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The Major Breakthrough In Hard Water Treatment Technology.

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1 The Major Breakthrough In Hard Water Treatment Technology

2 Scale – What Is It ? Minerals such as Magnesium & Calcium when heated up will adhere to the pipes and plumbing system

3 What Causes Scale? Causes scale built-up on the pipes and appliances Changes of temperature heating Changes in of temperature cooling

4 Problems Caused By Scale Loss of heat efficiency Reduced flow rates Failure of equipment Expensive maintenance Causes corrosion Provides haven for legionella

5 Where Do We Find Scale At Our Home? Ice Makers BoilersWater Pipes Water Heaters Dishwashers Washing Machines Reduces The Life Of Appliances

6 Where Do We Find Scale At Our Home?

7 Pictures of Scale



10 The Solution Patented electronic technology induces electric fields through the entire plumbing system. These fields produce nuclei which adhere to the minerals in the water. Even when the water is heated up, the minerals will not clog the pipes, and will remain suspended and will wash away with the water flow. It will also dissolve existing buildup. How Does HydroCare Works?

11 Patented Electronic Signal

12 One Compact Unit For Whole House Solutions How Does It Work? Induces signal LONGITUDINALLY through the entire system Both up and down stream Treats static water

13 Easy To Install Residential The compact unit is easily installed on all types of pipes in residential homes. simply click on, plug in, and switch it on

14 Before After

15 Prevent Scale Build Up & Breaks Up Existing Scale Model – HC44 (pipe size 1) (House up to 3 Baths ) Maximum Power: 1.2 Watts Three Year Warranty Model – HS40 (pipe size 2) (Larger Capacity )

16 The Superior Solution Prevents & removes existing limescale Environmentally friendly, no chemicals or salts No maintenance-no salt bags, no filters No more clogged pipes, boilers and hot water heaters Increased water pressure Protects washing machines & dishwashers, faucets and shower heads Protects 24 hours a day / 7 days a week Provides whole house protection Works in all types of water flow Works on all kinds of pipes Does not require plumbing & is very easy to install Unique worldwide patented technology

17 Scale Costs Money 25%- 40 % Proven Extended Life Expectancy Of Household Appliances ! 25% Average Residential Utility Bill Savings! Total Average Savings - $1,200 A Year

18 Conventional Water Solutions Cost - $1,399 - $3,500 Uses Chemicals or Salts Maintenance required Service & Material Costs Professional Installation Required Health Issues * Environmental Issues* * * Excess salt in the diet, * Removes beneficial minerals. **Saline harms the ground water supply.**Retards agricultural growth.** Many localities are now banning saline water softeners

19 Magnetic Water Solutions Degree of efficiency is constantly changing Magnetic field limited in capacity Multiple units needed for whole house Needs to be matched to water temperature, flow rates, and chemical composition Magnetic field will last only for 48 hrs, when stagnant An electrical charge will adversely affect performance

20 Reduces Service & Maintenance What British Gas Tests Say: It is considered that the ideal device for reducing or eliminating hard water scaling problems should be continuously effective, cheap, and simple in operation, need no constant attention from the user, and have long periods of operation without the necessity for service.

21 Fit & Forget What British Gas Tests Say: This water conditioning device came close to ideal on our test rig and it surpasses the performance of all other non-dosing devises by a large margin. It is clear that the device has provided a level of performance under severe test regime. Almost 3 times better than the best of the other water conditioning devices.

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