to staff are more common Applications ► Graduate School administers applications (qualifications / funding verification)  Enrolment & registration  Student induction ► Co-supervision Progression ► Research postgraduate progression – annual process ► Panel supervision ► Disputes & appeals

9 Postgraduate Journey (cont.) Submission ► Graduate School administers thesis submission process ► External examiner contact ► Examination boards Other considerations ► Academic regulations ► Ethical approval ► Article-based thesis ► Structured PhDs  Stage 1: Mixture of taught modules, transferrable skills, research  Stage 2: Research  Special case: Structured PhD for international students – 1 st year is focused on English language skills, while developing research concept with supervisor

10 Knowledge Transfer National Framework ► National IP Protocol ► Requirements tied to all publicly funded research ► Forms one of the key benchmarks for evaluating research performance Key Activities ► Engagement with industry ► Invention Disclosures ► Patents ► Licences ► Spin-outs

11 Commercialisation Supports Research team IP & Patent Protection Market Evaluations Business Intelligence Negotiation & Legals Venture Development Venture Funding Mentoring Patent Searching Assist researchers to work within National IP Protocol Build researchers’ capability and reputation for transferring knowledge

12 Research Institutes

13 Key Contacts Graduate School ► Huw Lewis, Dean of Graduate School ► Michael Frain, Postgraduate Funding Support ► Anne O’Dwyer, Postgraduate Transferrable/Generic Skills Training ► Sinead Cooney, Research Applications & Admissions ► Marie Beaumont, Thesis Submissions Research Support Services ► Puneet Saidha, Director ► Sinead O’Doherty, Proposal Support (SFI, EI, HRB) ► Sharone O’Loughlin, Proposal Support (EU, IRC) ► Yvonne Kiely, General Enquiries Technology Transfer Office ► Paul Dillon, Director ► John Gleeson, Technology Transfer, Engineering ► Conor Morris, Technology Transfer, ICT ► Seamus Browne, Technology Transfer, Bio/Life Sciences ► Regina Fitzgerald, General Enquiries

14 Thank You

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