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Huckleberry Finn Chapters 21-30.

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1 Huckleberry Finn Chapters 21-30

2 Chapter 21 What plans to the Duke and Dauphin have to make money?
They are not good Shakespearean actors. Who is Sherburn? What does he do?

3 Chapter 22 Why does the crowd not lynch Sherburn?
Why does the sign saying “Ladies and Children Not Admitted” bring in a good audience?

4 Chapter 23 What does Huck think of kings?
Is Huck’s history at all accurate? What is Jim’s frequent kindness to Huck? What is the cause of Jim’s mourning?

5 Chapter 24 How does the duke arrange things so that Jim doesn’t have to lie in the wigwam all day to avoid being thought a runaway slave? Where dies the king get the information he needs to swindle the girls?

6 Chapter 25 Who are the three Wilks sisters?
Do the duke and the dauphin have any trouble convincing the people they are Peter Wilks’ brothers? Why do the king and duke add their own money to that hidden in the cellar? What do they duke and dauphin do to confirm they are the girls’ uncles?

7 Chapter 26 What make Huck want to help the three sisters?
Who is the only person in town who doesn’t believe the duke and the dauphin are the real relatives? How does Huck find out where the duke and dauphin hid the money? Where is the money hidden?

8 Chapter 27 Where does Huck hide the money after he takes it from the king’s room? What upsets the girls in the settling of the estate?

9 Chapter 28 Why does Huck reveal the plot to Mary Jane?
What is Huck’s plan?

10 Chapter 29 What went wrong with Huck’s plan to get away?
How do the duke and dauphin behave? What had delayed them?

11 Chapter 30 How do Huck, the king, and the duke get away from the crowd when Peter Wilks’ body is uncovered? What saves Huck from being accused by the duke and dauphin of stealing money?

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