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FOX SCIENTIFIC, INC. Online Ordering 101. Click on our Online Catalog to get started.

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1 FOX SCIENTIFIC, INC. Online Ordering 101

2 Click on our Online Catalog to get started

3 You must request a login to view our website. Please send the requested information to Claudia Torres at Username & Password Company Name Desired Username & password Requestor’s name Telephone number Address Bill-to & Ship- to Address

4 Once you have entered your username & password, if you have multiple ship-to locations, just select the correct one and start shopping. Login

5 Main Page  1) Main Bar  2) Customer Info  3) Product Searching  4) Highlighted Products  5) Customizing Features

6 Breakdown of the Toolbars 1 st Toolbar – Main Bar -Main Page: quick link back to the main page. -My Account: View all your Account activity, edit users customize your shopping cart, control the # of items to display, check on open orders/bids & open order status, view order history, print invoices & view shipping information. -My Product Groups: Pre-load your routine items and save time on your next order. Multiple product groups can be created and individually named for your convenience. -My Cart: View, add, or edit items in your cart. -Checkout: Submit your order & make any changes needed. -Logoff: Exit our online ordering catalog.

7 Breakdown of Toolbars  2 nd Toolbar – Current order Information  Shipping address: Location current order will ship-to  Shipping Info: Includes ship-via & ship date  Required Info: Required date & order PO#  Shopping Cart: How many items are in your cart & your current order total

8 Breakdown of Toolbars  3 rd Toolbar – Searching  Search Bar: Use partial part numbers and/or descriptions. Try using a Fisher or VWR number  Reorder Pad: Creates a list of products you have ordered in the past year and allows you to go through and select which item & the qty you would like on this order  Quickpad: For users who already have the item numbers

9 This list of items is the website version of our mini- brochure. They are not all we offer, but are either are most popular and/or our featured items. Breakdown of Toolbars

10 These are easy to get to shortcuts & help menus. They help you find what you need faster and allow you to customize certain features like, your account, views in your cart, creating your product group(s) and adding products to them.

11 My Product Group(s)  Search for the desired product(s)  Select  Select either the correct product group you wish to place it under or create a new one.

12 Adding Item(s) to existing Product Group(s) After selecting the product group and hitting “Continue” Select which items (if any) and one of the following choices

13 1)Select Create new and then “Continue” Creating New Product Group(s) 2) Type in New product Group’s title Then select “Go” 3) After Creating your new product group, Select it from the list of Groups and hit “Continue” 4) Once Finished, you can start searching and adding items to your group(s)

14 Adding items to your cart  You can do this by using your products groups, the search bar or your reorder pad. Find your desired product Search results  Once results are shown Select your product. A little more detail  You will be directed to the individual product where you can select to add it to your cart or your product groups. On certain items this is where the MSDS & the technical specs can be found also.

15 CHECKOUT Once you have selected add to my cart the next screen will be your cart. From here you can change the quantity of your item(s), checkout or continue shopping. Need to add special instructions to the whole order or just a certain item? There are areas for both in this screen.

16 Shipping Instructions  This screen allows you to add your PO#, Attn To:, Ordered by:, Ship-via, & your phone#.

17 If you have terms with us you can just click the “Pay without Credit Card” button and continue on. The final page is your receipt. At the bottom is a printer friendly version icon. Your order # is at the top of the page and should start with a “S”. Payment Method & Receipt

18 Contact us at (800) or

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