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2 GEOGRAPHY Indonesia is located North-west from Australia.
There are 17,508-18,306 islands that make up Indonesia 922 are inhabited. Some of the main islands and cities in Indonesia are Bali, Java, Maluku, Papa and Sumatra. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and it is located in the island of Java. Indonesia has a population of 239,870,937.(2010)

3 GEOGRAPHY Indonesian Geographical features…
There are too many mountains to be counted in Indonesia. There are 130 active volcanos in Indonesia. There are also 521 natural lakes in Indonesia.

4 economy Indonesian money is called Rupiah.
In Indonesian the have many exports such as oil, gas, electric, appliances, plywood, rubber and textiles.

5 Environment The different types of wildlife (fauna) in Indonesia include Sun bears, Sumatran tigers, Short-clawed otters, Komodo dragons and Orang-utans. Types of Indonesian plants (flora) are orchids, bamboo, different trees and shrubs. The average temperature in Indonesian is 27.7 and the humidity ranges between 70-90%.

6 Culture Some different types of ethnic groups in Indonesia include Javanese, Sundanese, Malaysian and Chinese. The typical foods in Indonesia are satay, steamed rice, fish, meat, chicken, vegetables and soup. Indonesian curry

7 Culture The two names of mythological legends Indonesian arts are based on are Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are more than 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. Indonesian art mask.

8 History The countries that have ruled Indonesia in the past were the Dutch and the Japanese. Indonesian Flag Indonesia gained its independence in August 1945 which was the end of World War 2.

9 The four main religions in Indonesia are…
Moslems.(88%) Protestant.(5%) Catholic.(3%) Hidu.(2%)

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