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Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency

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1 Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency

2 CULP What is it? What can it do for me as a Cadet?
US Army Cadet Command wants: Commissioning Officers who possess the right blend of language and cultural skills required in support of global operations in the state of persistent warfare expected in the 21st Century. 1Cadet Command Pamphlet , 14 August 2009

3 For FY11 Swim is removed and weighting applied to Campus APFT’s
What CULP Can Do for You! 1. Academic Program (40%) (40.00) Cumulative GPA (includes ROTC GPA) (Spring Semester, most current) For each event/activity: Green numbers are activity weighting (2.36) (0.00) (1.69) (9.45) For FY11 Swim is removed and weighting applied to Campus APFT’s (90%) (0%) 2. Leadership Program (60%) Leader (45%) Physical (15%) (6.75) - LDAC Performance (E/S/N) - Leadership positions - Leadership attributes/skills/actions (11.25) - LDAC PLT TAC Evaluation (E/S/N) (4.50) - LDAC Land Navigation (1st score) PMS Experienced Based Observations (6.75) - PMS MSIII CER OML (4.50) - PMS Accessions OML (4.50) - PMS Accessions Potential Comments (4.50) - Cadet Training / Extracurricular Activities (2.25) - Language / Cultural Awareness APFT (85%) (1.28) - Campus (most current fall sem) (1.91) - Campus (most current spring sem) (9.56) - LDAC (1st score) Swimming (5%) (0.375) - Campus Cdt Cmd Swim Test (0.375) - LDAC CWST Athletics (10%) (1.50) - Varsity, Intramural, or Community Team This is the ROTC OML Model that was used in FY 10 and for all you End of LDAC Commissionees this is your OML model. I hope all of you are familiar with this but I will take a minute to explain. This slide lists all the criteria that go into the Model. The numbers in green are the weighting of each of the criteria. If you add up the green numbers they will equal That is why GPA is 40% weighted 40 of There is an additional point awarded to all those that receive LDAC PLT top 5, and an additional ½ point for anyone who earns RECONDO at LDAC. Let me run thru these criteria quickly: GPA – We discussed CUM GPA for first three years of college (includes ROTC grades) LDAC Performance – This is score based on number of E, S, N’s you receive here at LDAC in leadership positions and attribute/skills/actions LDAC PLT TAC Eval – this is the TAC overall LDAC evaluation LDAC Land Nav (1st Score) – Land nav score includes written, day, and night PMS MSIII CER OML – Score based on were PMS ranked you with fellow MS III’s on your CER PMS Accessions OML – Score based on were PMS will rank you with those he is sending to the FY board PMS Accession Potential Comments – Score based on combination of how LDAC Tac and PMS evaluated your potential Training and Extracurriculars – Score based on number of training and activities you did as a Cadet/college student Language/Culture – Score based on type and number college level forgein language course taken, whether majoring in a foreign language, studied abroad or completed rosetta stone courses APFT – What did you score in most recent Spring, Fall and 1st score here at LDAC Swimming - Pass/Fail on campus and here at LDAC, Good news because they don’t do swim test here at LDAC anymore you all passed Athletic – Score based on participation in varsity, intramural or community athletics Now because we don’t do swim at LDAC anymore and the fact that Campus Swim test is a commission requirement there will be a change for FY 11 Build slide. As you can see swim will be removed starting in FY 11 Board, this is all of you minus End of LDAC, and the weighting will be applied to Campus APFT’s There is one more change on the horizon which should start for all those going to the FY12 board. The Army desires to increase hard science, math and engineering degrees in the cohort. To assist in this there will be incentive points awarded next build. Warrior Forge, Platoon Top Five = 1 point added to final OMS RECONDO = 0.5 point added to final OMS Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Incentive FY10 PAT Recommends 0.5 Incentive to ADM 3 (Math/Science) and 1.0 Incentive to ADM 4 (Engineering); plan implementation no earlier than FY12.

On-Campus Culture and Language Programs (On-Campus Programs) Critical Language Incentive Pay - CLIP Up to $3000 a year to take approved foreign languages or associated cultural studies for academic credit. National Security Education Program – Project Global Officer Grants partnership Summer Language Hubs Study Abroad Up to $6000 travel for Cadets to study abroad in any non-English speaking country CG’s Desired Outcome, “75% of all SROTC Cadets complete two semesters of the same foreign language.” CONUS & OCONUS Culture and Language Immersion Summer Deployments FY2010 objective… 500 SROTC Cadets deploy OCONUS for culture and language immersion in support of Army Security Cooperation Strategy Active Duty (For Professional Development Training) AD-PDT up to 45 days. Integrate into ASCC and Partner Nation Security Cooperation Strategy Continue WHINSEC (40 Cadets) Continue FMSO (24 Cadets) Continue USMA partnership CG’s Desired Outcome, “50% of all SROTC Cadets experience OCONUS culture and language immersion.” MG Bartell, US Army Cadet Command CG, approved his Desired Outcomes relating to culture and language education and training to be fully implemented with the graduating class of 2013, this year’s incoming Freshmen. The CG has directed that all Cadets meet minimum objectives prescribed by Army doctrine. External factors prevent 100% of all SROTC Cadets completing the CG’s desired outcomes. For example: On-campus culture and language programs. Degree plans for certain academic programs of study such as Engineering, Pre-Med, and Computer Sciences are often fixed and do not include a foreign language. Mandating a two semester addition to those degree plans would drive most of these Cadets into a 5th year of college which would be an unacceptable increase in scholarship expenditures and have a significant negative impact on recruiting these important skill sets. OCONUS culture and language immersion deployments. For the vast majority of SROTC Cadets, only the summer after Sophomore school year is available for extended training. Freshmen are largely ineligible, Juniors spend most of the summer in Leader Development and Assessment Course, LDAC, at Fort lewis, and Seniors graduate and are commissioned. So, CULP OCONUS deployments compete with Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, and several other competing opportunities not the least of which are jobs and summer vacations.

5 Approved Foreign Languages
Languages determined to be eligible for payments under the Culture and Language Incentive Pay-Bonus program cannot be only those that are in critical shortage in the force today, but rather those that are likely to be needed in the force five to ten years in the future.  Hence, the languages qualified for CLIP-B bonus payment are designated as some of the following: Albanian Arabic Haitian-Creole Azerbaijani Hausa Hindi Balinese Korean Hebrew (Modern) Cambodian (Khmer) Russian Hungarian Chechen Serbian Georgian Chinese-Mandarin Romanian Indonesian Chinese-Cantonese Kurdish Estonian Czech Japanese CLIP-B will be paid lump sum only on successful completion of the course of study, internship, study abroad, or other eligible learning opportunity.

6 What do I get out of doing CULP?
The ROTC Cadet: Participate in real-world projects and missions. Receive Leadership training and assessment in at least one Squad Leader position. Cultural “Gain” Immersion in a foreign culture while accomplishing assigned missions; (these experiences are real work, not tours). Experiential learning on Army pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment requirements and activities. (Soldier Readiness Processing - SRP)

7 REQUIREMENTS Pre-Deployment: During Deployment: After Deployment:
On-line Application for deployment including a Written Essay Cultural Awareness and Language Competency Pre-Tests Completion of all Pre-deployment Training and Certifications: (SERE-B, ISOPREP, AT LEVEL I, Human Rights , AOR Specific Training, Immunization and the Cross-Cultural Workbook. During Deployment: Develop a hard copy product for oral presentation and Cadre Leader evaluation during pre-deployment staging. Rotate through Platoon Leadership positions with Cadre Leader Evaluation (LDAC CER) After Deployment: Conduct Self-Evaluation based on FM 6-22 Appendix A. Complete Cultural Awareness and Language Competency Post-Tests

8 OCONUS Culture and Language Deployment Missions
Security Cooperation Events - build defense relationships that promote specific US security interests, develop allied and friendly military capabilities for self-defense and multinational operations, and provide US forces with peacetime and contingency access to a host nation. MEDCOM Humanitarian Operations Mil2mil training events – train with the host units military forces Annual named Exercises, e.g. Khaan Quest 2010 US Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) projects

9 Cadets working in Hospice and Orphanage in Panama - 2009
Source: TC 25-20, Figure 2.1 9

Source: TC 25-20, Figure 2.1 10

11 US Army Cadet Command Security Cooperation Deployments 2011 and Beyond

12 FY’11 Regional Culture and Language Immersion Deployment Priorities
COMBINED EXERCISE KHAAN QUEST – AKNG/MONGOLIA (CONCEPT PLAN) ARCENT Jordan WHINSEC USARPAC China SEA India Korea Indonesia Other USARSO Brazil Costa Rica Guatemala Peru El Salvadore USARAF Morocco Tanzania Egypt Senegal Kenya Nigeria Ghana USAREUR Slovakia Russia Albania Israel Priorities (BASED ON STRATEGIC LANGUAGES) I II Mil-Mil Canadian AF – French Unit (Concept Plan) Mil-Mil Slovakian Mil Academy Recurring Mil-Mil Taiwan – China Military Academy Recurring Mil-Mil Moroccan Mil Academy Recurring LATIN AMERICA- TBD Mil-Mil / HA/DR INDONESIA (CONCEPT PLAN) USARAF developing plan for Africa.

13 US Army Cadet Command, DCS G-3 – CULP POCs
Contact MAJ Paul Thiessen: (256) /5022 700 Pelham Road North Jacksonville, AL 36265 Websites: CULP: CULP CONUS/OCONUS CADET INTERNSHIP SECURE ON-LINE APPLICATION: BLACKBOARD:

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