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1 Presentation By ALAB, LLC 7 East Jefferson Circle Pittsford, NY 14534 Phone 585-381-1476 Fax 585-381-4217

2 Contact lens wearers need a contact lens cleaning and disinfection system that is: Safe Effective Convenient Automatic Quick and Inexpensive What they need is:


4 Poor contact lens care can cause: Discomfort Irritated eyes Allergic reactions Conjunctivitis Corneal ulcers And even blindness!

5 Problems With Solutions The systems and disinfecting solutions used at present for lens care need improvement in convenience, comfort, effectiveness and safety.

6 Solutions dont kill germs hiding in biofilms. Most solutions disinfect slowly needing several hours. Solution systems may require multiple steps Solutions contain chemicals that can cause problems such as allergies, red eye and dry eye for some users. In lens care systems using hydrogen peroxide, failure to neutralize may harm eyes.

7 But most eye problems are due to poor user compliance with instructions. Contact lens wearers find conventional lens care regimens to be time-consuming, inconvenient, boring and costly. Contact lens wearers use only 20% of the recommended lens care products. So what are the Solutions For Solutions?

8 One solution being tried is trading some effectiveness for simpler systems with fewer solutions. The theory seems to be that a less effective disinfection process properly used is better than a more effective process which is improperly used. But user compliance with instructions has not improved.

9 Another solution for solutions is to replace lenses frequently. However, lens care is still needed unless lenses are replaced daily or worn until replacement. Daily replacement lenses are fragile and expensive. Extended (overnight) wear has been associated with hypoxia and corneal ulcers. Lens care product sales are up despite the availability of frequent replacement lenses.

10 A Better Solution Would Be A New Cleaning And Disinfection System That Improved Effectiveness And: Worked quickly and automatically. Reduced complexity and inconvenience. Reduced Side Effects. Reduced Cost. Increased comfort and safety

11 Breakthrough! QuickPureTM Ozone Technology overcomes the disadvantages of conventional systems and can clean and disinfect both soft contact lenses and rigid gas-permeable lenses.

12 QuickPure TM ozone contact lens disinfection is simple, fast, convenient and automatic Does not depend on users carefully following a complicated procedure.

13 The QuickPure TM System Quick and simple compared to complicated and lengthy treatments for conventional processes. Place lenses in lens cup with saline solution. Place lens cup in base unit which automatically starts and stops the disinfection process. After three minutes, the lenses are ready to wear.

14 Germs create biofilms coating the surfaces in the lens case to protect the germs from disinfectants. But ozone destroys biofilms so that the germs are killed and cant re-infect stored lenses. The ozone process also disinfects the lens case.

15 The lens cup with the clean lenses can be removed from the base unit and carried in a pocket or purse where the lenses remain fresh until needed. The pocket- size battery-powered base unit can also be easily carried for travel.


17 Lenses can be cleaned, disinfected and refreshed in only three minutes after swimming or dust in the eye, or before a night out. The convenience and almost instant disinfection fit todays busy lifestyles and encourage better eye care.

18 Ozone is fast and effective; only a few minutes are needed to disinfect. Ozone is effective and safe at very low concentrations. In minutes, one part per million of ozone can kill germs that would resist 30,000 parts per million (3%) hydrogen peroxide.

19 Because ozone is effective at very low concentrations, lenses can be removed from the disinfecting solution and put on the eyes without intermediate neutralizing and rinsing steps. Dissolved ozone does not irritate eyes and quickly turns into oxygen.

20 Ozone cleans lenses by destroying biofilms and by the agitation of the process.Tedious finger rubbing of the lenses with cleaning solutions would be unnecessary and the risk of damaging lenses minimized.

21 Automatic daily cleaning and removal of biofilms along with effective disinfection would increase contact lens comfort and wearer satisfaction.

22 Ozone is a form of oxygen with three atoms per molecule instead of the two atoms for ordinary oxygen. The pocket-size QuickPure TM device generates ozone as needed using electricity from a battery. An ozone destruct catalyst prevents any ozone gas from escaping into the air.

23 With ozone disinfection for contact lenses, a low-cost buffered saline solution is the only solution required. No chemicals are needed eliminating the risk of chemical sensitivity and multipurpose solution-induced dry eye.

24 An ozone system is perfect for the many allergic patients who require a lens care system free of chemicals such as preservatives, surfactants and disinfectants to prevent chemically induced red-eye.

25 Ozone can eliminate problems with non-sterile solutions because ozone can disinfect any solution used. Ozone has been used in the manufacture of contact lens solutions.

26 Development of QuickPure TM ozone contact lens devices was a breakthrough in ozone technology as well as in lens care. Alab shrank the ozone process by a factor of more than 100,000 compared to the common ozone application of purifying municipal drinking water supplies and bottled water.

27 This is what municipal ozone water purifying equipment looks like:

28 An example of the research and development that was needed to make possible the QuickPureTM contact lens device was finding a low-cost way to make tiny bubbles.

29 A patented diffuser makes bubbles only 20% the usual size. This makes the ozone in the bubbles dissolve in the saline solution five times faster.

30 This photo contrasts normal bubbles with the tiny bubbles made by the QuickPure TM diffuser

31 Four U. S. patents plus corresponding international patents protect Alabs QuickPure TM contact lens technology

32 Thanks for looking at our presentation!

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