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The First 20 Days of Writing

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1 The First 20 Days of Writing
From pencils and pens to self-management

2 Brainstorm! Let’s try to create a list of all of the different things a teacher has to do to get from Day One to having a student-managed writing workshop.

3 The First 20 Days of Writing
Timeline of First 20 Days Seeds for Writing Introducing Writing Folders Introducing Writing Checklist Introducing Pens Managing Conferences Introducing Peer Conferences Supplies I Need to Start Writing Workshop

4 Timeline of First 20 Days Lesson 1- Lesson 2 – Lesson 3 – Lesson 4 –
Structure of Writer’s Workshop (mini-lesson, writing, sharing) Decorate Writing Folders Lesson 2 – Seeds for Writing (Watermelon vs. Seed) Many forms you can use (What If?, Piece of My Heart, Favorites, Topic List, People, Places, and Things that are important to me) Can extend over multiple days Lesson 3 – What to do when I’m ready to write Black pen, Draft pocket of writing folder Paper to use, lines to write on, name, Do a Write Aloud that isn’t perfect Write Quietly Lesson 4 – Behavior Management system Ask 3 Before Me Green, Yellow, Red Loss of privileges

5 Timeline of First 20 Days Lesson 5 – Lesson 6 – Lesson 7 – Lesson 8 –
What do I do when I don’t know how to spell a word? Spell it the best you can and move on Anchor Chart of Spelling Self-Help Chart Lesson 6 – What do I do when I’m done? Up to 3 stories in writing folder Use portfolio for additional pieces Lesson 7 – Writing Checklist Read your story out loud to make sure it makes sense Introduce blue pen, Write Aloud Can extend over multiple days if you notice that many students need extra help with sentence structure. Lesson 8 – Add to your story Asking questions about a story (Model this) Anchor chart (What Can I Add To My Writing?)

6 Timeline of First 20 Days Lesson 9 – Lesson 10- Lesson 11 –
Writing Checklist Cross out things you don’t want Write aloud, important to model this Lesson 10- Introduction to conferencing Show video clip What to bring to a conference How to sign up for a conference May extend over multiple days Lesson 11 – Introduce red pen Circle words that do not look right Model / Write Aloud Lesson 12 – Writing Checklist, Introduce Trial Page pocket of folder Use trial page to check spelling

7 Timeline of First 20 Days Lesson 13 – Lesson 14 – Lesson 15 –
Writing Checklist Look up the circled words May extend over multiple days of dictionary skills Lesson 14 – Read your story out loud. Listen for where your voice stops. Add punctuation. May extend over multiple days of sentence work. Lesson 15 – Check for capitalization at the beginning of your sentences. May extend over multiple days of capitalization practice. Lesson 16 – Introducing Peer Conferences Meeting place, Timer, Goals, When can I meet? Anchor Chart: Peer Conference Guidelines

8 Timeline of First 20 Days Lesson 17 – Lesson 18 – Lesson 19 –
Final Copy Uses pencil, special paper How to incorporate changes into final copy Lesson 18 – Modes of Writing Brainstorm list of types of writing (magazine article, letter, research report, poetry, recipe book, etc.) Divide students into groups to come up with samples of types of writing for a poster/bulletin board Lesson 19 – How to Use Your Portfolio Order to staple papers in, where to put them Final Copy, Rough Draft,

9 What Can I Add to My Writing
Tell more about the characters What do they look like? Who do they remind you of? What character traits do they have? Tell more about the setting What does the place look like? What sounds are around you? What does the place remind you of? Tell more about the actions How did she move? Run? Skip? Crawl? How did he talk? Yell? Whisper? Shout? Stutter? How did she look? Angry? Sad? Excited?

10 Spelling Self-Help Chart
Say the word slowly and write down what you hear. Write what you hear first, next, and last Think of the way the word looks Write the word in parts Think of another word with similar parts

11 Peer Conference Guidelines
You may pick a partner to meet with you when you have finished the whole writing checklist. Meet on the brown carpet. Sit EEKK! (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) Set the timer for 4 minutes Partner A reads his piece of writing Partner B asks questions to help him understand the piece of writing What is the writing piece about? Is there a confusing part? What do I need to know more about? What do I like about this piece? Partners switch roles if needed

12 Seeds for Writing People who are important to me
Places that are important to me Things that are important to me My favorites What if… Brainstorm a class list to keep in folder T Chart of characters and settings

13 Managing Conferences Use a signal to mean that you are off limits
Tap light, hat, tie, flower in your hair Create a behavior management plan or warning system Create ownership by allowing students to help you decide on consequences Use your FAB to help you keep track of conferences Options: Teacher-scheduled conferences 4 days a week Student-scheduled conferences 1 day a week Keep sign-up sheet on front board Timeline Brainstorm

14 Workshop Warning System
1st Warning: Get back on track Turn card to yellow 2nd Warning: Move to new work area Turn card to orange 3rd Warning: Lose recess / Letter to parents Turn card to red You may use the restroom one time during workshop if the pass is available. Timeline

15 Supplies Needed for Writing Workshop
8-pocket Writing Folders Printed Cover Page for folder (or blank paper) Clear zipper pouches for pens Black, Blue, and Red pens Pencils and erasers Writing Paper (options for paper) Printed copy of writing checklist (laminated) Half-sheets of writing checklist (optional) Copies of Trial Page (pg. 86 in Scaffolding Young Writers) Chart paper and markers

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