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A Short guide to National HFMA. Session Facilitator Gordon Johnson, FHFMA Past President, So Cal Chapter.

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1 A Short guide to National HFMA

2 Session Facilitator Gordon Johnson, FHFMA Past President, So Cal Chapter

3 Learning Objectives At the end of this session, you will be able to:  Explain HFMA’s organizational structure including HFMA’s strategic direction and goals  Recognize how HFMA’s chapter and regional structure supports the overall strategic direction  Locate the tools and resources that support your leadership role  Review HFMA’s alphabet soup of acronyms

4 Are There Other Things You Want to Learn Today?

5 HFMA  Vision: Indispensable resource for healthcare finance  Purpose: Helping members and others improve business performance  Strategies:  Industry Impact  Unique, Pragmatic Value  System of Service

6 HFMA Key Goals HFMA will provide transformational services that enable organizations to deliver better, safer, lower-cost care. HFMA will be recognized as the leader for effective industry collaborations and conversations among healthcare financial executives and between these leaders and other stakeholders. HFMA will cultivate empowered and motivated staff and volunteers who are bold in the pursuit of excellence and agile and flexible in adapting to a changing environment.

7 HFMA Demographics  38,000+ members  Average Years in Healthcare – 21  Certified Members – 8.3%  Providers – 61.3%

8 Thought Leadership  Healthcare Reform  HFMA’s MAP: Revenue Cycle KPIs  Value Project  Patient Friendly Billing

9 HFMA Strategies  Industry Impact – Foster effective transformation by establishing principles, strategies, & standards that advance ability to provide low-cost, high-quality care. HFMA will be visible to & recognized by industry leaders & public policy makers as an expert source for financial thought leadership.  Unique, Pragmatic Value – Execute a successful business model for delivering evidence-based solutions that drive better, safer, lower-cost care, consistent with efforts fostering organizational transformation.  System of Service – Deliver HFMA value, including thought leadership, to healthcare organizations and professionals through a structure that aligns the collective channels and systems – including chapters, regions, committees, & boards.

10 Board of Directors Board of Examiners National Advisory Council Executive Council Payment & Reimbursement Council PFS / Revenue Cycle Council Principles & Practices Board Regional Executive Council Audit & Finance Committee Executive Committee Strategic Planning Committee Healthcare Leadership Council Members HFMA Organization Structure

11 National Board Officers F2012-13 Ralph Lawson Chair Steve Rose Chair-Elect Kari Cornicelli Secretary/Treasurer


13 Regional Executive Council (REC)  REC Chair & Vice Chair – HFMA Board Members  11 Regional Executives  Purpose  Primary volunteer & policy link  Assist chapter leaders in serving members  Foster dialogue & effective communications  Represent needs & interests of chapter leaders to National Board & management  Encourage chapter collaboration

14 REC (cont’d)  Regional Executive (RE)  Regional Executive-Elect (RE-E)  Regional Executive-Elect-Elect (REE-E)  Oversight for  DCMS (Davis Chapter Management System)  CBSC (Chapter Balanced Scorecard)  Regional Operating Agreements (ROA)  Financing Regional Activities

15 REC Meetings  3 face-to-face Council Meetings  ANI – meet with National Officers  November – meet with National Board  LTC – meet with National Officers  5-6 conference calls

16 Chapters The Heart and Soul of HFMA  Automatic membership in one of 68 chapters upon joining HFMA  Get updates on local issues  Participate in local education programs  Guidance and support  Leadership opportunities

17 What About Me?  Founders Merit Award Program  Chapter Life Membership  Frederick C. Morgan Individual Achievement Award

18 Founders Merit Award Program “Recognizing the Volunteer in You”  Bronze  Silver  Gold  Medal of Honor

19 Frederick C. Morgan Individual Achievement Award 2011 Recipient Robert D. Miller, FHFMA, Central Ohio Chapter

20 24/7 Resources  Planning Calendar and Resource Guide Calendar-and-Resource-Guide/  Chapter Leaders Portion of HFMA Website  Toolkits  Reports  Notes from National  Chapter Leaders Webinar Center

21 Helpful Tips  Bookmark key Chapter Leader pages  Utilize Outlook folders  HFMA Chapter Relations aka  Ensure that is “whitelisted “  Consider a G-mail or Yahoo e-mail account  Check out FAQs  Clear your cookies

22 2012-13 Planning Calendar and Resource Guide




26 Year/Toolkits/President-and-President-elect/Frequently-Asked-Questions/


28 Reports-and-Reporting-Tools/


30 Search Tool

31 Q & A

32 32 Resources  Your Regional Executive and RE-elect  Past Presidents  Chapter Advancement Team members  Chapter Leaders Website   Chapter Relations Team 


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