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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain Chapters 16-20

2 Chapter 16 – Question 1 Discuss what makes Huck “trembly and feverish.” Huck is “trembly and feverish” because he begins to think Jim may soon be free. He thought he would be blamed for it. It begins to bother his conscience.

3 Question 2 What is the first thing that Jim will do when he gets to a free state? Even though Huck has started to respect Jim, how are these feelings (#1) of Huck’s a result of the society in which he was raised? Jim, when he gets to a free state, will buy his wife and children or get an abolitionist to steal the children if the master will not sell tem. Huck’s conscience bothers him. Society says slaves are property. Ironically, no man should “own” another man’s children.

4 Question 3 What does Jim say as Huck paddles away that causes Huck not to turn in Jim? Huck does not turn Jim in because Jim says Huck is the best friend that Jim has ever had. Jim also says that Huck is the only white gentleman who ever kept a promise to him.

5 Question 4 What “story” does Jim tell the men about his “father” that causes the men not to go near the raft? Would Huck have felt better and had “done right and give Jim up”? Explain why this is important. Huck asks the men for help to tow the raft ashore but hints that his “dad” has smallpox. The men give him two $20.00 pieces and leave him. If Huck had given Jim up, Huck would feel as bad as he does for not giving Jim up. This is a conflict between society and the heart. Huck has to choose.

6 Question 5 What do Huck and Jim learn about Cairo? Huck and Jim passed Cairo in the fog. They could tell because they were seeing clear Ohio water.

7 Question 6 Where is the canoe? What happens to the raft? Where is Jim?
The canoe is gone. It came loose. The raft was hit by a steamboat when the steamboat crashed into it. Jim becomes separated from Huck. Huck sings out, but Jim does not answer. Jim is “gone.”

8 Chapter 17 – Question 1 Who is George Jackson, and who is the family that gives him shelter? Huck pretends to be George Jackson. The Grangerfords give him shelter.

9 Huck is the same age as Buck who is 13 or 14.
Question 2 Huck is the same age as Buck who is 13 or 14. Buck, who is the youngest son of the Grangerfords, befriends Huck.

10 Question 3 What “story” does Huck create for the Grangerfords?
His story is that only he and his father were left. His pap died and “George” went up the river. “George” fell overboard off a steamboat.

11 Question 4 Who was Emmeline? With what was she obsessed? How old was she at the time of her death? Emmeline was the daughter of the Grangerfords. The family kept crayon pictures she had drawn. Before 14 years of age, she wrote poetry. All of her work was sad and talked of death. She died at 15 and left an unfinished picture.

12 Chapter 18 – Question 1 Discuss the episode with Harney Shepherdson. What is Buck’s father’s reaction to this? While in the woods hunting, Buck and Huck shot at Harney Shepherdson. Harney could have shot Buck but did not. Buck’s father was angry that Buck shot from behind a bush and not out in the open.

13 Question 2 Discuss the history of the “feud” between the Shepherdsons and the Grangerfords. The feud was 30 years old. There was a lawsuit possibly over some land. The loser shot the winner, and the feud began. No one really remembers any details or what it was about.

14 Question 3 What errand does Huck run for Miss Sophia? What does the paper say? Huck goes to church to get Miss Sophia’s Testament. The paper in it said “half past two.” Huck’s errand is a secret.

15 Question 4 Who leads Huck to Jim? How does Jim know where to find Huck? Huck’s slave said he had water moccasins for Huck to see. Huck’s slave led Huck to see Jim. Jim knew Huck was there. He had followed him in the night the raft was hit.

16 Question 5 What causes the feud that kills Buck, his father, and two of his brothers? Discuss the value of human life (slaves, family) as demonstrated by the Grangerfords. What do you think Twain is saying? Miss Sophia ran off to marry Harney Shepherdson and began the “current” feud/ fight. The Grangerfords do not value human life. The family keep needlessly fighting a feud and watch family members die. They kept score. “We got one and they got one.” If they do not value their own family, they do not care about owning slaves (property) because they own so many.

17 How does Huck feel once he and Jim are back on the raft?
Chapter 6 How does Huck feel once he and Jim are back on the raft? Back on the raft, Huck feels like he is at home. Life is free, easy, and comfortable.

18 Chapter 19 – Question 1 Discuss the function of the river in this chapter. The river was quiet, smooth, lovely, and free. Jim and Huck could be naked on the raft and swim in the river. The river had no restrictions. Jim and Huck could decide for themselves what was acceptable behavior.

19 Question 2 Describe the two men that jump in the canoe. Do they know one another? What got them into trouble? Two men jump into the canoe as they were running from trouble. They had been running scams. One man was 70 years old. He was bald, with whiskers, and was ratty-looking. One man was young, about 30 years old, and was rattily dressed also. Neither man knew the other.

20 Question 3 Who is the Duke of Bridgewater, and who is the King? The Duke of Bridgewater is the young guy. The older man claims to be the King (Dauphin) of France.

21 Question 4 What does Huck discover about the Duke and the King? Why does Huck not tell Jim about his revelation? Huck says the Duke and the King are frauds. There is no use in telling Jim. The best way to get along with frauds is to let them have their way.

22 Chapter 20 - Question 1 How does Huck convince the King and the Duke that Jim is not a runaway slave? Huck says a runaway slave would not run to the South. Huck makes up another “story.” Huck, Pap, and Ike (his four-year-old brother) were traveling. A steamboat hit the raft. Pap and Ike died, and Huck and the family slave are all that are left.

23 Question 2 About whom had Jim “had changed his mind”? What does this signify about Jim and Huck’s relationship? The King and the Duke sleep in a wigwam on the raft. Jim and Huck keep watch in the storm. Jim has no use for royalty. Jim stands Huck’s watch, and he does not wake him. It strengthens their father-son bond. Jim treats Huck like a caring father would.

24 Question 3 What story does the King tell at the camp meeting that gains him sympathy? How much money do they give him? At the camp meeting, the King says he is a reformed pirate. He was robbed and put ashore. He is penniless. He wants to reform other pirates and people take up a collection for him. They offer him $87.50.

25 Question 4 What does the Duke print at the printing office? How does this enable Jim to travel during the daytime without the risk of capture? The Duke prints a bill. A reward of $ was offered for a runaway slave with Jim’s description. They can now run in the daytime without risk of capture. The men will say they caught Jim and are poor. They are on the raft to return Jim for the reward money.

26 Question 5 How does Jim feel about the King? Jim hopes not to run across any more kings. The King is drunk and cannot even speak French.

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