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With Derek Vaksdal Impact World Tour, YWAM

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1 With Derek Vaksdal Impact World Tour, YWAM
Partners In Ministry With Derek Vaksdal Impact World Tour, YWAM

2 Vision of P.I.M. To be involved with evangelistic campaigns that produce 1 million decisions for Christ and to train 2,000 missionaries to be involved with fulfilling the Great Commission by 2015.

3 What is Impact World Tour?
Community Reaching Evangelism: Using relevant teams to reach everyone - especially youth!!! Revival Preparation: Preliminary Seminars to encourage the church. Training the Local Church: Pray, Serve and Give. 95% of the church in America never lead 1 other person to Christ!!!

4 What is Youth With A Mission?
A Network of Ministries: Over 220 ministries in 180+ countries committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. Releasing People in their Giftings: Over 35,000 full time staff operating out of locations worldwide! Two Hands of the Gospel: Spiritual and Physical.

5 Results to Date At the end of 2001 WE’VE been involved with evangelistic campaigns that have seen about 1.2 million in attendance and over 145,000 decisions for Christ. Also, WE’VE been involved with training over 60 missionaries.

6 Current Praise Reports
New Mexico Results: After about 3 years of work - 130,000 + heard with over 13,200 documented decisions for Christ. God Provided A House! In Kansas City miles from our new headquarters!!

7 So What Does Derek Do? US Field Director: Out of the home office in Kansas City - Leadership team and on the road most of the time. International time tithe. Church Kickoffs: Mobilizing Christians to be involved!! Mission America - P.E.N.: 14 Ministries planning to go to every city above 1,000 by (I’m on the Board :O) Ministry Networker: Working together!

8 What’s A Partner? A “Difference Maker”: Romans 10 - I can’t do it with out you!!! A Person Who Commits to Pray: Being on the “front line” requires prayer “support staff” - Like an army!! A Person Who Gives Financially: Monthly supporters make a “huge difference” - much more likely to pray!!! Accountability: You help keep me in line!!

9 Why Personal Supporters?
Totals YWAM and Campus Crusade: Each have over 35,000 full time staff raising their own support. Focus on the Family: 1,200 full time staff.

10 Your Benefits in Being PIM
Investing in eternal returns. Direct connection to the mission field! Encouraging Newsletters. A prayer partner (send in those cards!!).

11 My Commitment to P.I.M.’s ? My Goal is to “pastor” my partners...
Encouraging communications and teachings. Prayer and confidentiality with your prayer requests. Only one “financial ask” per year!!!!

12 How to Become a Partner Sign Up to Become a Partner: I’ll give you a card – Pray and I’ll contact you. Commit to Give Financially: It doesn’t take a lot - many “smaller” supporters is the best!! Follow Through!! Helps me to stay focused. Stay in Touch!! Send in your prayer cards!

13 Current Financial Status:
Current Ministry Budget is: $2,977/month Current Monthly Commitment: $1,645/month Need about 45 more Partners In $30/month………….

14 Can You Help? Doesn’t take a lot….. Just consistency!!
Great investment - 30/60/100 return! If you are a current supporter you could give a “small raise”. If not - I could really use your help and invite you to become part of the team!! THANKS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION!!!!

15 Partners In Ministry With Derek Vaksdal Any Questions?

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