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AL FAWZ STOCK EXCHANGE A Leading Iraqi Stock Market Company.

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1 AL FAWZ STOCK EXCHANGE A Leading Iraqi Stock Market Company

2 Corporate Profile Since its inception in 1994 Al Fawz Brokerage Company has grown to become a powerful force in the local securities markets. Exhibited unrivalled market leadership, experience and performance track record. In 2007 it exceeded the expectations of investors by going beyond the provision of conventional securities trading services, research and regular financial reports on the local securities markets to assist investors in making informed decisions on their portfolios. More than 500+ High Net Worth Client In 2008 it has acclaimed the first and the second ranking position from the market sum volumes in trading.

3 STRATEGY We believe that its not enough to provide customers with conventional trading services, but to advice as the market evolves. Our customers have become increasingly aware of our professional services, understanding that at the end of the day it is they who have contributed the most to our success and growth in the local securities market. We value our customers truly. This is clearly reflected in the dedications of all our resources to not only meet the current demand, but rather look forward to developing a professional dedicated high quality services.

4 Iraq The Waking Giant

5 The Market Emerging from devastating years of war, sanctions, and a state bureaucracy, Iraq presents a new and unique opportunity for Investors. A population of approximately 24 million Second largest oil Reserve, I raq last year signed 12 oil contracts that promise to take output from under two million barrels per day currentlyless than Algeriato over 12 million by 2016 10 th largest Gas Reserve Priority for infrastructure repair Political commitment of US unquestioned Home to religious and archeological sites second none on the Arab world Iraq is considered by many to be the economic Waking Giant of the region. Foreigners can own 100% of Iraqi companies, must pay only a 15% flat tax on profits, and may take 100% of those profits home when and how they please.

6 Total Area: 438,317 sq km (at par with Spain) Natural Resources: Oil, gas, phosphates, sulfur Government type: parliamentary democracy Population: 29m Population growth: 2.5% Demographics: 39% under age of 14 Ethnic groups: Arab 75%-80%, Kurdish 15%-20%, Turks, Assyrian, and other 5% A Country of

7 Al Fawz Our Strength Local Presence in Iraq with well established office facilities Actual Market field research by fully qualified professional team Rapidly positioning ourselves and maintaining as a top key player in the Iraqi stock exchange market Excellent contacts within the Governmental and Private bodies Presence with all Banks and Financial Institutes Advisory roles and presentation The strength of the best financial team that is on offer in Iraq

8 Highlights: 2010 Top Achievement Arranged the take over of Iraqi Islamic Bank, and Mr. Ahmed W Ahmed has been elected as the Vice Chairman for the new Board of Directors Arranged the take over of Gulf Insurance Company to a group of Private investors Arranged to open its first office in North of Iraq which will be part of the Kurdistan Stock Market Increased the annual trading volume to 40% from earlier years Attracted over 60 major new investor accounts for trading Attended many Conference and Participated as a Speaker

9 Mr. Waleed Ahmed Saeed Founder / Executive Board Member Long stand Board Member, Iraq Stock Exchange Board Member, Al Warka Bank, Iraq Deputy GM, Baghdad Bank, Iraq ( Securities & Dealings Dept.) Board Member, Babylon Hotel, Iraq Owner, AL Markazia Furniture Trading, Baghdad, UAE Mr. Ahmed W. Ahmed Chairman Elected as a President of Iraqi Association of Securities Dealers. Authorized and a Regulated Dealer by the Iraqi Stock Exchange since 1999 Strategic Partner & Consultant, Babylon Fund UAE Representative for the Iraqi Businessmen Association. Board member for Al-Qimma Financial Investment Board Member of Al-Mansour Hotel Board Members

10 Our Team Mr. Hassan R Fadel CEO Investment Fund Manager for many of the local Iraqi banks Investment & Fund Manger, Al-Qimma Financial Investments GM Gulf Stock Brokerage, Iraq Licensed by the Iraqi Stock Exchange for e-Trading Mr. Ousama M. Alani Board Consultant GM Scimitar Services, the marketing arm for Scimitar Capital, UK Fund Manager, Iraqi Construction Fund, Merchant Bridge Bank, UK Fund Manager, Iraqi Gulf Holding, Iraq Credit & Marketing Officer, Gulf International Bank, UK Mr. Ghalib A Ghalib Deputy GM, Deputy GM, AL Fawz Gulf Electronic Trading, Iraq Deputy GM Al Fawz General Trading, Iraq Elected as a Board Member of the Iraqi Islamic Bank Ex-CEO Al Qimma Financial Investments

11 CONTACT DETAILS For further information contact: Mr. Ahmed W. Ahmed UAE +971-506515933 Amman +962-796671112 Email: Mr. Hassan R Fadel Iraq +964 7902205922 Email:

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