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How I Teach EFT to Kids and Parents

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1 How I Teach EFT to Kids and Parents
Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., L.P.C., EFT Master

2 Teaching EFT to Kids Establish rapport with the child. Use their words. Ask them to think of the problem they have. Ask, “how does it make you feel?” Use hands or a number to indicate magnitude. Ask them to tap on the side of their hand and say, “Even though I have this problem, I am a super kid.” Then ask them to tap on the ‘magic spots’ as they focus on their problem.

3 Th e Magic Spots Use 3 or 4 fingers to tap between eyebrows.
Use 2 fingers of each hand to tap beside eyes. Use 2 fingers of each hand to tap under eyes. Tap above & below lips with two fingers of one hand. Use both fists to tap on chest under collarbone. Tap under both arms -- like giving yourself a hug. Tap on ribs near bottom with both hands. For little kids -- tap for them -- top of head, inside of both wrists, and inside of both legs above ankles.

4 Keep Tapping! Tap along with the child as they tap.
Ask them how they are feeling. Use hands or a number to indicate magnitude. Address any additional layers until there is no charge left. Teach the child to tap for themselves, whenever they are upset about anything. Teach the child to tap morning & evening.

5 Ways to introduce EFT to Kids
I know a way to calm you down quickly. I know a cool way to stop being upset. You can choose to be upset only when YOU want to be upset. Looks like you are all out of energy. If you tap here, you could bring back your energy. I have a way you can get over being upset. You will not have to tell me what it was.

6 Energetic Assessments
Over Energy -- Muscle test while they say, “My name is____” and then some other name. If strong on both, have them do Cook’s Hookup. Under energy -- Child is weak on both above tests. Pull on a lock of hair and test. If weak, they are dehydrated. Tap thymus, in center of chest, with fist, smile & say, “Ha!Ha!Ha!”, 3 times.

7 More Assessments Psychological Reversal -- Test on, “I want to be happy”, and then on, “I want to be mad.” Treat by having them tap on karate chop point, saying, “Even though I want to be mad, I’m still a good kid.” Repeat 3 times. Neurological Disorganization -- Hold their hand above their head, palm down and then up, while muscle testing. If weak palm down, do Callahan’s Collarbone Breathing.

8 More on EFT and Kids Homolaterality -- Look at an ‘X’ & check. Look at two ‘l l’ lines & check. They may need the Cross Crawl and/or Callahan’s Collarbone Breathing. Resources -- for information on using EFT with kids, energy assessments, games for kids, books, etc.:

9 Teaching EFT to Parents
Parents can use EFT to clear any belief that they don’t have time, to or shouldn’t take time, for self care. Parents can use EFT on their own stress about their children’s behavior problems. Parents will be less stressed when they learn normal developmental milestones. Parents can make a list, of all difficult memories, as to how they were treated by their parents. Then tap on 1 a day until they are all cleared.

10 Teaching EFT to Parents
Surrogate tapping is a useful tool for parents with children who are too young, or unwilling, to tap for themselves. Parents can teach their children to tap when they are very young. They can use a Tappy Bear. After parents learn the goals of misbehavior, (attention, power, inadequacy and revenge), they can use EFT to clear their resistances. Their minds will be free to find creative solutions to their children’s misbehavior.

11 EFT for Parents Parents can use EFT to address the common issues that come up for children: separation anxiety, fear of the dark, body image, sports performance, problems at school, etc. Parents can test and treat children for food sensitivities that give their kids allergic symptoms, attention problems, and behavior problems.

12 How to Get EFT into Schools
Create Level 1 Training Brochures aimed at school counselors. They should contain examples of using EFT with children. Network. Tell all friends, clients, & neighbors about how helpful EFT is for kids. Ask the school counselors, who become trained, to keep records for the kids they helped with EFT. Teach EFT in parenting classes. Present EFT at School Counselors’ Conferences.

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