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Presented by Milton Zlotnick Staten Island, New York.

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1 Presented by Milton Zlotnick Staten Island, New York


3 Facebook is the largest online social networking site. Created to allow people to interact, share photos, and find people. SOCIAL Now In addition to using Facebook for Social purposes, many people use it for BUSINESS NETWORKING 500,000 Facebook apps – 1,000,000 developers # 1 apps on the iPhone is Facebook

4 Business Goals for Using Facebook: You must first create a personal profile. You must r egister as a real person. For Business try to connect with people who are searching for your products or services in a social manner. Connect and engage with current and potential customers Later you may create a business fan page – registering with a business name. Promote other content you create, including videos, blog articles, or other resources

5 Register on Facebook 1. Go to the the facebook home page. 2. Enter your full name. 3. Enter your email address and password. 4. Select Male or Female. 5. Click on the Signup button. 6. Go to your email that you used to join facebook. 7. Open the Open the Registration Confirmation email from Facebook. 8. Click on the verification link. 9. Now you can access Facebook and find your friends online. 5find your friends online. 5 Beginner Tutorial – VideoBeginner Tutorial – Video 3.5 min

6 7 Ways to Promote your Business on Facebook 7 Ways to Promote your Business on Facebook Video 3.11 min Killer Profile Page Indexed by Google –Keep Personal Privacy in Mind Add Business Contacts Found on Public – Private Groups Start a Group Study other groups first Buy Ad Space – PPC – PPM- Compare to Google PPC - PPM Promote Your Blog Create a Business Page Advertise Events

7 Facebook for Business Facebook for Business PAGE Video 7 min Facebook Personal Terms of Service requires REAL PEOPLE NOT BUSINESS NAMES Must first register as a PERSON Limited to 5,000 Friends YOU CAN CREATE A BUSINESS PAGE Register as a business. No limit to friends and fans Fan Pages are visable to unregisterd visitors. Indexed by search engines Generates new leads

8 When to Publish a Fan Page Start by creating your Page in unpublished mode, until it is fully developed. EDIT – SETTINGS- UNPUBLISHED. Acts like a blog or website - FREE When ready to go on-line EDIT – SETTINGS – PUBLISH. Create a Facebook Landing Page Vi deo

9 Free Way to Drive Traffic to your Fan Page Send e-mails to your clients, suppliers, prospects a notice of new information regarding your products or service that is on you Fan Page. Encourage LIKE button. Signature of the e-mail John Smith, MBA General Manager They don’t need facebook account to see your FACEBOOK Page.

10 Adding the Facebook Like Button on your website/blog Like Button – Viral – Spreads Your Information – Great for SEO Put it in on your Blog – Website Learn How – Video 4 min x


12 Export Your Blog to your Fan PageExport Your Blog to your Fan Page Video 5 min x

13 Advertising on Facebook Pay per Click – PPC Cost per Impression – CPM Demographics – Better than Google Click thru rate – lower than Google ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK TUTORIAL – VIDEO 9.5 min TUTORIAL – VIDEO



16 BPLANS.COM/CALCULATORS Link to Calculator

17 video VideoVideo 1 min How well is your Facebook Business Page Doing?

18 Common – Rejections by Facebook Ads– Click Links for Full Explantion Capitalization of Every Word Capitalization of Entire Words Incorrect Grammar, Spelling, and Slang Inaccurate Ad Text Deceptive Discounts and Offers Irrelevant or Inappropriate Images Inappropriate Targeting Destination Sentence Structure Unacceptable Language Choice Incorrect Punctuation Symbols and Numbers in Place of Words

19 Find the sweet spot where you are spending just under your daily budget on a consistent basis. Spending $2 per click and your daily budget is $200, then if the most clicks you can get is 100 Lower bid to $1.50, then you could theoretically get 133 clicks before your ads are turned off. If you are still hitting your budget, lower your bids again. If you spend $1.00, you could get 200 clicks before your ads are turned off, and so on …

20 Test…Test…Test Click on "Test" on the left side of the Create Your Ad section to make sure your website properly loads. Clicking on "Test" will show you what the Facebook user sees when he clicks on your ad. Save Time and Money Video – TestVideo – Testx x 5 min

21 Teaches you how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively

22 Like This Like This VIDEO x Control – Like SharingControl – Like Sharing - Video

23 Facebook – How to - Photos and Videos Upload a photo – to Facebook 1.5 min Upload a photo – to Facebook Upload a photo to Facebook from your blackberry phone 1 min Upload a photo to Facebook from your blackberry phone Upload a video to youtube from iPhone 6 min Upload a video to youtube from iPhone Download your video (from Real Player) to iPod Touch 2 min Download your video (from Real Player) to iPod Touch Download video from youtube to facebook 1.5 min Download video from youtube to facebook

24 Facebook Tips 1. Set privacy options Video 5 min. Set privacy options 2. Think carefully about public photos and information. 3. Use unique password different from your financial websites. 4. Birthday - Required – Keeps out Pre- Teen – After Edit and Hide if you wish.



27 New Features – Private Groups Private Groups – Selectivity – New Video 3 min x Private Groups – Selectivity – New Facebook Overhauls Groups - How to create Facebook New Group This is a secret group. It will not show up in your profile, and only admins can invite members.


29 YouTubeYouTube - History Youtube was founded 2005, as a free web-based service that would allow people to watch and share their videos. In October 2006 Google purchased YouTube for a $1.65 billionGoogle purchased YouTube 2 Billion Views a Day

30 BENEFITS OF Cost Free Global Audience Viral Effect SEO – Fast Indexing Target Marketing Free to Browse Register to Upload a Video Display on Your Website / Blog

31 Getting Starting – YouTubeGetting Starting – YouTube - Video video Keep it short. Focus on something that people want to share. Best Videos – “How To” Consider a series. Make your description clear and specific; properly use tags (keywords) separate by space.

32 ADVICE – YOU TUBE Encourage Subscribers Post Periodically Encourage Comments - Viral Send to Video sites - use TubeMogul – Video – 3 min TubeMogul Send it to Blog/Website/ Facebook and other Social Networks

33 Types of Videos used by Businesses Examples: Anyone with a message: Realtor – View Homes Motivational Speaker, Author, etc. Magician, Entertainer, Singer, Dancer Any valuable service or Product How to: any subject Your video should be interesting and not just a commercial Sample Video – Roofer 26,000 views

34 Producing a video for YouTube with Flip Video No software required USB Connection 2 Hour Capacity Links to Youtube Editing features Excellent sound and video quality


36 YouTubeYouTube – Video How to Upload a Video to YouTube 3 min YouTube allows video up to 15 minutes long. Shorter the better Best - three minutes or less. For help with videos go to

37 Producing a video for YouTubeProducing a video for YouTube Video 17 min Professional video equipment A simple consumer-level video camcorder. A computer webcam. Cell phone Can edit using Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie

38 YouTube - Tips Remember to include your web site address in all videos you upload Submit your videos to several video sharing sites at the same time. Submit your videos to several video sharing sites at the same time Use the customized channel for your company. Keeps all your videos in one place. Done automatically when you sign up. Get a Director's Account to take advantage of additional benefits.Director's Account Longer videos require more compression, which decreases quality.


40 ViddeoViddeo Video 60 Sec Instructions – Video 7 min


42 Presented by SCORE Staten Island, New York

43 Business Oriented Professional Network Jobs All Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. Improves your Google PageRank Ask for advice. Give advise. Check on Company from former employees Find start-ups Great for recruiters 55 Million users – 1.5 Million new users each month High retention rate. VideoVideo 2 min

44 A Friend of a Friend of Mine 4 Degrees of Separation LINKEDIN.COM IF EACH CONTACT HAS 20 TIES, YOU COULD HAVE ACCESS TO 137,000 UNIQUE CONTACTS

45 LINKED IN LINKED IN Video 6 min


47 Linkedin Group Directory

48 5 Steps to Join Linkedin Step 1: Join LinkedIn and complete your profile. Step 2: Find contacts who are already on LinkedIn. Step 3: Give and solicit recommendations within your network. Step 4: Pose questions and answer others' questions Step 5: Find or create LinkedIn Groups.

49 Advice for Recruiters Video

50 Twitter Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets)social networkingmicro-blogging Limit 140 characters in length. Use widely by cell phones, blackberry, etc. Sign in – can search groups Contact friends in Twitter Form group – import contacts – enter bio and picture – link to your website and blog MORE UPDATES RESULT IN MORE FOLLOWERS OFFER VALUABLE INFORMATION – ANSWER QUESTIONS

51 Why Twitter is Good for Your Business – Video Tutorials How to Start and Use Twitter – Video 4 min How to Start and Use Twitter – Video 4 min Business Uses – Video 2.5 min Business Uses – Video Twitter on Mobile Phone –Video 2 min Twitter on Mobile Phone –Video

52 Twitter Advice Listen before speaking Don't be boring Offer useful content Update daily Give your customers a reason to follow Embrace Twitter applications Twitter Advanced Search, ChirpCity, Nearby Tweets and Tweepz.

53 Using Twitter for Your Business Sign up using Company name Search and Learn before posting Monitor tweets about your company Use Monitor competitors use Participate – answer questions

54 A Few Uses for Twitter A restaurant tweets their daily specials A ticket agency tweets about-to-expire tickets A realtor tweets new homes on the market A chamber of commerce tweets local events and promotions.

55 Twitter Business Tips Identify influential tweeters and establish relationships with them. Use sponsored tweets for very popular tweeters. Must be in sync with your brand. (new concept)


57 Go to Enter subject – see result You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. Hashtags were developed as a means to create "groupings" on Twittercreate "groupings" on Twitter Video Hashtags

58 Shorten Your URLShorten Your URL Link

59 basics: Getting started is a utility that allows users to shorten a long URL, share it, and then track the resulting usage. For example, you can turn this link: r=New+York+Penn+Station&daddr=9th+Ave +%26+14th+St,+New+York,+NY&hl=en&ge ocode=&mra=ls&dirflg=r&date=11%2F12%2 F08&time=4:13pm&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noa l=0&sort=&sll=40.746175,- 73.998395&sspn=0.014468,0.036392&ie=UTF 8&z=14 r=New+York+Penn+Station&daddr=9th+Ave +%26+14th+St,+New+York,+NY&hl=en&ge ocode=&mra=ls&dirflg=r&date=11%2F12%2 F08&time=4:13pm&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noa l=0&sort=&sll=40.746175,- 73.998395&sspn=0.014468,0.036392&ie=UTF 8&z=14 Into this link:

60 You Don’t Have to be everywhere at once Video 12 minDon’t

61 Facebook Fan Page – TwitterFacebook Fan Page – Twitter Video 12 min

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