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World Missions.

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1 World Missions

2 3 Reasons to Host a Missions Convention
Fulfill the Great Commission Raise Awareness and Commitment Bless and Encourage Missionaries

3 5 Benefits of Hosting a Missions Convention
1. Please the Lord 2. Get Acquainted with Missionaries 3. Increased Giving to Missions 4. Congregational Unity 5. Attract New Prospects who Share a Love for Missions

4 Step-by-Step Plans For Hosting a Missions Convention
Pray. (What would God have your church do?) 2. Bring Senior Pastor on Board: Success is tied to their support 3. Meet with Board to solicit support

5 4. Share the Vision with Key Leaders 5. Put Together a Planning Team
Pastoral Staff Church Missions Coordinator Prayer Coordinator Setup/Cleanup Coordinator Others important to your convention 6. Select a Date (6 mos. Out) Wednesday thru Sunday

6 7. Check with District Office for
Missionary Availability 8. Find the Needs of Your Missionaries 9. Begin Setting Funds Aside

7 Start Small . . . Do What You Can Do
The Goal is to serve and bless your missionaries, not for them to come and “work” for you. The priority in missions giving is people more than projects – the foremost beneficiary of mission support must be people called of God to reach new harvest fields Supporting God’s mission in the world always involves sacrifice – L. John Bueno, Exec. Director of World Missions

8 Short Term Planning Use pulpit to announce and generate enthusiasm
Encourage ministries to collect offerings Congregational Handouts 4 Weeks Out 3 Weeks Out 1 Week Out

9 Week Of Convention Put Up posters, banners, flags, etc.
Tables for Missionaries to Display Information Involve as Many People as Possible

10 Details for Wednesday – Sunday Convention
 Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday

11 Treat Your Missionaries?
How Should You Treat Your Missionaries? Hotel if possible Royalty, not duty Find ways to make them feel special Make a big deal to congregation

12 Have Fun Through The Process!
It’s not the size of your missions convention that is important; it’s the size of your heart! Have Fun Through The Process!

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