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Contents • Introduction Product Description Customer Benefits

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2 Contents • Introduction Product Description Customer Benefits
Point of Sale Information • Biofilm formation • Human pathogens i.e. Legionella • Mode of action of AquaFinesse™ and Pool Puck™ • General application of AquaFinesse™ and Pool Puck™ • General hot tub and pool problems References

3 Introduction Chlorine is used worldwide for sanitation with proven efficacy Chlorine has well known disadvantages Ozone can be a good alternatives like other oxidizing compounds The actions of most oxidizing compounds have results limited to the water phase only AquaFinesse water care product are specifically designed to mitigate the biofilm

4 Introduction 2 A slow release sanitizing tablet (dispenser) is used on top of the hot tub filter system for extra bactericidal effect in the filter elements or a sanitizing tablet in the skimmer of the pool Nearly all bacteria (99%) will settle on a substrate and metamorphose to their sessile form ending up in a slime layer Thick biofilms are hardly be penetrated by oxidising compounds so excessive chlorine concentrations are necessary to remove biofilms 25ppm for 48 hours

5 Product Description What is AquaFinesse?
-AquaFinesse is a proprietary solution that works to eliminate biofilm, bacteria, calcium and scale buildup from pools, hot tub water, and equipment -Works in conjunction with ozone and UV systems to operate with a very low doses of sanitizers -Softens water and adds a light lavender scent to hot tubs

6 Product Description Provides worry free water care in just one step per week No additional pH +/-, alkalinity, clarifiers or chlorine shock products The products are supplied in a convenient carrying case that provides up to 6 months* of effective gentle water care

7 Product Description No more slimy, greasy surfaces or water line
The Results No more slimy, greasy surfaces or water line Simple once a week maintenance Extends the life of your hot tub up to 3 times longer than traditional water maintenance Liners last longer with less chlorine Safe for you and your family- no more red itchy eyes or skin Reduces the need for secondary water treatment products

8 Consumer Benefits Economical
Considering normal user practices, actually cheaper than using all the other products combined. Reduce Chlorine use by up to 80% Minimal time needed Requires only 3-5 minutes once a week No shocking, mixing or waiting Safety - Easy to handle--no special protection necessary - Environmentally safe - Dermatologist Tested - Is good for the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean. No damaging effects - No discoloration of swimsuits or hair - Maintains factory color of tub and pool surfaces, Liners maintain color Easy to organize - Everything in one box! - Ordering and delivery can be automated, saving more time.

9 Point of Sale

10 Point of Sale Easy to carry boxes for easy customer pick-up

11 AquaFinesse™ Filtercleaning products
Filter pucks

12 Biofilm Formation Biofilm is the slimy, sticky substance adhering to the walls and especially inside the tubing of hot tubs and pools, consisting of xPS (extra cellular Polymeric Substances) and its bacteria population, including grazers Biofilm formation change in thickness and consistency, creating varying substrata, which can withstand to a certain level most current biocides Biofilm protects bacteria and provides a perfect multiplication environment Biofilms will absorb nutrients introduced into the tub or pool. (skin, oils, body fluids etc.) serving as food source for the bacteria Also in older tubs and pools biofilm formation is found in conjunction with scaling

13 Biofilm Formation 2 Biofilm sequence of sticking molecules, initial colonisation by bacteria and final stage ending up in a toad-stool like layer with channels creating different environments for bacteria populations

14 Biofilm Formation 3 Example of the combination of biofilm, algae and scaling

15 Human pathogens A hot tub could be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to biofilm development nutrition and warm water when untreated Generally, keeping the biofilm formation to zero or low by the described cleaning procedures, including the filter cleaning and use the sanitizing tablet the chance for infection by human pathogens will be negligible

16 Mode of action of AquaFinesse & Pool Puck
• AquaFinesse and Pool Puck is a new and patented product developed to penetrate the biofilm, loosening and coagulating it up from its substrate The filter system will remove the debris from the water The optional extra safety precaution of a slow release sanitizing tablet in a dispenser on top of the filter system for hot tubs or in the skimmer for pools was developed to ensure complete disinfection of the filter elements

17 Mode of action of AquaFinesse & Pool Puck
Dispersed bio-film is flushed into the tub filter which must be cleaned frequently (every three days) when starting an older tub (more than 6 months old) with AquaFinesse or Pool Puck • AquaFinesse and Pool Puck will eliminate bacteria numbers considerably by cleaning up the biofilm, and most be used with oxidizing compound Pool Puck will reduce chlorine use by up to 70% after the 1st 30 days With little or no bacteria the chlorine has nothing to do so it you will have lots of free chlorine Save time, save cost and stop the smell of chlorine A must have for indoor pools, no shocking, no heavy chlorine smell

18 General application of AquaFinesse & Pool Puck
Dispersed bio-film is flushed into the filter which must be cleaned very frequently (every three days) when starting an older tub or pool (over 6 months) with AquaFinesse or Pool Puck Rotate filters every three days for 7-10 day on a new tubs and for older tubs until water is clear. Finally rotate weekly, once the tub and water are conditioned The filter system and ozone installation are the most important components with AquaFinesse™. Filters should be able to collect the fine debris left by bathers while AquaFinesse™ protects you and eliminates the growth of bacteria The filter system and the sanitizing tablet protects and eliminates the growth of bacteria with Pool Puck

19 General application of AquaFinesse & Pool Puck
• AquaFinesse and Pool Puck also breaks down (calcium) scaling in the pool and hot tub and it is flushed into the filter, cleaning up all scaled parts over time The water has to be conditioned by AquaFinesse and Pool Puck, this can take a couple of days when the tub or pool itself is new. Frequent filter rotation or cleaning are recommended for the first week Starting AquaFinesse and Pool Puck with older hot tubs or pools, frequent filtration cleaning should be done more often because the breakdown of built up bio-film and scaling can last up to a month!

20 General Hot tub problems
Ozone installation is not working Filter is not cleaned regularly giving odor problems or cloudy water Jets not in operation several times a day for thoroughly mixing to facilitate correct ozonation and filtration New hot tubs can already be scaled and fouled up due to testing in the factory and showroom Oil on the water due to excessive use of body lotions

21 General pool problems Filter dirty and poor water circulation
Pool pump not running during all daylight hours Sanitizer tablet used up Old filter media

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