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Next Page Tutorial for Online Ordering Herrmann Internatio nal Copyright 1982-2006 by The Ned Herrmann.

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1 Next Page Tutorial for Online Ordering Herrmann Internatio nal Copyright 1982-2006 by The Ned Herrmann Group d/b/a Herrmann International. All trademarks, copyrights, and rights are reserved. No part of this presentation may be reproduced in whole or in part, in any form or medium, without written authorization by Herrmann International.

2 Next Page Click on the Quick Link ‘Purchase HBDIs’ from the home page. If you want to order online HBDI™ Profile Packages… Tutorial for Online Ordering

3 You will be brought straight to the HBDI Profile Package under our PRODUCTS & SERVICES menu. You will scroll down the page to fill in all fields (explanation of fields is on the next screen ) required to purchase this product and then click the Add to Cart button. Roster of Names – You may copy & paste a list of names into this box. If there are more than 75 names, email the list to with your order #. Next Page Tutorial for Online Ordering

4 Descriptions of what goes in each field when ordering HBDI™ Profile Packages Group Name: a name representing the group of participants completing their HBDI: i.e. Assistant Managers, New Hires, Training Class – November 06. [Note: you cannot change the Group Name for an existing group-see Survey Type below “Existing Group.”] Survey Type: Drop down menu with 3 choices: 1) On-line, New Group [new group name is assigned, participants are completing the HBDI online, and you will receive a new access key]; 2) Existing Group-you’ve received-(DOESN’T EDIT EXISTING GROUP) [use this when you previously created a group, say “new hires,” and you want to keep using that group name and access key for all future participants]; and 3) Paper Surveys to be Mailed in [participants completed HBDI on the paper survey, not online, and you are mailing them to Herrmann International for entry and processing]. Existing Group Access Key: When you select Survey Type “Existing Group-you’ve received-(DOESN’T EDIT EXISTING GROUP),” you would enter the access key of the old group you wish to use to add new participants to. Roster: 1 First & Last Name Per Line: Due to formatting/readability issues, Example 1 is preferred, however, Example 2 can be used as long as it is “first name last name comma.” Qty: The # of HBDIs you are ordering [if you entered 15 names, the Qty is 15] Example 1 Joe Smith John Doe Rosemary Jones Robert Wells Example 2 Joe Smith, John Doe, Rosemary Jones, Robert Wells Next Page

5 The ‘Total Items’ in your Shopping Cart will be continuously updated with the number of items you are ordering. To order more products, you may click this link ( most commonly ordered assessment products) or use our drop down menu that lists ALL products and services for sale. Next Page We have combined the product descriptions and the shopping cart to give you one stop shopping in our “Catalog.” Tutorial for Online Ordering

6 Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ when you are done ordering to login to your secure shopping cart. Next Page Tutorial for Online Ordering

7 When you ‘Proceed to Checkout,’ you will be prompted to login to the shopping cart (this is different than the Practitioners Area). Please login as a Returning Customer. Next Page If you have forgotten your shopping cart password, click this link and it will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Tutorial for Online Ordering

8 On the Checkout screen you will enter your Payment Information, Addresses, and Shipping Information by selecting the different links. Next Page Tutorial for Online Ordering

9 We look forward to your feedback! Questions? GET HELP: Contact Customer Service Telephone Toll Free: 800-432-4234, press 6 Direct: 828-625-9153, press 6 Email Click to End

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