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Story: Don Quijote Chapter 8 : The Windmills Adventure.

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2 Story: Don Quijote Chapter 8 : The Windmills Adventure

3 Don Quijote sees thirty windmills as giants. He tells Sancho that he is going to kill them all and that he’s making a favor to God of removing evil from earth. Sancho tries to convince his master that they are windmills but Quijote charges at them.

4 Suddenly a windmill that has been still, is put in motion by a strong gust of wind. One of it breaks Don Quijote’s spear and lifts and drops both him and Rocinante ( his horse) to the ground. Sancho warned Quijote they were windmills.

5 Don Quijote thinks that Freston the magician changed the giants into windmills in order to bring him frustration. When Quijote and Sancho left with their horse and donkey they began a conversation. Sancho suddenly believes in the windmill incident. Meanwhile, Don Quijote explains to Sancho he cannot complain of the pain of his shoulder since Knights never complain.

6 After a nights rest, Quijote gives Sancho further instructions on his duties. He explains to never draw his sword against a Knight in any effort to aid his master. Sancho explains to him that he is a peace loving man but he will defend him from commoners and will defend himself of someone trying to injure him no matters if it’s a Knight.

7 A pair of Benedictine friars riding on mules appear ahead of the road. Following them, but not traveling with them, is a coach surrounded by several people on mules, and two mule drivers on foot. Don Quijote’s madness transforms them into devils abducting a princess and he demands they release her.

8 As they protest their innocence, Quijote loses his patience and uses his new lance (fashions from a tree branch) and rushes at them. One gallops away, while the other drops off his horse, just escaping serious injury, Sancho removing the friars frocks, explaining to the mule drivers that the frocks are the prizes from the battle. They beat up Sancho and helped the friar.

9 Don Quijote finally introduces himself to the lady in the coach and ask that she return to Toboso, to present herself to Doña Dulcinea and tell her of his deed. One of the horsed pages a basque, told him to get lost or he will kill him. They proceed to battle like mortal enemies; the page using a cushion as a shield. There is no result of this battle.

10 Their first stop is to be at Toboso, so that Don Quijote can get Dulcineas blessing and smile, which will give him courage. Sancho refers to his visit with her (a lie) and tells Quijote that she’ll have to throw her blessing over the courtyard wall.

11 Don Quijote think he’s referring to the balconies of the palace and he doesn’t mind as long as he sees her. Quijote compares Dulcineas beauty to the rays of the sun; the sight of which will give him unparalleled “wisdom and courage”

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