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U.S. Business Administration Training U.S. Small Business Administration Training.

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1 U.S. Business Administration Training U.S. Small Business Administration Training

2 What is is a secure government-wide financial management portal provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury offers various on-line electronic financial services that Federal agencies use to collect and process payments electronically Access to the web site address is:

3 Benefits of Easy Access Web Site Available 24/7 Payment Confirmation by E-mail Electronic Payment Processing Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments – an electronic debit from a checking or savings account Credit Card Payments – (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) Note: Only one credit card payment is allowed per day. Use ACH if multiple payments are being made simultaneously.

4 Benefits of Registration Registration Benefits: Schedule future payments Pre-population of forms with your basic and company information each time Manage and save payment accounts for both ACH and Credit Card payments Research saved and previously processed transactions Select Click Here To Register on the main page After completing registration you will be given your User ID and password for future use Note: Please print and save the confirmation page with your User ID for future reference.

5 - Main Page Login Single Payment Option Register for a User ID and Password

6 Registration – Step One The screen print below shows the User Responsibility Statement screen that must be reviewed. The appropriate box must be checked in order to acquire a User ID and password.

7 Registration – Step Two The self-enrollment screen that follows must be complete Note: If you require the company information to be shown in the name field on your selected form automatically, please complete the company information section. Reminder – will not accept the use of special characters such as: ampersands (&), apostrophes, semicolons, dashes, and accents over letters (e.g. café)

8 8

9 Registration Confirmation Please confirm your User ID, print and retain for future reference

10 Return to Login Login Login with your new User ID and password

11 User Center 11 Request More Time – Timeout is 30 Minutes Search Make Payments The User Center is used to navigate within You will use this area each time you wish to make payments, research processed payments, etc. Please refrain from using your browsers back button while in the User Center.

12 12 SBA Form 1106 - SBG Surety Bond Guarantee Select SBA Payments on the right side of the User Center and the following screen will appear. Select SBA Form 1106 SBG Surety Bond Guarantee by clicking on the form name.

13 Completing Form 1106 Required Data Fields – The form ensures that all mandatory fields are completed before proceeding Fields requiring completion are yellow highlighted when tabbing from field to field Any amount field that is grayed out is restricted from input automatically fills the fields listed below for registered users Surety or Business Name Full Address Contact Name, Telephone and Extension Radio Buttons: PSB or SBG Enter the appropriate PSB or SBG Number Area Office Select Denver, Seattle or Washington, DC Contractor or Business Name Payment Type Payment Amount

14 14 Name– automatically completed for registered users that are logged in Radio Button – Select PSB or SBG Required Numbers and Names – Enter PSB or SBG number and contractor or business name Required OSG Area Office – Select Denver, Seattle or Washington, DC Select and complete – payment type and amount(s) Select – Continue once the form is complete

15 Confirm Payment Payment must be confirmed before proceeding.

16 October 201116 ACH Payment Option Select Bank Account Debit (ACH) Enter Payment Information for an ACH Payment Enter your Financial Institutions Routing Number Enter your Account Number Select Continue with ACH Payment

17 Credit Card Payment Option 17 Select Plastic Card option Confirm Billing Address Enter Card Type, Card Number and Security Code Enter Expiration Date Select Continue with Plastic Card Payment Reminder: Credit card payments are limited to one payment per day.

18 18 Authorize Payment Enter your e-mail address to receive the confirmation e-mail Enter your agents e-mail address to send them the confirmation e-mail Check the Box I agree to the authorization & disclosure language Select Submit Payment to continue cc: your agent to send them a copy of the confirmation

19 Payment Confirmation 19 and Agency assigned tracking codes provided Payment Amount, Type & Account Information confirmed

20 E-mail Confirmation Example

21 Assistance with SBA Contacts Program or Payment Questions Office of Surety Guarantees Pam Swilling (202) 205-6546 Denver Area Office Jennifer Meyerring (303) 844-2607, ext 261 Seattle Area Office Thomas Ewbank (206) 553-0961 Contacts Customer Service 1-800-624-1373 E-mail: Web Site: Note: is available to answer questions or problems with the web site. All other questions must be directed to SBA staff.

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