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Individual Performance Profiling Summer 2011 PRE-SEASON CAMP.

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1 Individual Performance Profiling Summer 2011 PRE-SEASON CAMP

2 Performance Profiling Performance profiling raises your awareness about the required attributes to be successful in your position. It also allows you to identify your strengths and some areas to work on. “Polish the strengths and make the weaknesses work”

3 Performance Profiling In a position specific manner (Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards) discuss the attributes you need to be a successful player in your position. You should include technical attributes, tactical decisions and mental components. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE!

4 Performance Profiling Select the eight most important attributes (include some technical, tactical and psychological) and write them down! Think about why they are important.

5 Performance Profiling Now allocate yourself a grade out of 10 for each one 10 would be flawless, best player in the league…absolute perfection. 0 would be absolutely awful, you can’t even do it at all!

6 Performance Profiling Your strengths are your focus… When you train, when you play, that is what you remind yourself of your strengths (self-talk). Your weaknesses… Make a plan and work at one at a time. Set SMART plans that are achievable and stick to them. Work out a Smart plan for 2 of your weaknesses. S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Timely

7 Affirmations – Your Strengths Select three performance attributes that are your strengths? Put your strengths into a sentence. For example, “I am a quick, agile winger who loves to cross the ball” Share with your helper. Is that who you are, is there more? You can place this sentence on a card and hold yourself accountable to this. Reflect before a game, during a game (half-time) and after the game. Change and adapt this as your weaknesses become strengths.

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