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Connect3: Power of One Sunday School Class. Welcome!

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1 Connect3: Power of One Sunday School Class

2 Welcome!

3 Please take a moment to write in a response to the question on the tear sheet nearest the age group you teach.

4 “What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘class’?”

5 The name of the group is not as important as the purpose of the group- Bible Teaching!

6 CONNECT3: THE POWER OF ONE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS David Francis shares how each Sunday School class can become intentional in how they connect with people on three levels. Class – Community – Commission

7 Menu Board Remember your first visit to a coffee shop? Did you understand the “lingo” for ordering? Just imagine someone coming into your class. Would the “lingo” you speak be the one he understands?

8 Class Sunday School – Open Groups  Encourage people to join in at any time.  Each session is stand alone.  Preschool Sunday School Curriculum designed for open groups.

9 Unit Overview. Look over Unit Overview for your age group. Choose week 1 for the current month. Work as a group to fill in the information requested.

10 Preschool Curriculum Each session stands alone. Common ingredients in all sessions Bible Truth and Concept Area

11 Preschool Class with a “latte” Love! How do you like your class… …Decaf? …Shot of Caramel? …Dusting of Cinnamon?

12 Important Ingredients for a Preschool Class with a “latte” love!  Committed Caring Teachers  Age Appropriate Space, Equipment and Resources  Planning, Preparation and Prayer

13 COMMUNITY- Connecting with One Another On the Menu Board… Extra Flavors/ Add Ins

14 Check under your chair for an Extra Flavor/Add Ins card. Within your group, take a few minutes to share what is on the card. Your group can have one spokesperson or two.

15 Brewing Up Care Groups!  Care Groups can take place in the preschool class!  Teachers are the care group leaders.  Divide the class by the number of teachers.  Divide the prospects evenly among the teachers

16 NOW WE’RE “PERKING !” Let’s get to “brewing”! As a group brainstorm ministry opportunities within the care groups. Be prepared to share your ideas

17 COMMISSION: Connecting to the World. How does this relate to preschool teachers?

18 Commission Menu Board Think about…  who is enrolled in your class?  what do you know about the parent, grandparent or guardian?  do they attend regularly?  have you met them?  what are their needs?

19 Menu Board Today’s Flavor - Missional Look over Handout # 3 Commission-Connecting to the World With your specific age group in mind, brainstorm ways to be intentionally Missional in reaching out to preschool families that are un-churched. Please be prepared to share one specific approach and the steps necessary to be Missional.

20 Missional Menu Board All Great Choices Everything on the menu is great! So how do I choose?

21 Pray… Seek God’s Guidance… Wisdom of other Teachers… Find a need such as Grandparents raising grandchildren. Are there other grandparents raising grandchildren in other preschool classes in your church?

22 Connecting with other Preschool leaders is a plus! You discover there is a need with the grandparents who are raising grandchildren. Now what?

23 To better serve, prepare a brief survey to discover some specific needs.  What is the toughest part of parenting your grandchildren?  Is this a short term or long term commitment?  What would help you the most as you seek to be both grandparent and parent?  Please share any additional needs or concerns.

24 Information gathered from the survey will give you facts that will help you develop a workshop or seminar to best meet the needs. Enlist trained professionals to lead this event? What organization could you contact to help? EXTRA!! How about opening this event to prospects and others in your community! MMMM. Something special is “brewing here”!

25 Missional Menu Board A great education minister once told me that the best way to reach the heart of a family for Christ, is to reach out to them during a time of need.

26 Menu Board Tag Take a moment and think about the preschoolers to whom you minister. What are some of their needs? What are some of their families needs?

27 Keeping all that in mind, what have we shared that would help you minister to the preschooler and his family? Now, take your Menu Board Tag And write out one idea that will help you in being intentional in reaching out to this preschooler and his family.

28 CLASS – COMMUNITY - COMMISSION Preschool Teachers never underestimate… … the importance of your class. … your role as a care group leader. …how God will use your willingness to be intentionally missional.

29 Your willingness to serve… a small price What God will do with your willingness… priceless


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