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What is a Baptist Association? Prepared by J. K. Minton Director of Missions Bluebonnet Baptist Association.

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1 What is a Baptist Association? Prepared by J. K. Minton Director of Missions Bluebonnet Baptist Association

2 Definition A Baptist association is a >family of Southern Baptist churches >sharing a common faith and >partnering with one another to >fulfill the Great Commission >in their setting.

3 A family of Southern Baptist churches The churches that comprise the Bluebonnet Association are autonomous, independent, self- governing churches that choose to partner together to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). As an extended family, the churches form a relationship of interdependence to assist each other so that individually and corporately the churches might be more effective in their mission and to promote a sense of oneness and fellowship among the churches.

4 Sharing a common faith The fellowship of an association is based upon a general harmony in faith and practices. Although there may be some diversity among individual church practices and customs, an association is a doctrinally- based fellowship. Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)

5 Partnering with one another The association was the first form of cooperation among Baptist churches. The first mission activities of Baptists were through associations. The association provides a means for churches to do a greater work together in their setting than they can do alone.

6 Fulfill the Great Commission The mission of the local church is to make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:19-20) The local church has the responsibility to fulfill this mission according to Acts 1:8: – Jerusalem – church field – Judea – association area – Samaria – state/regional area – Ends of the Earth – national/international ministry

7 In their setting The churches of the Bluebonnet Baptist Association minister in a geographical setting (Central Texas area around and between San Antonio and Austin) and share many common conditions, challenges, and ministry opportunities.

8 Mission of the Association The MISSION of Bluebonnet Baptist Association is to assist the cooperating churches in their divinely appointed task of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

9 Bluebonnet Baptist Association has developed ministry priorities to implement our mission Strengthen Churches: assist churches so they can be more effective in their ministry Promote Missions: create awareness to mission opportunities & facilitate starting new churches and ministries Develop Leadership: train church leaders in administration/supervision skills, pastoral ministry, deacon ministry, crises ministry, conflict resolution, and planning skills Nurture fellowship: encouraging church leaders and members to develop personal relationships

10 The association is self-governing The association is created by the churches and is accountable to those churches through messengers to the annual meetings and representatives on the executive board who are selected and approved by the churches.

11 The association is one of several Baptist entities with which the church may partner Bluebonnet Baptist Association Southern Baptist Convention Baptist General Convention of Texas In Baptist life there is no higher power over the local church than God. Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

12 What are some ways our association can assist your church? Partner with your church in church planting/missions ventures Partner with your church in ministry opportunities Provide training opportunities for your church leaders/committees/teams Partner to provide licensed, biblical counseling for church members Assist to help strengthen your church ministries Encourage and assist your pastor/pastoral staff Pray for your church Assist your church with ministry to students at local colleges and universities Facilitate disaster relief work for your church Coordinate building efforts for your church

13 What is the Bluebonnet Baptist Association? It is exactly what the churches make it!

14 How do churches shape our association? By their prayers By their expectations By their commitment to Kingdom principles of church missions/ministry (Acts 1:8) By their partnership in planting churches By the significance they give to the role of their messengers and executive board members By their involvement in associational planning By their financial support (at least 2.5% of their undesignated receipts) By their attitudes and actions in providing leadership to the association

15 Churches make our association a vital force for advancing God’s Kingdom, or they hinder it by their lack of support and participation.

16 What Can You Do? Faithfully serve the Lord Jesus and support your local church Discover your ministry and commit to “Judean” ministry in partnership with other churches through the association (Acts 1:8) Investigate how the association can assist and/or support your church Communicate your own needs to associational leadership

17 What Can You Do? Participate in associational planning and training Design your church budget to support Acts 1:8 missions responsibilities through the association, the state convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention Pray for the Associational Leadership

18 Bluebonnet Baptist Association assisting churches...

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