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European Explorers.

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1 European Explorers

2 French explorer went down the Ohio River to present day Louisville, Kentucky
Robert de LaSalle

3 British explorers who went into the New River region and found the MANI tree
Batts and Fallam

4 Lieutenant Governor who explored the Shenaandoah Valley and gave his companions Golden Horseshoes
Alexander Spotswood

5 British explorer, bad weather drove him north of his destination, landed on a peninsula in the James River, this site became Jamestown Christopher Newport

6 Frenchman who buried lead plates in the banks of the Ohio River
Celoron de Blainville

7 British pair that were sent to break the trade monopoly with the Occaneechi
Needham and Arthur

8 Killed by Indian John James Needham

9 First European to see the Great Kanawha River
Gabbiel Arthur

10 German explorer who explored the Harpers Ferry area, wrote in his journal about seeing “peacocks, lions, and the Atlantick Ocean” John Lederer

11 First European to enter what is now West Virginia
John Lederer

12 British pair of Land Company Explorers
Walker and Gist

13 Named the Cumberland Gap
Thomas Walker

14 Explored the route that became the National Road
Christopher Gist

15 Pair of British explorers that travelled down the Mississippi and were captured by the French and taken to New Orleans Howard and Salling

16 While traveling near Peytona in Boone County this explorer was the first to see coal.
John Peter Salling

17 This pair of British explorers went to the origin of the Roanoke River to create interest in the area Wood and Bland

18 This British explorer became the Commander of Fort Henry, he led and sent several expeditions into the interior to expand the King’s territory Abraham Wood

19 He kept record of their trip that was published as “The Discovery of New Brittaine”
Edward Bland

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