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2 RESPECT Who deserves respect? How can we show respect? Respect... AdultsListening to teacher’s instructions ClassmatesListening to other’s views and ideas PropertyNot vandalizing other’s property

3 RESPECT Scenarios: 1.A student is running in the hallway and a teacher stops him and asks for an ID, he responded by saying “Who are you to be asking me questions?” and then runs away. (a.) Is he showing respect? (b.) How could he have shown respect to his teacher? 2.A students lends a pencil to another classmate, the classmate returns it but the pencil is half the size it was when they got it. (a.) Is he showing respect? (b.) What could he have done to respect his classmates property? 3.A students asks a classmate a question about the assignment. The classmate responds by saying, “All you have to do is answer the questions in complete sentences by using examples from the passage to support your answer.” (a.) Is she being respectful? (b.) How is she showing respect?

4 RESPONSIBILITY How can we show responsibility?Responsibility shows that you are learning and that you are ready to move on in school. 1. In the classroom… Completing all assignments 2. In the hallways… Being on time for class

5 RESPONSIBILITY Scenarios: 1.A student is often late to class, he likes to wander the hallways after the bell rings. His teacher often gives him detention, but he never changes his habits. What does the teacher think of him? a.He is an excellent student b.He is very smart c.He is not responsible 2. A student never does his homework and does not care when he receives many zeros for all his homework being incomplete. After the teacher reaching to his parents, he still does not make an effort to change. How can he be more responsible?

6 PREPARATION 1. What items do you need to be prepared for class? a. Books b. Binders c. Pen/pencil d. All of the above 2. What happens when you are constantly unprepared for class? Warning Cannot participate in lesson

7 ORGANIZATION Where in your school life can you show organization? Binders Locker Folders Notebooks How does organization help you learn? You can easily find notes and worksheets that you can study from You are not distracted during class when looking for papers

8 FOCUS In order to be successful in school, you must stay focused on the task at hand. Here, we have Molly and Billy. Each are in the same Math class, and here is how each student acts. If the student is focused, then place an “F”. If the student is not focused, place a “NF”. 1) ____ Molly begins the worksheet that is assigned. 2) ____ Billy starts to talk with another student while the teacher is explaining the new lesson. 3)____Molly asks relevant questions about the topic that provides insight for the class. 4) ____ Billy uses his cellphone during class. 5) ____ While the teacher is talking, Billy works on homework from another class. Bonus Question: Which student is more focused? Which student do you think will perform better in this math class?

9 PROCEDURES IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS FOLLOW PROCEDURES GIVEN! TAKE THE QUIZ BELOW TO TEST HOW WELL YOU CAN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ! YOU HAVE 3MINUTES ONLY!! 1. Read everything carefully before doing anything. 2. Put your name in the upper right-hand corner of this paper. 3. Loudly call out your first name. 4. Circle the word NAME in sentence two. 5. If you have followed directions carefully to this point, call out "I have.” 6. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner. 7. Put an "X" in each square. 8. In your normal speaking voice, count from ten to one backwards. 9. Put a circle around each square. 10. Sign your name under the title of this paper. 11. After the title write, "Yes, yes, yes.” 12. Put a circle completely around the sentence number seven. 13. When you reach this point, LOUDLY call out, “I AM THE LEADER IN FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS." 14. Put an "X" in the lower left-hand corner of this paper. 15. Draw a triangle around the "X" you just put down. 16. On the back of this paper, multiply 703 by 66. 17. Loudly call out, "I AM NEARLY FINISHED. I HAVE FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS.” 18. Draw a rectangle around the word “corner” in sentence six. 19. On the reverse side of this paper, add 8950 and 9805. 20. Put a circle around your answer, and put a square around the circle. 21. Punch three small holes in the top of this paper with your pencil point. 22. Underline all even numbers on the left side of this paper. 23. Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only sentences one and two!


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