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ANNOUNCEMENTS MAY 15, 2005. WELCOME EVERYONE!! Dear Guest, We want to say that.

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2 WELCOME EVERYONE!! Dear Guest, We want to say that


4 We hope that you will feel right as home as we worship

5 together today. If you are searching for a church home, we would

6 like you to know that there is a special place here just for you.

7 FIRST TIME VISITORS We would like to encourage our first time visitors

8 to join Bro. Roger in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the morning service.

9 This is a great opportunity to meet our Pastor, ask any questions, and

10 receive a gift from our church.

11 MISSION STATEMENT To see the lost saved, by the preaching of the

12 gospel and being willing to share the gospel with everyone we can.

13 To see the hurting comforted by faith being exhibited and reaching out to help and to

14 hold those that need us. To see the confused led to peace and purpose by the

15 conduct we demonstrate as members of the body of Christ known as

16 Romans Road Baptist Church.

17 VERSE OF THE WEEK “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven,

18 VERSE OF THE WEEK (cont) and whose sins are covered; Blessed is the man to whom

19 VERSE OF THE WEEK (cont) the Lord shall not impute sin.” Romans 4:7-8

20 BIBLE TIME 2005 There will be a retreat at Jack’s lake house May 20- 21. More info later.

21 MAY UPCOMING EVENTS Bible Time Retreat May 20-21 Youth ServiceMay 22

22 TEAM KIDS – GOD’S KIDS REWARD PARTY Everyone is invited to the party June 18 th. More info later.

23 LADIES MINISTRY PROJECT #2 For the next 4 months, we will be collecting items and monetary donations

24 LADIES MINISTRY PROJECT #2 for Peace Place. This organization assists abused women and their

25 LADIES MINISTRY PROJECT #2 (cont) children (if any). There is a needs list on the bulletin board and a box in

26 LADIES MINISTRY PROJECT #2 (cont) the foyer for donated items. If If you would like to make a monetary

27 LADIES MINISTRY PROJECT #2 (cont) donation, please see Lucretia or Sharon.

28 BULLETIN INFO Please turn in all information to Sharon Sheppard by Wednesday night.



31 TITHES AND OFFERINGS Sunday, May 8, 2005 Offering: $1,470.00 Budget Needed: $2,600.00

32 WEEKLY CHURCH SERVICES SUNDAY 9:15 AM Sunday School 10:30 AM Morning Worship 5:00 PM Choir Practice 5:30 PM Prayer Time 6:00 PM Evening Worship

33 WEEKLY CHURCH SERVICES WEDNESDAY Bible Study THURSDAY Church Wide Prayer & Visitation

34 HOW WE GOT OUR NAME Follow us down the Romans Road and let Jesus into your heart. Romans 3:23 Romans 5:12 Romans 5:8 Acts 4:12 Romans 3:10 Romans 6:23 Romans 10:9-10 Romans 10:13

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