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МБОУ СОШ №2 г.Амурска Хабаровского края учитель английского языка Костина Валентина Николаевна Мозаика презентаций В мире англоговорящих стран США.

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Presentation on theme: "МБОУ СОШ №2 г.Амурска Хабаровского края учитель английского языка Костина Валентина Николаевна Мозаика презентаций В мире англоговорящих стран США."— Presentation transcript:

1 МБОУ СОШ №2 г.Амурска Хабаровского края учитель английского языка Костина Валентина Николаевна Мозаика презентаций В мире англоговорящих стран США

2 In the world of English speaking countries (the USA) Presentation was done by V.N. Kostina School #2, Amursk, Khabarovsky krai

3 GEOGRAPHY 102030102030 THE ODD WORD 203010203010 PRESIDENTS 301020301020 CINEMA 102030102030 AUTHOR! 20203010203010

4 Which American state is the smallest ? Geography –10

5 This is Rhode Island 10

6 Geography – 20 In which state of the U.S. do the highest trees in the world sequoias grow?

7 In California 20

8 Geography - 30 Which of the Five Great Lakes is entirely within the U.S.?

9 This is Lake Michigan 30

10 Geography– 10 In which mountain are the faces of the four American Presidents chiselled?

11 Mt. Rushmore 10

12 Which American river has the name “Father of Waters ”: a) the Colorado; b) the Mississippi; c) the Missouri ? Geography – 20

13 The The Mississippi River 20

14 The continental U. S. is divided into how many time zones? Geography – 30

15 Into four time zones 30

16 Find the ODD word - 20  «Nina»  «Pinta»  «Mayflower»  «Santa Maria»

17 “Mayflower” was not among the ships on which Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America. 20

18  O. Henry  N.Hawthorne  M.Twain  J. London WHO IS the ODD MAN? - 30

19 Nathaniel Hawthorne is a real writer’s name. O. Henry is the pseudonym of the American writer William Sydney Porter Mark Twain - Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Jack London - John Griffith Chaney. 30

20 Rinkitink in Oz Tik-Tok of Oz The Tin Woodman of Oz Mister Tinker in Oz Which is the odd book? - 10

21 Mister Tinker in Oz is an apocryphal Oz book, authored by James Howe, all the rest are canonical Frank L. Baum’s books. 10

22  Sister Carrie  Jennie Gerhardt  An American Tragedy  Martin Eden Which is the ODD book? - 20

23 Martin Eden is a novel by Jack London. All the rest are Theodore Dreiser’s novels. 20

24 Isaac Asimov Arthur C. Clarke Howard P. Lovecraft Robert A. Heinlein Who is the ODD man? - 30

25 Howard P. Lovecraft wrote horror, fantasy and weird fiction. Others are the "Big Three" science fiction writers. 30

26 Who is the ODD man?-10 Ray Bradbury William Faulkner T. Mayne Reid Ernest Hemingway

27 Thomas Mayne Reid is an English writer, all the rest - American. 10

28 PRESIDENTS-30 Name the longest serving U.S. president

29 Franklin D. Roosevelt 30 the 32 nd President of the United States (4 March1933–12 April 1945)

30 Who was the youngest elected president in the history of U.S.? PRESIDENTS -10

31 John F. Kennedy 10 the 35th President of the United States January 20, 1961 – November 22, 1963

32 PRESIDENTS - 20 Who was the first president elected as a member of the Republican Party?

33 Abraham Lincoln 20 16th President of the United States March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865

34 PRESIDENTS-30 Which American general, later 34 th President, commanded all U.S.forces during World War II?

35 Dwight David Eisenhower 30 34 th President of the United States January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961

36 Which American president was the first to live in the White House? PRESIDENTS-10

37 John Adams 2nd President of the United States March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801 10

38 Which American president attended the Potsdam conference? PRESIDENTS- 20

39 Harry S. Truman 20 33rd President of the United States April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953

40 CINEMA -10 What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors or actresses each year in the USA?

41 Oscars or Academy Awards 10

42 In which city and state is Disney World located? CINEMA - 20

43 Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida 20

44 Which American silent film star is called “The Little Tramp”? CINEMA - 30

45 Charlie Chaplin 30

46 During which period in American history was the film and the novel “Gone with the Wind” set? CINEMA - 10

47 The Civil War and the Reconstruction 10

48 She is a Hollywood star, the first actress who got one million dollars for the role of Cleopatra. What is her name? CINEMA - 20

49 Her name is Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor 20

50 He is the only American producer who got 29 Oscars. CINEMA - 30

51 Walt Disney 30

52 She is the author of the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) which was a depiction of life for African-Americans under slavery. Author! - 20

53 Harriet Elizabeth Beecher- Stowe 20

54 Author! - 30 Which American family compiled the first dictionary of the American variant of the English language?

55 Webster 30

56 Which 19 th century American writer is said to be the founder of the detective genre ? Author! - 10

57 Edgar Allan Poe 10

58 He was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature "for an all- embracing authorship, imbued with clarity of thought and poetic intensity". He was appointed American Poet Laureate in 1991. Author! - 20

59 Joseph Brodsky, Russian and American poet and essayist 20

60 This famous poem of Longfellow was translated into Russian by Ivan Bunin. Author! - 30

61 Song of Hiawatha 30 Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin

62 Which American author wrote “The last of Mohicans” ? Author! - 10

63 James Fenimore Cooper 10

64 Ресурсы Интернет island.jpg Род Айленд island.jpg %D0%BB:Coastal_redwood.jpg секвойя %D0%BB:Coastal_redwood.jpg 3_Storm_Shipwrecks.png оз.Мичиган 3_Storm_Shipwrecks.png 12787642997-tpfil02aw-18791.jpg г. Рашмор 12787642997-tpfil02aw-18791.jpg haem_dno/river%201.jpg р. Миссиссиппи haem_dno/river%201.jpg time-zone-converters/images/us-time-zones.jpg зоны времени time-zone-converters/images/us-time-zones.jpg

65 Ресурсы интернет Мэйфлауэр О.Генри Р.Бернс Дж. Лондон М.Твен %D0%BB:Nathaniel_Hawthorne.jpg Н. Готорн %D0%BB:Nathaniel_Hawthorne.jpg %D0%BB:Ozbook10cover.jpeg Оз %D0%BB:Ozbook10cover.jpeg %D0%BB:Tin_woodman_cover.jpg Книги Оз %D0%BB:Tin_woodman_cover.jpg

66 Ресурсы интернет D0%BB:Tik_tok_cover.jpg Оз D0%BB:Tik_tok_cover.jpg roz.jpg/200px-Tinkeroz.jpg Оз roz.jpg/200px-Tinkeroz.jpg Дж. Лондон Азимов e_sm.jpg Кларк Лавкравт e_sm.jpg Хайнлайн

67 Ресурсы Интернет %D0%BB:Ray_Bradbury_%281975%29_-cropped-.jpg Бредбэри %D0%BB:Ray_Bradbury_%281975%29_-cropped-.jpg %D0%BB:Captain_Mayne_Reid.jpg Майн Рид %D0%BB:Captain_Mayne_Reid.jpg est_Hemingway_1950_crop.jpg Хемингуэй est_Hemingway_1950_crop.jpg 30.jpg Фолкнер 30.jpg g.jpg флаг США g.jpg _states.png карта _states.png

68 Ресурсы Интернет %D0%BB:FDR_in_1933.jpg – Рузвельт Д. %D0%BB:FDR_in_1933.jpg n_F._Kennedy%2C_White_House_color_photo_portrait. jpg Дж.Кеннеди n_F._Kennedy%2C_White_House_color_photo_portrait. jpg mber_1863.jpg Ф.Линкольн mber_1863.jpg 5118_Dwight_D_Eisenhower.jpg Эйзенхауэр 5118_Dwight_D_Eisenhower.jpg rry-truman.jpg Трумен rry-truman.jpg hnadamsvp.flipped.jpg Дж.Адамс hnadamsvp.flipped.jpg

69 http :// content/uploads/2011/10/disney_walt1- 296x400.jpghttp :// content/uploads/2011/10/disney_walt1- 296x400.jpg Дисней 0%BB:Walt_Disney_NYWTS.jpg 0%BB:Walt_Disney_NYWTS.jpg Дисней Тейлор /03/elizabeth-taylor-as-cleopatra.jpg /03/elizabeth-taylor-as-cleopatra.jpg Э. Тейлор 6_496950f.jpg 6_496950f.jpg Унесенные ветром immigrant_1917.html.Чаплин immigrant_1917.html %D0%BB:Cinderella_Castle.jpg Мир Диснея %D0%BB:Cinderella_Castle.jpg ed/2007/04/27/oscar_color_photo.jpg Оскар ed/2007/04/27/oscar_color_photo.jpg

70 Ресурсы Интернет Стоу Бродский 6493_4477134__.jpg Бродский 6493_4477134__.jpg s_Fenimore_Cooper_by_Jarvis.jpg Купер Ф. s_Fenimore_Cooper_by_Jarvis.jpg %D0%BB:Edgar_Allan_Poe_2.jpg Э.По %D0%BB:Edgar_Allan_Poe_2.jpg Бунин %D0%BB:Noah_Webster_engraving.jpg Вебстер %D0%BB:Noah_Webster_engraving.jpg

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