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HUCKLEBERRY FINN Chapters 1-10 Notes.

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1 HUCKLEBERRY FINN Chapters 1-10 Notes

2 Chapter 1 How does Huck introduce the book?
What happened to the money Tom and Huck received? While Huck appreciates the widow, why does he resent her? Why does he climb out of a window?

3 Chapter 2 Jim is introduced, he becomes a victim of Tom and Huck’s prank. Who does Jim blame for playing the trick on him? What is the name of Tom’s gang? How do they sign their names? The gang’s objective is to capture and ransom people.

4 Chapter 3 Miss Watson is trying to explain the power of prayer.
Why does Huck struggle with prayer? What is the rumor about Huck’s dad? The body found proves not to be his father but he is worried that his father will return. Why do the boys quit Tom’s gang?

5 Chapter 4 After a few months, Huck is adjusting and doing well in school. Why does Huck sell his share to Judge Thatcher? What does Jim claim to possess? Jim tells him the future and some of it seems frivolous. Huck arrives home and his father is waiting for him.

6 Chapter 5 How does Huck describe his father?
What does his father think about his clothes? How does his father feel about his education? When Pap come home drunk, the widow and judge try to gain custody but the new judge doesn’t want to separate father and son. The new judge tries to reform Pap but to no avail.

7 Chapter 6 Pap sues Judge Thatcher.
What does he do to ensure his share of the fortune? Pap rants about a mixed-race man in Ohio who is able to vote. What does he call Huck?

8 Chapter 7 Huck finds a canoe and hides it and places everything of value in it. Where does he plan to hide? How does he fake his death?

9 Chapter 8 What previously mentioned characters are discussing Huck’s murder? How does Huck feel about the search party? On the 4th day he finds Jim. Why has Jim run away from Miss Watson?

10 Chapter 9 Jim and Huck happen upon a deserted houseboat after a storm.
Jim stays hidden in the bottom of the canoe.

11 Chapter 10 Jim warns about bad luck and it inevitably comes in the form of a snake that bites him. Huck disguises himself as a girl to go ashore for information. He meets a forty-year-old woman who is new to town so he knows he can talk to her.

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