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DISTRETTO AEROSPAZIALE LOMBARDO (Lombardia Aerospace Cluster ) November 2013 Ing. Paolo Cerabolini.

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1 DISTRETTO AEROSPAZIALE LOMBARDO (Lombardia Aerospace Cluster ) November 2013 Ing. Paolo Cerabolini

2 Source: Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo A Brief History 23rd February2009: 9 partners founded the ‘Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo’ 23rd March 2009: Appointment of Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo President for start-up period: Giorgio Brazzelli 11th May 2009: Signature of Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo Regulation 19th June2009: Meeting with President of Regione Lombardia and with specific councillors for presentation of the Aerospace Cluster project 3rd July2009: Establishment of the Scientific&Technical Committee within the Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo 22nd January2010: 1^ Convention of Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo 26th February2010: Appointment of Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo new President: Giuseppe Orsi

3 185Companies 15,000Employees 4.0 € billionTurnover 1.8 € billionExport 33 %Share on Italian aerospace export (2012) Snapshot of the Aerospace Sector in Lombardia Source: Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo SECTOR PROFILE

4 PRODUCTS  Trainer aircraft  Helicopters and vertical flight technologies  Satellites and scientific payloads  Avionics and system integration  Systems and Equipment  Structures  Mechanical component and subsystems  Tools and systems  Special materials  Services

5 PRODUCTS TRAINING AIRCRAFT... Fuel System Landing Gear System Flight Control System Mechanical and FBW Avionics Devices and on-board SW Avionics Devices and on-board SW Radio Comunication Equipment Hydraulic and Electromechanical Actuation Store Carriage e Launching Systems A/C Power Generation power management and convertion...and MAIN RELEVANT SYSTEMS…

6 PRODUCTS HELICOPTERS AND VERTICAL FLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES......and MAIN RELEVANT SYSTEMS… Landing Gear System Hydraulic Servoactuators and Damper Interiors Avionics Systems Communication Systems and Noise Control Devices Fuel System Electrical Power Generation and Distribution

7 PRODUCTS SATELLITES Electronic Power Supply (EPS) Payload TeleMetry & TeleCommand TM/TC TeleMetry & TeleCommand TM/TC Propulsion OnBoard Data Handling OBDH OnBoard Data Handling OBDH Attitude Orbit Control System AOCS Attitude Orbit Control System AOCS Structure Thermal Control System Power Distribution Control Unit PDCU Power Distribution Control Unit PDCU Batteries...and MAIN RELEVANT SYSTEMS…

8 MAIN TECHNOLOGIES  Structures  Mechanics  Metal, composite, special materials  Electronic and electric  Structural design methodologies  Air-fluid mechanics design methodologies  Acoustic and vibration methodologies  Information Technology  Engines  Other technologies

9 Source: Lombardia Aerospace Cluster Companies distribution by dimension Employees distribution by company dimension 13% 87% 27% 73% COMPANIES

10 LOMBARDIA PRODUCTION STRUCTURES 18,6% (  2.800 ) 30,7% (  4.600) 41,9% (  6.250) 0,1% (  150) 8,1% 40,3% 26,9% 1,1% % OF COMPANIES ON TOTAL IN LOMBARDIA AEROSPACE CLUSTER % OF TURNOVER ON TOTAL IN LOMBARDIA AEROSPACE CLUSTER Trainer Aircraft, Helicopters and vertical flight, Satellites and scientific payload Avionics and system integration, Systems and Equipment, Structures, Tools and System for production, Testing and Maintenance, Special Materials Mechanical Components and Subsytems Generic Materials 8,7% (  1300) Services % OF COMPANIES ON TOTAL IN LOMBARDIA AEROSPACE CLUSTER % OF EMPLOYEES ON TOTAL IN LOMBARDIA AEROSPACE CLUSTER 23,6% Source: Census Comitato Promotore del Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardo

11 PRIME CONTRACTORS IN LOMBARDIA AgustaWestland*, helicopters Alenia Aermacchi, trainer aircrafts CGS (Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio), satellites and scientific payloads Selex ES*, avionics and radar Thales Alenia Space, space equipments, scientific payloads and EGSE Thales Italia, avionics


13 FOUNDATION February 2009 DISTRETTO REGIONALE Lombardia Region MIUR Program agreement December 2010 NEXT STOP: EUROPE PARTNER EACP EUROPEAN AEROSPACE CLUSTER PARTNERSHIP June 2010 NATIONAL CLUSTER (only for research topics) September 2012 9 Members February 2009 ~ 80 Members October 2013 AIR PARTNERSHIP Regione Lombardia call April 2012 FOUNDERS: Agusta Westland Alenia Aermacchi Aerea CGS Carlo Gavazzi Space Gemelli Selex ES Secondo Mona Spaziosystem Unione Industriali Provincia di Varese CLUSTER AND COMPETENCIES DEVELOPMENT CYCLE

14 STRATEGY District main objectives …  Build up a technological/scientific integrated system development based on competencies and collaboration enhancement  District technological position improvement in line with its companies competitiveness and associated Universities/Research Centers scientific capabilities  Large Corporate-SMEs cooperation enhancement  SMEs R&D competencies and potential valorization  Support SMEs autonomous growth … and levers  Supply chain competitive growth through innovation support and best practices implementation  Marketing and internationalization support  Cooperation opportunities scouting (also worldwide)  Business training support  Collaboration with Universities and Research Centers  Public finance scouting for research activities funding (at European, national and regional level)

15 GOVERNANCE “Industrial” Governance Members  Founder Member  Ordinary Member  Sustainers (institutional entities) Authorities  Board Committee  President  Management Committee  Secretary  Technical Scientific Unit

16 OPERATING & FOCUS GROUP Composed by large corporate, SMEs, universities and research centers delegates, coordinated by the Management Committee lead by the President, the work groups manage the following activities:  Technical Scientific Unit  Supply Chain  Marketing and Internationalization  Credit & Financing  Training Focus Group  Fixed - wing aircraft  Rotary - wing & Vertical flight  Space  Advance electronical systems Working GroupFocus Group

17 WORKING GROUPS - MAIN ACTIVITIES  Nucleo Tecnico Scientifico (NTS): coordinate R&I activities, covers the whole range of products, services, technologies  Supply Chain: promote industrial collaboration, develop best practices (ex.: KPIs; LEAN; E-scouting; Web site… )  Internationalisation & Marketing: links and networking (EACP; Air show, fairs…)  Education & Training: policies, “design” of E&T initiatives; H&A Master - LIUC  Credit & Finance: catching opportunities, steering new ones

18 SPACE: Flagship Program TARGET: provide applications on the governance of the territory, for the welfare of the citizen, focused on security and emergency management and implemented through the use of Earth Observation data acquired from stratospheric platforms, which provide real-time services, and integrated with satellite data and/or to the ground.

19 SPACE: Flagship Program Stratospheric Platform (HAP- High Altitude Platform) Aircraft automatic, quasi-stationary, positioned in the stratosphere Quote varies between 14 and 20km, Performance comparable to a satellite in low orbit, Costs of implementation and launch reduced, Availability of real-time data on areas at a regional scale, Ability to reposition based on the levels of alert, Possibility of maintenance and/or replacement of the instruments on board.

20 SPACE: Flagship Program INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL AREAS : Structural materials, anti-icing systems Photovoltaic systems Hydrogen Technologies (filling gas and fuel cells) Innovative propulsion systems Guidance Systems, Navigation and Control On-board electronics Electro-optical payload development, telecommunications and radar

21 SPACE: Flagship Program Flagship Program SPACE target: Bring the system to the aerospace industry Lombard/national, first the SME, and Research Centers to increase the technological know-how and develop new business opportunities; Create innovative services for the citizen based on the use of the real-time remote data, not currently available and high regional, national and European Enabling technologies can be developed through participation in the European Framework Programme Horizon 2020 which can promote the competitiveness of SMEs in Europe.


23 CONTACTS Piazza Monte Grappa 5 21100 Varese - ITALY Tel +39 0332 251000 Fax +39 0332 285565

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