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The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia

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1 The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia
Unit 10 – Chapter 29 The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia Ch 29 PP

2 I. Section I The Land Ch 29 PP

3 A. Peninsulas & Islands The Eurasian, Philippine, and Indo-Australian tectonic plates collided millions of years ago to form much of this region Formed cordilleras – parallel mountains Formed archipelago- groups of islands Ch 29 PP

4 What are the 11 countries in this region?
Where are Singapore and East Timor??? Note: Burma is now Myanmar Ch 29 PP

5 Peninsulas Islands Indochina Peninsula, Malay Peninsula
About ½ of the countries are on the mainland – which ones? Malaysia is located ½ on a peninsula (Malay) and ½ on an island (Borneo) Laos is the only landlocked country in the region! Islands Insular - island Malay Archipelago (East Indies) – 20,000 islands Indonesia is the largest island country in this region – 13,500+ islands Ch 29 PP

6 B. Physical Features Mountains
Annam Cordillera Highest Peak – Jaya Peak (16,500 ft.) Volcanoes of Indonesia and the Philippines 327 volcanoes in this region! One of the Ring of Fire’s most active areas Ch 29 PP

7 Surrounding Bodies of Water
Rivers Irrawaddy, Chao Phraya, Red (Hong), Mekong Surrounding Bodies of Water Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Gulf of Thailand Ch 29 PP

8 C. Natural Resources Flora & Fauna Energy Sources Fossil Fuels
Coal, Oil, & Natural Gas The oil off the coast of Brunei has made the ruler – the Sultan of Brunei – a very rich man – one of the world’s richest men! Indonesia – one of the far east’s biggest oil producers Member of OPEC Sultan of Brunei Ch 29 PP

9 Ch 29 PP

10 Minerals & Gems Minerals Gems Nickel, Iron, Copper, Tin
Malaysia is among the world’s leaders of Tin Gems Sapphires, rubies, pearls A giant pearl found off Palawan in 1934 weighed about 14 pounds, making it the largest natural pearl ever harvested! Ch 29 PP

11 C. (cont) Flora & Fauna Flora - Plant life is exotic & diverse
The region is home to the world’s largest flower Rafflesia arnoldii (has blossoms three feet wide)! Orchids, rubber trees, mahogany, teak, plywood Ch 29 PP

12 Fauna – Animals Elephants, tigers, rhinoceroses, orangutans,
Komodo dragon (world’s largest lizard!) Ch 29 PP

13 Fishing SE Asians consume more than twice the world’s average of seafood Ch 29 PP

14 II. Section II Climate & Vegetation Ch 29 PP

15 A. Tropical Climate Regions
Tropical Rain Forest This climate dominates SE Asia Singapore is one of two cities in the world that have areas of tropical rain forest within their boundaries (the other is Rio de Janeiro) Tropical Savanna Humid Subtropical Ch 29 PP

16 B. Highlands Climate Highlands = mountainous areas
Myanmar, New Guinea, & Borneo Deciduous trees Ch 29 PP

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