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Presidential “WHO AM I?” By: Miss Hoaglund’s 4 th Grade 2010.

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1 Presidential “WHO AM I?” By: Miss Hoaglund’s 4 th Grade 2010

2 Who Am I? By: Jacob, Adam and Cole

3 Years in Office 1797-1801

4 Vice President Thomas Jefferson

5 Positive Work as President U.S capital relocated to Washington D.C from Philadelphia.

6 Fun Facts His dad’s name was John. He died when he was 90. He was born in Massachusetts. John Quincy was his son.

7 WHO AM I?????

8 John Adams

9 Who Am I? By: Ryan, Becca and Lexus

10 Years in Office He was in office for 12 years which was from March 4, 1933 –April 12, 1945.

11 Vice President He had several vice presidents. One of them was John N. Garner. Another one was Henry A. Wallace and Harry S. Truman.

12 Positive Work as President Created many programs to get the country out of financial debt.

13 Fun Facts He was president for 12 years straight! He graduated from Harvard College in 1903! His nickname was FDR. He was a Lawyer and a Public Official. He ran for governor. He was in office during WWII. He married Eleanor.

14 WHO AM I?????

15 Franklin Delano Roosevelt

16 Who Am I? By: Drew, Ian and Noah

17 Years in Office 1889 to 1893

18 Vice President Levi P. Morton

19 Positive Work as President In foreign affairs he backed Secretary of State Blaine, whose policy foreshadowed later American imperialism.

20 Fun Facts His salary is $50,000 in 1 year. His nickname is Little Ben. He was born on August 20 th 1833. His wife died while he was in the office for 1 more year.

21 WHO AM I?????

22 Benjamin Harrison

23 Who Am I? By: Kelsey and Emily

24 Years in Office He was in office for 18 years (1829-1837).

25 Vice President The vice president was John C. Calhoun.

26 Positive Work as President The Specie Circular - they pay federal land with silver and gold. For the only time in History in the U.S became debt free.

27 Fun Facts His nickname was “Old Hickory”. He was a lawyer and a soldier. He got married to Rachel Donelson Robards in August in 1791. He was born 3/15/1767.

28 WHO AM I?????

29 Andrew Jackson

30 Who Am I? By: Kayla and Wyntr

31 Years in Office 1861- 1865

32 Vice President Hannibal Hamlin

33 Positive Good Work As President He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, freeing all slaves in the states that had seceded.

34 Fun Facts His nicknames where “Honest Abe” and “Illinois Rail Splitter.”

35 WHO AM I?????

36 Abraham Lincoln

37 Who Am I? By: Chase, Drase and Bryan

38 Years in office 1909-1913

39 Vice President James Sherman

40 Positive Work as President Set up a postal saving system. Interstate commerce commission was directed to set railroad rates.

41 Fun Facts He was a good dancer. People called him Big Bill.

42 WHO AM I?????

43 William Howard Taft

44 Who Am I? By: Aydin and Delaney

45 Years in Office 1801-1809

46 Vice President Aaron Burr 1801-1805 George Clinton 1805-1809

47 Positive Work as President Came up with the 2 parties Drafted the Declaration of Independence

48 Fun Facts Nickname: Man of the People/ Sage of Monticello His face is on Mt. Rushmore His wife died after ten years of marriage.

49 WHO AM I?????

50 Thomas Jefferson

51 Who Am I? By: Bailey and Meghan

52 Years in Office From 1901-1909 you could find him in the office.

53 Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks.

54 Positive Work as President He was vice president for McKinley. Then McKinley died, and he became president. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for settling the Russian-Japanese war.

55 Fun Facts His nicknames were ‘TR’, Trust-Buster, and Teddy. Political Party: Republican. He was the 26 th president. He graduated from Harvard college. Occupation: Author, Lawyer, and Public Official. He inspired the teddy bear.

56 WHO AM I?????

57 Theodore Roosevelt

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