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JM503 – eMarketing Week 12 traffic building. ZD Net Video CIO agendas driving enterprise 2.0.

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1 JM503 – eMarketing Week 12 traffic building

2 ZD Net Video CIO agendas driving enterprise 2.0

3 Traffic Having a great web site is no use if nobody uses it. On the other hand, what do we mean by traffic? This is another view of traffic.traffic?traffic

4 Generating traffic Vital to e-marketing objectives Characteristics Three key aspects of traffic building are :- Targets Techniques Timing

5 1. Targets Include:- Quantity Quality Cost Resource – (Internet advertising bureau)

6 2. Techniques Search Marketing - Online PR - Online partnerships – Offline communication – Interactive ads – Opt in email – Viral marketing Web site and micro sites

7 3. Timing Traditional advertising has fixed duration campaigns Specific campaigns also used for traffic building Also continuous traffic building activities

8 Summary Traffic quality is high if visitors are with in target market and they respond in line with objectives.

9 Search engine marketing Q. How important are search engines for web site promotion? A. Very 90% of users use search engines

10 Sites available to search engines All the web 10 billion pages Unregistered sites, inaccessible sites, data bases Search engine registered sites Directories

11 Search engine marketing techniques 1.Search engine optimisation 2.Pay per click 3.Trusted feed including paid for inclusion Companies specialise in search engine marketing example : iprospectiprospect

12 Paid Search Vs Organic Search Paid Search Has Only Slight Edge in Conversion Rates over Organic Search, According to a WebSideStory Study WebSideStory Study

13 Search Engine Optimisation How are search engine result pages produced? How do you register on a search engine? Example: or

14 Search Engine Optimisation Cont… It is recommended that automated submission tools are not used as these can be considered spamming. If you are linked from other sites many search engines will automatically index you. Use the following search in Google

15 Key Phrase Analysis Keyphrase analysis tools from vendors such as Example (Car insurance):- 1.Comparison/quality – compare car insurance 2.Adjective – cheap car insurance 3.Intended use – high milage car insurance 4.Product type – holiday car insurance Think of some others Key word suggestion tool OvertureOverture

16 Improving Search Engine Ranking Through SEO 1.Frequency of occurrence in body copy 2.Number of inbound links 3.Inclusion in directories such as dmozdmoz 4.Title HTML Tag 5.Meta tags 6.Hidden graphic text

17 Example of Hidden Text

18 Pay per click (PPC) Pay for each click rather than display Ranking depends on highest bidded cost per click Popular when very competitive industry e.g. gaming, insurance, retail Small companies can respond quickly to changes – Google Dance and may rank well beyond rightful position as corporations much slower to act.

19 Managing Pay per Click Need to evaluate maximum PPC Manage each PPC phrase so bid amount competitive Watch for fake clicks

20 Search Engine Summary Ensure representation on main search engines Complete key phrase analysis Start search optimisation initiative Maximise links to from different sites. Run link building campaign Review relevance of Pay per click to ensure ROI

21 Online PR Maximise favourable mentions of your company Online reputation management Different to traditional PR Examples of online PR – communicating with media online; link building; blogs and RSS; managing how your brand is presented on third party sites; creating a buzz – viral marketing

22 Online Partnerships Three key types of partnerships 1.Link building – obtaining links from third party sites 2.Affiliate marketing – also offline e.g. AppleApple 3.Online sponsorship; a long term arrangement to associate a brand with a site or part of a site. Example WebTrends sponsor customer information channel on

23 Interactive Advertising Can help build site traffic but also brand building. Rich media and large format ads effective by placement on specialised portals Acquiring customers by banner CPM is expensive and other methods often preferable particularly Affiliate Advertising

24 Opt-in email Three main options – 1.Cold email campaigns 2.Co-branded email (eg your bank sends insurance offer) 3.Third party e-newsletter – ad, sponsorship or PR (editorial) in newsletter. 4.IF EMAIL IS NOT OPT IN IT IS SPAM WHICH IS ILLEGAL

25 Viral Marketing Traffic built through email (virtual word of mouth) or real word of mouth to spread from one person to the next

26 Offline Traffic Building Advertising Word of mouth PR Direct mail and physical reminders

27 Control Control activities to assess effectiveness of campaign against objectives of traffic quality; cost of visitor; customer acquisition for different techniques. Log file analysis important for evaluation

28 Resourcing Achieving right balance of – Promotion Service and design Online and offline promotion/campaign activities Resourcing Decisions for Campaigns Banner run length Ad-weighting Targeting Campaign size

29 Conclusion Traffic building dependent on setting targets for quantity and quality and using combined onlne/offline techniques Search engine and pay per click marketing to ensure visability Build online PR and review online potential partners Different types of interactive ads to build brands

30 Conclusion (cont..) Opt in email effective communication Viral emarketing Offline communications essential Control supported by web analytics Resourcing issues involve budgeting – site creation, maintenance, advertising.

31 Test next week Thursday 1 st November. Time - 8.30-10.30. Rooms - I have booked 2 computer labs and a classroom. B905 and B903 and room C903.

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