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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 20-22

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1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 20-22
created by Ankur Bhatt, Bobby Livermore, and Will Phelps

2 Basic Events Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22
Huck tells duke and dauphin why they travel at night Dauphin reinacts a shakespeare scene Duke works at a printing place dauphin tells the church meeting in the woods that he was a former pirate and recieves $87 Chapter 21 Duke and Dauphin reinact their play They all go to the circus Boggs is shot by Colonel Sherburn people plan to lynch Sherburn Chapter 22 A mob swarms Sherburn's house Sherburn ridicules the mob enough to make them all leave Huck watches his first circus show Duke had his show, and only got enough money to cover some expenses.

3 Characters Huck: The main character that begins to know Dauphin and the Duke, and continues to travel with Jim. Jim: The runaway slave that is avoiding being caught by authorities, because of this he travels at night Duke: takes over the print office and earns almost ten dollars selling advertisements, he also prints out a leaflet for Jims capture Dauphin: Performs a skit from a Shakespeare play and tell a church group that he was a former pirate. Old Bogg's: known as the dangerous man in the area, looking to kill Colonel Sherburn Colonel Sherburn: The man who shoots Old Bogg's and is hated by the people in the area who plan to lynch him Drunk Man: part of the circus show where he performs an act on a horse.

4 Chapter 20 Quote ""Now," says the duke,"after to-night we can run in the daytime if we want to. Whenever we can see anybody coming we can tie Jim hand and foot with a rope, and lay him in the wigwam and show this handbill and say we captured him up the river." (page ) This quote shows the dukes plan of being able to travel in the daytime without any worry of having Jim captured. However, their plan does have some flaws. Because the reward for capturing Jim is two hundred dollars, others might try to capture him and take him to authorities to claim the prize. Even though the other parts of his plan are thought out, there might be trouble with people trying to steal Jim.

5 Chapter 20 Quote " I found Jim had been trying to get him to talk French, so he could hear what it was like; but he said he had been in this country so long, and had so much trouble, he'd forgot it." (page 121) The Duke proves another way of not actually being the duke of France, and suggests he is from the area by not knowing how to speak French. He comes up with the excuse that he had forgotten the language after living in the country for a while. Jim still believes that he is the duke, and falls for all of his lies.

6 Chapter 21 Quotes "He see me, and rode up and says: "Whar'd you come f'm boy? You prepared to die?"" (page ) This quote is from Boggs once he is passing by Huck. After all the talk he had heard about old Boggs he had seemed like a dangerous man who is ready to kill someone. Huck is scared once he talks to him, but another man tells him that he's only like that when he's drunk.

7 Chapter 21 Quote And folks behind then was saying all the time, " Say, now, you've looked enough, you fellow; 'taint' right and 'taint far for you to stay thar all the time, and never give nobody a chance; other folks has their rights as well as you."" (page 130) This quote is after the death of Boggs. Once he is shot he is sent to the drug store, where people are crowing around the windows to see what is going on. This shows how people are just to be updated on the biggest news around town, and hardly caring for the person who has just been killed.

8 Chapter 22 Quote " Your misktake is, that you didn't bring a man with you; that's one mistake, and the other is that tou didn't come in the dark and fetch your masks." (page 132) Sherburn tells the crowd ready to lynch him all the mistakes they had made. They did not bring a man with the will to take on Sherburn, and they planned it during the day, with no masks. This shows how Sherburn can single handedly ridicule anyone.

9 Chapter 22 Quote "Then at the bottom was the biggest line of all, which said: LADIES AND CHILDREN ARE NOT ADMITTED" (page 135) The Duke created another handbill for his Shakespeare play, but this time not permitting and women or children to attend. This way the audience will be people who will enjoy the play. However, women and children will most likely take this the wrong way.

10 Themes from chapters 20-22 Religion: In chapter 20, When Huck attends the meeting in the woods, he noticed a preacher start reading hymns, but then him and the crowd start screaming, some starting to shout and cry, in the name of God. This is Twain's way of showing how prayers can be performed in many ways, not just the ways Huck was taught with the widow and miss Watson. Facing Reality of situations: In chapter 22, Twain proves that people must be realistic when they are plotting a task. A mob of people were ready to lynch Sherburn once he had killed Boggs, and their only plan was storming his house and create chaos. Once Sherburn stepped out, he started ridiculing the crowd of how badly they planned their attack, and made them face the reality of the situation.

11 Questions What do you think Huck thought of the camp-meeting that was held in the woods? Did it change his views on religion? Do you think the Dukes plan of traveling during the day will work? What do you think will happen if he is caught lying about his plan?

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