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By Morgan J. Burris Lexington Middle School US History.

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1 By Morgan J. Burris Lexington Middle School US History

2 Why US Joined the War:  Submarine Warfare by Germany  Sinking of Lusitania  Zimmerman Telegraph US President: Woodrow Wilson “He kept us out of the War” “War to make world safe for democracy”  War to End ALL Wars….not

3 US Enters War 1917:  Fresh Troops, well supplied  Improved moral of Allies  Called the “Dough Boys / Yanks” US Expeditionary Forces led by General “Black Jack” John Pershing

4 Russia Leaves the War:  Huge troop losses, no supplies  Bolshevik Revolution by Vladimir Lenin - Over threw Czar Nicholas II - Set up a communist / socialist gov’t  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Surrendered vast lands to Germany..

5 America’s Role in War:  US Troops arrive in July 1917  Under US commanders!  Quickly turn the tide of the War For the Allies  Armistice November 11 th, 11am, 1918 11-11-11 Remembrance: Veteran's Day

6 Wilson’s Plan:  B ased on idea of Peace without Victory  Would eliminate reasons for future wars - Democracy - Freedom of the sea  Reduce armaments = Weapons! -set certain goals for the world

7 Wilson’s Fourteen Points:  Wilson’s speech that organized his ideas of the future  Described solution to prevent causes of the war 1. No secret treaties 2. Freedom of seas 3. Lower tariffs to foster free trade 4. Reduce armaments 5. Self determination = people who did not want to be governed by an empire should be allowed independence 14. League of Nations= international org. to settle disputes between nations, avoid wars

8 Peace Conference: Big Four: U.S., Britain, France, Italy -Central Powers left out of the meetings as was Russia -Allied leaders wanted to blame and punish Germany -Most of the 14 Points were ignored -Wilson did manage to secure the League of Nations

9 Treaty of Versailles:  Nine new nations created in  EASTERN Europe and several borders moved  Germany is demilitarized= had to reduce military, eliminate navy  Reparations (war damages) must be paid= $33 Billion!!  Germany must acknowledge war guilt  Weaknesses of Treaty will lead to future wars.  Germany can’t repay  Russia is ignored (and LOST territory despite high casualties)  Colonialism remained

10 US Opposition to Treaty:  Some thought it too harsh  Others thought it changed nothing  U.S. leaders disliked the League of Nations Henry Cabot Lodge= against League threatens our ability to stay out of foreign affairs -Wilson sets out to appeal to the people  Wilson suffers a stroke -U.S. Senate never approves the treaty US wants to return to policy: ISOLATIONISM


12 By Morgan J. BurrisSouthwestern Randolph High School The End

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