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Combining NLPt and EDxTM

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1 Combining NLPt and EDxTM
Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy EDxTM Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods of Fred Gallo Healing with tapping Combining NLPt and EDxTM

2 Basics NLPt Virginia Satir Family Therapy Fritz Perls Gestalt Therapy Milton Erikson Hypno Therapy EDxTM influenced by Cognitiv-behavioral methods, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Bioenergetic Dr. George Goodheart Applied Kinesiology Dr. Roger Callahan Thought Field Therapy TFT Gary Craig Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

3 Theories NLPt Cognitive, behavioral,neurologic, chemical factors Psychological problems are disorder in the information processing on different levels Energy Psychology Bioenergetic factors Psychological problems are disorder in the energy and energy fields

4 Paradigmen of EDxTM Everything in universe is matter and energy
Mental disorder is a disorder in body`s own energy system and this leads to negativ beliefs or feelings Meridians are energy roads in the whole body Treatment is a rebalancing of the disturbed meridians The energetic state of the meridians can be influenced with accupressure Intense tapping release the energy blocks The energetic activation of the meridian system leads to a quick selfhealing process

5 Contra Indication Acute intoxication Acute psychosis Non-Compliance
Psychological Reversal consciouned and unconsciouned blocks Neurological Disorganization or Switching Dysfunction of the cranial movement Hyperarousal general disturbance of movement toxine

6 EDxTM Treatment Design
Rapport Manual Muscle Testing Bio Feedback

7 EDxTM Treatment Design
Rapport Thinking about the problem that is to be treated „neural activating“ Rating in a SUD (Subjective Units of Disturbance) Scale 0 to 10 „subjective stress“ MUD (Muscular Units of Distress) „energetic stress level“ Pause lock procedure Negative Affect Erasing Method Standard Method „Midline Energy Treatment“ or individual meridian-based diagnosis and treatment Test 9 Garmut Treatments „multiple neuronal activation Future pace SUD, Test

8 EDxTM Treatment Design Standard Method
Negative Affect Erasing Method Standard Method Midline Energy Treatment third eye point under the nose under the bottom lip thymus point

9 Multiple neuronal Activation
Tapping Triple Energizer Closing eyes Open eyes Eyes below right, below left Eyes 360 degrees right and left Hum a melody Counting

10 EDxTM Treatment Design
Bilateral Energy Treatment Finding out the hemisphere dominance connected to the problem right Hemisphere lung, liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, large Intestine left Hemisphere pericadium, heart, stomach, triple energizer, small intestine, bladder Alarm points

11 Anchoring of positive Beliefs
Affirmation „I like flying and I feel comfortible“ SUD Scale 0 – 10 Muscle Test Tapping and Future pace

12 Factors of Influence Interrupting Patterns Selfeffectivness
Activation of the Meridian system Change in the neuronal Information process in the limbic system Change in the belief system

13 Effectivness and Research
Persons with anciety disorder after 1 hour a significant reduce follow up after four month positive Persons with Injection Phobia after 1 hour significant improvement follow up after 1 month positive Persons with Phobia and missing Selfconfidence after 2 month a significant increas of self-confidence Comparative study between traditional accupunctur points and placebo points also significant results Women with depression 50% non symptoms after the special treatment with depression points 27 % after tapping treatment The results schowed that treatment with energy psychotherapy is more effective than relaxing therapy or non-treatment

14 Research Patients in 11 Hospitals Standard Design Follow up after 1, 3, 6 and 12 month

15 Similarities to NLPt Rapport Association/Dissociation Beliefsystem
Eye movement/Rep. Systems Reframing Trance Future pace

16 Literature Tips Fred P. Gallo Ph. D. Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy Fred Gallo Ph.D. Energy Psychology Fred P. Gallo, PH.D., Anthony Robbins, Energy Tapping for Trauma

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