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The Adventures of Huck Finn Review Game!

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1 The Adventures of Huck Finn Review Game!

2 What do you call the every day language used in conversation?
A. Dialect B. Satire C. Context D. Colloquial Language

3 What is a Dialect? B. Dead words
A. The way of speaking and writing that is particular to a specific region of the country B. Dead words C. Everyday language used in conversation D. A lecture about Huckleberry Finn

4 The narrator of the story is…
A. Jim B. Bob C. Mark Twain D. Huck Finn

5 Who is Jim? Runaway slave Huck’s father figure Huck’s best friend

6 Regionalism can be defined as…
A. A satirical statement B. Words or phrases peculiar to a particular region C. The every day language we use in conversation D. Colloquial Language

7 Who is Tom Sawyer? A. The narrator of the novel
B. The author of the novel C. Jim’s owner D. A youngster with a wild imagination

8 How much did Tom and Huck get apiece from the gold the robbers left in the cave?

9 Who came to live with Widow Douglas and kept nagging Huck about spelling and manners?
Miss Watson

10 What happens to the gang of robbers?
They break up because they never did any real pillaging…it was all make believe. Huck, the realist, quit because he couldn’t understand why Tom’s stories were never true.

11 Satire can be defined as…
A. Superstitions B. A literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness C. Everyday language we use in conversation. D. A crazy way to sit

12 Does the book take place before or after the Civil War?

13 Why do Jim and Huck escape Jackson Island?
A. They are scared of bad luck B. People know that Jim is hiding there C. They are scared of Ghosts D. People have told them that it is invested with snakes

14 True or false? The book has been on the “most banned books of all time” list.

15 What decade (time period) does the book take place in?

16 Why do Jim and Huck want to reach Cairo?
Because it is the gateway to the free states.

17 How does the Widow Douglas try to “sivilize” Huck?
Reads him the bible Dresses him nicely Teaches him manners Teaches him to pray Makes him sleep inside

18 Why is Jim frightened when he sees Huck on Jackson Island?
He thinks Huck is a ghost

19 Why would Twain name chapter 10 “What comes of handlin’ snake-skin”?
It shows what the bad luck is that they encounter after Huck touched the snake skin. Jim gets bit by a snake.

20 What is Jim’s hairball able to do?
Tell the future

21 What is the purpose of the cannon ball shots?
Find the dead body

22 What are three actions that give Huck’s identity away to Mrs. Loftus?
Needle and thread Throwing lead Catching led Bonnet Forgets name

23 What happens to Buck? dies

24 Why do Jim and Huck steal the robbers skiff from the Walter Scott
Their own raft floated away

25 What are three new identities Huck takes on?
Sarah Williams Mary Williams George Jackson George Peters

26 The novel was written in what year?

27 What is the climax of the novel?
When Jim is sold

28 What is the denouement of the novel?
The Ah-ha moment—when Huck decides he’d rather go to hell than turn Jim in

29 Who is Miss Sophia’s boyfriend?
Harney Shepherdson

30 What is weird about Huck’s reaction to his father’s death?
A. he knew about it all along B. He shows no emotion about it C. He cries D. He yells at Jim for not telling him sooner.

31 What is Huck’s biggest flaw?
He is a follower of Tom

32 What is the major point of transformation for Huck?
When he appologizes to Jim

33 Why is Jim freed? Because Miss Watson felt guilty about thinking about selling him and when she died she set him free in her will.

34 Which do Jim and Huck prefer? The river or the towns?

35 Why do Jim and Huck prefer the river?
It is more peaceful, calm and quiet. It is a retreat from the world.

36 Whose God does Huck prefer? Widow Douglas or Miss Watson’s?

37 Explain how Tom’s plan for freeing Jim is more “romantical” than Hucks.
IT is elaborate and it follows the romantic novels that Tom reads. He brings in creatures and “ransom” notes etc and makes it more complicated and imaginative so he can have a fun adventure game.


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