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Product Manager: Galen Chou CHROMA ATE INC. Programmable AC Source 61500/61600 Series.

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1 Product Manager: Galen Chou CHROMA ATE INC. Programmable AC Source 61500/61600 Series

2 Chroma AC Source Family

3 Outline 1. What is programmable AC source ? 2. What is users need ? 3. What do they test with AC source ? 4. Functions of Chroma AC sources

4 A Primitive AC Source Function Generator Power Meter PowerAmplifier 1. Not easy to setup 2. Inconvenient to use 3. No protection C C Transformer

5 AC Source Structure AC Input AC Output Input Stage Power Stage Output Stage Waveform Generator, Control and Measurement Units User Interface User

6 AC Source Power Stages Line Input A/D Power Stage D/A Power Stage AC Output Line Input AC Output A/D Power Stage D/A Power Stage A transformer on input, weight is heavy Linear type, a transformer on output, high impedance

7 Chromas AC Source Advantage Line Input AC Output A/D Power Stage D/D Power Stage D/A Power Stage Chroma 1. No low -frequency transformer, lighter than others 2. Standard PFC input, save power and less interference to main 3. No transformer on output, low impedance

8 Chromas AC Source Advantage Output impedance: Zo = Ro + Lo High impedance: Voltage drop, Current inhibit, High frequency current filter, not good for testing IEC The lab doesnt use the AC source with a transformer on output. AC Source Zo

9 Basic : (61500/61600 Series) 1. Clean, pure and stable sine waveform AC power 2. Measurement : Power, voltage, current Monitor 3. Line regulation test (90 – 264V, Hz) 4. Simulation mains for all power systems in the world 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz, 100V/50Hz … 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz, 100V/50Hz … 5. Auto-test (Remote control) What is users need ?

10 How much power of AC source dose user need? Example: Test 300W (output) power supply 1. Ask the efficiency: Input power = 300W/0.8 = 375W 2. Ask the Power Factor: Input VA = 375/0.75 = 500VA 3. Ask if test OPT: Max VA = 500VA x 1.3 = 650VA 4. Ask the low line : Max input current : 650VA/90V = 7.22A At least, the customer needs 61502/61602 (1KW) 5. Ask the inrush current: If 45Apeak is needed at 230V, then he needs 61504/61604 (2KW) What is users need ?

11 Additional : (61500/61600 series) 1. 1.Power Turn ON/OFF phase angle Setting 90° Turn ON for inrush current test. 2. Inrush Current Measurement (Delay time, Interval) 3. 3.Voltage/Frequency Slew Rate Setting a. Operate for range scanning (90V-264V 47H – 63Hz ) b. Raising the voltage gradually, power on UUT with less inrush current 4. Voltage/Frequency Save and Recall ( One-key Recall) What is users need ?

12 Auto Run: Programming for long time test (On/Off or Burn-in) 61500/61600 Softpanel Function

13 Report Function : Data Recording stored in a File 61500/61600 Softpanel Function

14 Only testing the specification of input power is not enough to verify the UUT. Simulating the power like real world is the way to get better quality and stability. Advance Test : (61500 series only) 1. Transient Voltage Simulation 2. Distorted Waveform Simulation What else is users need ?

15 Transient Output Cycle Dropout Frequency Variation Sag Surge Different kind of transient output:

16 Influence of Transient Output Example : Power supply of DVD player +5V to memory +3.3V to CPU +12V to driver When cycle dropout occurs, output voltage will drop then back to normal level. The machine might shut down because of improper dropping rate of voltage. (Memory might be reset, but CPU might work as usual. )

17 Example for Transient Output Test Cycle Drop Out Test Brown Out Test

18 Regulation for Transient Output IEC : Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation immunity tests voltage variation immunity tests 100%UT 0%UT 40%UT t (sec) dip short voltage variation

19 5s ± 0.5s 5 periods 2s ± 0.2s ΔUΔU IEC : Voltage fluctuation immunity test 60s Un Un - 10%Un Un + 10%Un 60s Regulation for Transient Output

20 f1 tp f1+ Δf tp f1 f1- Δ f f1+ Δ f 120s 60s IEC : Variation of power frequency immunity test Regulation for Transient Output

21 61500 AC Source Functions for Transient Output LIST Mode: Program output waveform sequence by sequence

22 61500 AC Source Functions for Transient Output PULSE Mode: Insert a waveform into normal voltage

23 61500 AC Source Functions for Transient Output STEP Mode : Change from an initial voltage to destination step by step step by step

24 Transient Output with High Voltage A transient high voltage of main will damage the electrical products. (It happens usually in China and India.) Many companies have asked it as a standard test item. Chroma solution: Model 6560, or 2 units connecting in series…. 400V/0.5sec 220V

25 Transient Output with High Voltage 2 units of AC Source with synchronizing signal: Use 3-phase Mode, 61500/61600 as the Master, as the Slave. LNLN LNLN UUT LNLN Master: Fixed Mode 220V Slave: List Mode 180V/0.5 sec 220V with 400V/0.5s transient

26 2 Units of AC Source Application The voltage resonance happens when EMI filter plugs into the main. Using AC Source to simulate the disturbance effect.

27 Combine 3 Units of AC Sources Chroma 61500/61600 AC Source : 3 units can be combined to a 3-phase AC Power Source (1 Master, 2 Slave units with setting the phase 120° and 240 °)

28 Distorted Waveform Power Plant Power Network C L Resonance Point Frequency ZoZoZoZo IoIoIoIo Pure V Distorted V 2Π LC 2Π LC1 Fr = Nonlinear load pollutes the mains with distortion current.

29 Distorted Waveform Harmonic Distortion Interharmonic Distortion Clipped Sine Waveform Low frequency drift Different kind of distorted waveform:

30 IEC : Harmonics, Interharmonics including mains signaling at AC power port immunity tests signaling at AC power port immunity tests Flat Curve Over Swing Sweep Regulation for Distorted Waveform

31 Influence of Distorted Waveform Comparing With/Without harmonic component: Same UUT, 2.46A 3.015A, 22% increase

32 Comparing With/Without interharmonic component: Same UUT, 0.83A 1.3A, 57% increase Influence of Distorted Waveform

33 With voltage interharmonics component: Fi=30.85Hz, level =7% abnormal current waveform PWM unstable Influence of Distorted Waveform

34 SYNTHESIS : Edit harmonic components (Amplitude & Phase) of 40 orders to synthesize a new waveform. (50/60Hz) of 40 orders to synthesize a new waveform. (50/60Hz) 61500s Functions for Distorted Waveform

35 INTERHARMONICS : Add a sweeping frequency component (0.01Hz – 2400 Hz) on a normal voltage. (0.01Hz – 2400 Hz) on a normal voltage. It helps to find the resonance point, or the weak point of the UUT s Functions for Distorted Waveform

36 WAVEFORM EDITOR : Edit waveform by harmonic orders on softpanel, send the data and save to User softpanel, send the data and save to User Waveform of AC Source. Waveform of AC Source. It can be used on every frequency but less accuracy s Functions for Distorted Waveform

37 With the customers or facilities being oversea, the input power problem cant be solved in a short time. Solution: 1. Measure the harmonic components by Power Analyzer on facility. 2. Re-build the waveform by SYNTHESIS function of AC Source, RD or QC can test it on the lab.. Application for AC Power Distortion

38 Measure Harmonic components Re-build Waveform Application for AC Power Distortion

39 It contains DC component on some AC power sources, like UPS. 1. Current unbalance. Input rectifier may be damaged. 2. Input transformer saturation (DC current) Using AC Source AC+DC mode to simulate. Without DC component With DC component DC Component of AC Power

40 Use optional unit A615008, DC Noise Filter, when output DC voltage. It can help to decrease the noise, and increase the stability. DC Output Application of AC Power Connection Method:

41 Analog Control for AC Source 1. DC Level Control Mode: Use an external DC voltage to control the amplitude of output AC voltage. Frequency is set on AC Source. 10Vdc 300V rang 150V rang External input V Output V 424Vdc212Vdc

42 2. AC Amplifier Mode: Send an external signal to AC source and amplify it as the output waveform, just like the users need. 10 Vdc 424 rang 212 rang External input V -10 Vdc -424 rang -212 rang Output V Analog Control for AC Source

43 TTL signals of AC Source 1. AC_ON : Up to high level when AC source output. Counting time interval between power-on and normal operation. 2. Synchronize (Transient) : Send a pulse signal when output change. For external trigger or system integration

44 3. Fault : TTL level becomes low when protection occur. For notice or system integration 4. Remote_Inhibit : Inhibit the output when the signal becomes low. External control for system integration. Trigger Live TTL signals of AC Source

45 Regulation Test AC Source offers a pure and stable voltage to UUT. EN Limits for harmonic current emissions EN Limitation of voltage fluctuations and flicker Haefely use Chroma AC source as a standard source.

46 Do you have Questions? For more information on the Chroma / Series AC Power Sources or if you would like to purchase one of these models please contact your sales engineer at ValueTronics or

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