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Personnel Eligibility Tracking System [PETS]

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1 Personnel Eligibility Tracking System [PETS]
Online Training Session for LTW & PSO Vendors April 16, 2008 Presented by NYC DOE --Sunilda Nunez, Office of Personnel Investigation --Wanda Morales, HR Connect- Walk-In Center/Fingerprint Unit

2 AGENDA Background Information Using PETS Fingerprint procedures
Contact Information for assistance Q&A throughout session SLIDE #2 NOTES: Good morning, thanks for joining us today. My name is Sunilda…..with me today is Wanda Morales…… We are going to start this training session by giving you some background information on PETS. Then we will move on to Using PETS and the various functions involved. We will discuss fingerprint procedures and wrap up with Q&A you may have. Please note that there is a chat box on the left side of your screen where you can type in questions throughout the session. We will be answering throughout. Using PETS Narrative Flow of tasks Vendor Roles & Responsibilities Logging in Bulletin Board Fingerprint Categories & Descriptions Creating a roster Adding an employee to the roster Searching roster Inactive staff Changing roster status Definitions: Inactive vs. Ineligible notifications Multiple vendors Q&A

3 Background Why are you here?
Vendor responsibility for security clearance Examples of vendors: After school programs Weekend programs College prep Two agency representatives required to manage employee rosters DOE developed system to assist you SLIDE #3 NOTES: WHY ARE YOU HERE? You have been chosen as one of two agency representatives who will be responsible for managing your organization’s rosters.

4 Background: Vendor Responsibility
All staff of DOE vendors who Have contact with NYCDOE students or Have access to information on NYCDOE students Must have a background investigation and clearance before working in any DOE program Background investigation includes: Fingerprinting Answer to set of moral questions Additional information as necessary DOE vendor must receive written clearance on all staff by requesting clearance status from DOE’s HR Connect by to Wanda Morales.

5 Background: What is PETS and what does it do?
PETS stands for Personnel Eligibility Tracking System NYCDOE managed web based system Simple to use Allows vendors to receive background security information to ensure compliance with contractual obligations Simplifies process of receiving written confirmation in electronic format Allows DOE to contact vendor when existing vendor staff are arrested or other problems The Personnel Eligibility Tracking System (PETS) is a New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) application that will assist contract vendors in complying with applicable Education Law, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and Chancellor’s Regulations C-105. PETS was created to help vendors comply with these regulations and enable the DOE to track agency/vendor rosters electronically. We require that all vendors who have contracts with the DOE and who have any direct or indirect contact with DOE students undergo the same fingerprint/clearance process that DOE employees undergo. Examples of contracted vendors include: after school programs, weekend programs, college prep, and any employees within these organizations who interact with students or have access to student records. Examples of these employees include: support, clerical, administrative, food service or custodial staff. Once employee information is entered in PETS, PETS pulls information from other DOE mainframe systems and identifies whether or not a vendor’s employee was fingerprinted and if the employee received the required security clearance in order to come into contact with DOE students. The aforementioned statutes and regulations state that all individuals employed by a contracted vendor and who have direct contact with NYCDOE students are subject to fingerprinting so they can receive security clearance.

6 Background: What is PETS and what does it do? (cont.)
PETS provides timely feedback on the security status of staff you have entered on your rosters kept in the PETS system Vendor representative enters name and biographical information into system System will check whether fingerprints taken and whether staff otherwise ineligible to work for DOE or vendors PETS will also advise vendors of subsequent employee arrest information and non-clearance status. Vendor employees may NOT start working for the DOE until their security clearance is “SATISFACTORY AND ELIGIBLE” in PETS.

7 Using PETS: Flow of Tasks
Vendors add new employees and verify their employee rosters daily online. PETS checks whether DOE has fingerprints and if fingerprints are clear Employees with UNSATISFACTORY fingerprint results will be immediately tagged as INELIGIBLE. notifies you that employee: Does not have fingerprints or fingerprints have not cleared because of investigation; or Your prospective employee is ineligible to work for DOE or its vendors for reasons other than fingerprint issues notification is also sent to your program manager and OPI DOES NOT notify you when clearance is received You must regularly review your rosters

8 Using PETS: Vendor Roles & Responsibilities
Review the rosters on a regular basis (daily if needed) Update as new staff is newly hired or let go Take the appropriate actions when instructed by the DOE (i.e. remove from contact with students) OPI will be generating electronic notifications on ineligible employees: It is very important to maintain your current address and contact information at all times Agency representatives can: Add a new employee to their organization’s roster Update or change an existing employee’s information such as biographical information Search roster Produce some pre-defined reports

9 Using PETS: How do I log in?
PETS is a secure site accessible only with a DOE user name and password. .

10 Enter the User Name and Password provided to you by your DOE representative, then click LOG ON.


12 Using PETS: What are the fingerprint categories and descriptions and what do they mean?
FEDERAL CONDITIONAL CLEARANCE (Full clearance by State, conditional clearance by (Fed.) CLEAR STATE RESULT WITHOUT FEDERAL PRINT (FP) (Full clearance by State, no fingerprint by Fed.) EXPIRED OLD FINGERPRINT RESULT (Fingerprint result older than July 1, 1990.) UNSATISFACTORY (Negative result by State, negative result by Fed, and/or negative PRP result by DOE.) NO FINGERPRINT RECORDS IN DOE SYSTEM (Fingerprint has been taken, but no fingerprint result in DOE system.) PENDING FURTHER DATA/UNDER APPEAL (Employee’s fingerprint result requires further information or under appeal.) NEEDS REVIEW (Employee’s fingerprint result requires further review.) SATISFACTORY (Full clearance by State, Fed and DOE.) FINGERPRINT - STATE CONDITIONAL CLEAR (Full cleared by Fed, conditional clearance by State.) WAITING RESULTS FROM STATE/FEDERAL  (Fingerprint has been taken, but no fingerprint results from State or Fed.)

13 Using PETS: How do vendors create a roster?
Select ADD ROSTER from navigation bar Add a new employee using the ADD ROSTER screen. Enter/ Select required fields in the Personal Information section Confirm whether to delete vendor contract information- only applies to SES???

14 How do vendors create a roster?
Add a new employee using the ADD ROSTER screen. Enter/ Select required fields in the Personal Information section Be sure to assign the new employee to a specific vendor contract using the ADD NEW button in the Vendor Information section at the bottom of the screen.

15 Using PETS: How do I search through my staff roster?
Click SEARCH ROSTER from the navigation menu. Enter any filter criteria you would like to narrow your search results on, such as employee name, social security number, title and/or fingerprint result, then click the SEARCH button.

16 Click SEARCH ROSTER from the navigation menu.
Enter any filter criteria you would like to narrow your search results on, such as employee name, social security number, title and/or fingerprint result, then click the SEARCH button.

17 Update the individual’s roster status from ACTIVE to INACTIVE.
Using PETS: What does the vendor do if a staff member is no longer active? Update the individual’s roster status from ACTIVE to INACTIVE. To change an individual’s roster status: Click SEARCH ROSTER from the navigation menu Enter employee’s name or social security number in the filter criteria Click the SEARCH button Click the checkbox next to the person you would like to change status of Click the CHANGE ROSTER STATUS button On the confirmation pop-up window, click OK Tell them why it is important to make INACTIVE—it will stop the s from coming to them


19 Using PETS: What is the difference between “INACTIVE” and “INELIGIBLE”?
Indicates that an individual is no longer part of a vendor’s current roster list Most likely because the person no longer works for the vendor This is managed by the vendor. Ineligible Indicates that an individual is not allowed to provide DOE services Usually due to negative fingerprint results or recent arrest but also other background reasons This is managed by DOE staff. As vendor representative, you are responsible for: Ensuring that ineligible staff have no contact with DOE students If not already done so, ineligible staff member needs to be removed from student setting or access to student information. Following up on all arrests by filling out the ACTION TAKEN form that is attached to the Arrest Notification and return it to OPI. If appropriate action is not taken after 5 days, a payment deduction will be levied on the vendor.

20 You have a continuing obligation to:
Add new staff to PETS when hired, Send staff for fingerprinting at the DOE HR Connect Fingerprinting Unit and confirm clearance prior to working with students Review and update your PETS rosters. Failure to have all staff members cleared prior to any contact with students will result in the withholding of payment and/or termination of contract.

21 Using PETS: Why am I required to give my e-mail?
The DOE will contact vendors via , including changes in employee eligibility. It is important that vendors maintain current information.

22 Using PETS: Can an individual be employed by multiple vendors?
Yes, an individual can be employed by multiple vendors.

23 Using PETS: Q & A’s on staff working for multiple vendors:
1. How does the vendor handle staff employed by multiple agencies? -There is only one profile per employee. If the employee works for multiple agencies, any of the vendors can modify any of the fields in the employee’s profile. 2. If an individual employed by multiple vendors is found Ineligible, is he/she barred from working for any vendor? -Yes, an Ineligible employee cannot work for any vendor. 3. An individual is currently inactive with one or more vendors. Can I hire him/her to work under my organization? - An employee no longer working for one vendor can be hired to work for other vendors as long as their security clearance is ELIGIBLE.

24 Using PETS: How does the vendor handle staff previously fingerprinted?
Once an employee name is entered on the roster and the search is initiated, the system will identify whether or not an individual was previously fingerprinted by the DOE.  If a clearance is posted, there is nothing else that he/she needs to do.  If the individual was previously fingerprinted by the DOE and currently has a non-clearance status, it is most likely because: Office of Personnel Investigation (OPI) is waiting for additional court documents, or That this person was investigated and was denied. For additional information the Program Manager/Vendor can call OPI at

25 Fingerprint Procedures: Getting fingerprinted in order to receive DOE security clearance
Fingerprinting services are provided at the NYCDOE- HR Connect Walk-In Center (Fingerprinting Unit). For those who come to 65 Court Street, Room 102, the fingerprinting fee is $115. Fees payment options are: Money Order, Personal Check, VISA, MasterCard & Discover credit cards. No cash or American Express accepted. Individuals must present One form of picture ID (government issued) A referral letter (DOE or Vendor letterhead) which must outline the employee's name Social Security number position/title name with phone number or address. Since the electronic system will receive information from the DOE Human Resource (HR) System, the fingerprint result/status will be posted on the roster. Only individuals on the roster with fingerprint security clearance may proceed to work with DOE students.

26 Who do I contact for assistance?
For technical questions, please contact For questions related to fingerprinting, please contact Wanda Morales at For questions concerning DOE policy and your contract please contact your Program Manager (Tom Pendleton for LTW and William Melendez for PSO’s) For questions concerning an employee’s negative fingerprint results or Ineligibility status, please contact Sunilda Nunez at Tom Pendleton—Learning to Work PSO office____________-Private Supoport Organizations


28 Thank you for coming!

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