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EASTSIDE FC 94’S 2011-2012. Parent Night Tonight’s Outline  The Goal’s of the team  Who is Lance  Coaching Philosophy  Player Development  Player.

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1 EASTSIDE FC 94’S 2011-2012

2 Parent Night

3 Tonight’s Outline  The Goal’s of the team  Who is Lance  Coaching Philosophy  Player Development  Player Expectations  Tournaments  Random things to consider

4 What is the Goal or Function of this team?

5 If you said…..  Develop as a soccer player  Become a better person  Be on a winning team, in a great program  Prepare to play college soccer  Be identified by college coaches  Have fun!  Building memories  Have a crazy coach

6 However, what will really happens depends on all of us! Where it starts is with me……. YOU WERE RIGHT ON!

7 Lance Fischbach  USSF National B License  University of Puget Sound Women’s Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator (4 years experience )  Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Physical Education  Minor – Coaching  12 yrs Coaching Club  9 yrs Coaching High School  WA U23 State Coach – Regional Finalist  6 yrs ODP

8 Coaching Philosophy  Provide an environment that…. 1. is Safe 2. is Motivating 3. is Competitive 4. is Challenging 5. is Fun 6. gives Ownership to the players 7. requires players to be Accountable.

9 Philosophy continued  Playing time is based on training performance, attitude, attendance and tactical decisions.  Everyone will play in College Showcases, Summer tournaments and league play.  Training u17 and above should have a 70/30 split. 70% of the time together should be specifically used for training. 30% is allocated for games.

10 Player Development -Tactical  The player is introduced to different formations  Learns the attacking and defending principles of her position  Each player feels comfortable defending and attacking in at least (2) formations  Develops an understanding of situational play

11 Player Development - Technical  Player focus much of attention on their technical deficiencies  Concentrate on heading, collecting air balls, serving balls over longer distances and striking with non- dominate foot.  Develop 1v1 moves (2-3)

12 Player Development - Psychological  Build the players Confidence  Improve the players Concentration  Create a player who is highly committed and intrinsically motivated  Player can control her emotions Techniques used to strengthen a player: o Goal Setting o Mental Imagery o Positive self-talk o Routines o Attitude Management

13 Player Development - Physical  Obtain a high level of fitness through high intensity training at practice.  Running replaces soccer training if the practice standard is low.  Running and not training with a soccer ball SUCKS!

14 U16 Team Overview Strengths:Areas of needed improvement:

15 Player Expectations  Attend all practices – if unable to attend contact coach prior to absence (not parent)  Train and play with a CONSTANT HIGH STANDARD  Treat everyone with respect  Come to coach with issues  BE A STUDENT 1 st, Athlete 2 nd  Refrain from using profanity  Follow team rules (designed by squad)  Represent the club on trips in a positive manner!  KICK BUTT early and often!

16 Parent Expectations  Be positive and supportive  Cheer both our team and the opponents, even the ref  Encourage your child to be proactive in her development  Talk to the coach about playing time and other issues only after your daughter has raised these issues with the coach  Represent the club in a positive manner!

17 Communication  Give advance warning when being absent. Email or a make a phone call  Tell in person  Texting is not an acceptable form of communication. Sorry “texter’s”  Smoke signals are fine, but hard to read………

18 Team Growth or Lack there of  Forming: individuals come together. Relationships develop between coach/players and player/players.  Storming: often happens when internal conflicts arise  Norming: stability and group cohesion develop, members cooperate as they accept specific roles.  Performing: group members resolve issues, relations between members stabilizes and the group directs their energy to common goals

19 A team peaks twice in a given season and subsequently will experience two plateaus. Dr. Istvan Balyi – World recognized, is the preeminent expert in longer term team development. EFC

20 Tournaments  Showcase of Champions, Puyallup, May  Texas Shootout, Houston Texas, June 3-5  Nike Crossfire Challenge, Redmond, July 16-18  Summer Surf Cup, San Diego, or Pleasanton Rage College Showcase, July 22-25 – August  Thanksgiving Surf Cup, Nov or Adidas Final Four – North Carolina, Dec  Las Vegas College Showcase, March  FWRL?

21 Questions

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